Albie Dog Learned How to Swim!

I know you are all fascinated. Or at least some of you are fascinated. Anyway, I have video of a little doggie swimming.

Such a nice weekend! Quick trip up to the lake house with my parents, then today I drove back early with the windows down and Yo Yo Honey Singh blasting out of the car speakers. And now I am sitting on my couch with Albie Dog sleeping next to me because he is EXHAUSTED.

I bought him a little doggie life preserver because he seems to be struggling so hard when he swims just to keep his head above water and I thought it might help. Bonus, it comes with a handle! So I can carry him around like a little doggie purse!

And then we went swimming! Which he didn’t totally hate, but also didn’t totally love. See following videos:

5 thoughts on “Albie Dog Learned How to Swim!

  1. My Alaskan Malamutes HATED water! They used to try to rescue me when I was taking a bath. I guess that, being Nordic types, they equated being wet with freezing to death.
    Albie is just too cute! And I want a puppy-purse!


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