Important Question! Which of These Women Directed Sequences is Steamiest?

No wrong answer here. Tastes differ in many ways. But we can at least attempt to discover a majority consensus. And to make this easy, I have already narrowed it down to only 3 options for you!

NSFW! Pull this up on your phone, hide under your desk, then try playing these videos.

Is the hottest sequence “Dard-E-Disco”?

Or is it “Aga Bai”? (yes, this is the bootleg version with the cut scenes)

Or is it the kitchen scene from Paap?

32 thoughts on “Important Question! Which of These Women Directed Sequences is Steamiest?

  1. I will have to give my vote for Aga Bai from Aiyyaa. Sensual, cute out of imagination, Rani rocking the moves (and everything else) and Prithviraj is just a five course meal!

    Dark-E-Disco I’ve already seen so many times that its more fawning than outright hot now and Paap’s scene is too rough and tumbling for my taste.


    • Excellent reasoning. I now have one real life vote for Aga Bai, one for D-E-D, and your virtual vote for Aga Bai. Prithvi is pulling ahead! And, shockingly, no one likes Paap. Must be too rough for all of us.

      On Fri, Aug 9, 2019 at 12:14 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I was undecided between Paap and Aga Bai, but after rewatching I think Paap wins. The scene is, like Kirre said, very tumbling and one thinks: who kisses like that? But when in the end we see it was only her imagination it fall in place for me. And isn’t it interesting that both scenes are about women imagining being with the men and not about real situations?


    • Ghulam has an even more interesting one, an imaginary scene within an imaginary scene, very removed from actual actions.

      I think we were talking about this on some other post, how somehow the audience is more accepting of these steamy fantasy scenes from characters than real ones. Even though in reality it’s still the actors and actresses performing the sexiness, and the audience watching it, what’s the difference if it is fantasy or not within the script?

      On Fri, Aug 9, 2019 at 12:41 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Hmm. If my boss leaves the office today I may need to do a little focus group at my office, I think none of them have seen any of the three videos yet so they will be coming at them fresh.

      I like Aga Bai with the body positive Rani belly dancing. But then, I like that Paap is in a kitchen with the flour and all. Both so steamy, and also so female gaze friendly in multiple ways!

      On Fri, Aug 9, 2019 at 12:50 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Gotta go with Aga Bai. The bit in the sari shop. Oh my. D E D is toooooo campy, and like many I’m a fan of Shah Rukh with a little more weight on him. Paap has potential but is just too rushed. I keep thinking, “you’re gonna chip a tooth!” Just a bit slower and more deliberate and it would be dynamite.


      • This reminds me of conversations on the “camp” posts you did a while back. I’m not sure what counts as camp. I think of camp being mostly related to the male gaze, and the over the top, humorous sexuality in this song is definitely from the female point of view. I do love how Prithviraj embraced it wholeheartedly. I mean, to keep a serious lusty face on while straddling a gas hose and inserting it repeatedly into Rani’s tank? Outtakes from that scene would be hilarious.


  4. 100% Paap. It is so clearly a fantasy because only a girl who has never had sex that is “imagining” having sex would fantasize it this way – with all her clothes on, super jerky, hand in flour to show ecstasy, and coming back to reality when even in her imagination he actually tries to unhook her garter. And yet, it is oddly steamy.


  5. Woah I’d not seen Aga Bai before, that gas pump scene is super suggestive!!
    Out of these three, Aga Bai has my vote. I’ve never found DED steamy, that is the least sexy SRK to me.

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  6. I vote Aga Bai. I love its message that sex is fun and sometimes funny and it’s ok for a nice girl to want to have it. All the head-banging in Paap is a bit distracting (and Udita is going to need a chiropractor) but props for doing something with a beautiful male torso besides throw a bucket of water on it. They’re all campy, but Paap doesn’t feel as self aware.


  7. Holy shit, that scene from Paap. I need to watch this movie. Everyone is saying it’s overwrought but I think it’s pretty realistic aside from the food stuff. I mean, it’s the hottest, so it gets my vote, but Aga Bai is my favourite because it’s so hilarious and cute as well as funny. That scene with the suggestive gasoline pumping makes me actually laugh out loud every time.


  8. I thought Paap was pretty hot…I actually loved the roughness of it, he kitchen counter, the flour, all good,but her head snapping was distracting…yikes! Another vote for Aga Bai even with the too on the nose of the gas pump (we get it) and I am delighted that Rani is belly dancing with her real, feminine, beautiful body. One of the reasons I love Kajol so much is for her real body, not skinny skinny Anushka, Dips, Katrina etc. I should say though that I can’t click on that link and open it, it says the video is disabled – I just went to YouTube myself; I’m not sure that I am seeing whatever those deleted scenes are. I definitely want to!


    • Evil people taking down the good videos!

      The cut scenes are the gas pump and the sari store fantasy. The official music video doesn’t include them because they don’t want us to be happy.

      On Sat, Aug 10, 2019 at 11:20 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  9. Huuuu that was pretty spicy like uff *fawns herself*.. Thank God I am alone in my room rn and not somewhere in publi, cause my face literally FELL and I GASPED audibly while watching some of these scenes..

    Anyways, my ranking would be:

    1.) Paap

    2.) Aga Bai

    3.) Dard-E-Disco

    Someone mentioned it already but I also can’t really take D E D serious anymore even though the movie is still awesome and the song of course too. I am also not really a fan of Shahrukh going for like the ”obvious sexiness” like I find it way hotter when he’s stays clothed and whispers some random shit about bracelets or how he ” has to control himself” around his object of desire. Like wet hair and the six-pack don’t really do it for me with him.

    But OMG that Aga Bai music video! I think I’ve never seen those cut scenes before with the Sari shop and the gas pumping! I loved how the guy never kept his eyes off Rani and how she was literally melting and purring under his touch. Like the movie should have been just straight up about all the sexual tension of these two instead of all the clownish/wacky stuff with her friends and family on the side..

    And UFF! I died watching that scene from Paap! Like I have a major crush on John even though he’s not the best actor, he’s so handsome and I there’s something so cute and puppy-like in his eyes.. I really thought I’ve seen it all with JISM but oh my! Never heard of this movie before! I mean the girl was overacting for her dear life but he was so hot in the scene. Just full on rough, passionate, just staring her down and then just going at her neck like a TIGER! My soul has officially LEFT my body while watching that clip. GOD.BLESS.


    • So glad you enjoyed them! And you have to watch Paap, so much better than Jism, the whole plot is literally about our heroine coming to accept her sexuality and revel in it. With some assistance from John.

      And yes with Aga Bai! He is so focused on her, it’s not just about him desiring her, it’s about desiring him desiring her.


  10. Combining two posts: I think DarD e disco is genuinely sexy but more importantly it explains how Farah could be one of the boys as you aptly describe it. I think she fell in love with Shah Rukh on the sets of DDLJ but he was very happily and faithfully married. So, she became his friend, did well and choreographed item numbers like this for him. It also explains why Shirish dislikes Shah Rukh.


    • Hmmm, really? I never got that vibe between them at all. I would have said more that Farah was always so much “one of the boys” that it never occurred to either of them that their might be a romantic relationship between them.


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