TGIF: Women Objectifying Men

Pretty sure this is feminist and empowering and not, you know, bad. But even if it is bad, sometimes it’s good to be bad.

Vaibhavi Merchant didn’t direct Aiyyaa, but she did direct this song, so it counts!

Image result for prithviraj aga bai

Farah’s the best

Image result for shahrukh dard e disco

Still the best!

Image result for shahrukh happy new year

Shahrukh again, this time courtesy of Gauri Shinde

Image result for shahrukh dear zindagi

Anjali Menon isn’t opposed to being a bit objectifying too

Image result for dulquer bangalore days

Anjali is also smart enough to know that sometimes wearing layers and smiling softly at the camera is playing into all our fantasies.

Image result for prithviraj koode

And of course, John in Paap

Image result for john abraham paap

I wish I could keep going, but there just aren’t that many female directors!

What do you think, what’s your pick?

11 thoughts on “TGIF: Women Objectifying Men

  1. Prithvi snuggling with Parvathy under a blanket is everything:

    Did Farah choreograph this? Juhi has a lot of fun objectifying Shah Rukh here:

    And Manwe Laage is another great example from Farah. I mean, Dips’ lustful gaze sets his shirt on fire!

    And, not a woman director, but I love the things that Rani wants to learn to say to Prithvi in Aiyyaa:

    “I do not want you to shave.” “Please leave the first button of your shirt open.” 🙂

    Why oh why did they wax his chest for Aga Bai and Dreamum Wakeupum?

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    • I love French guy! I still think they could have made it work, opened a little restaurant together, gotten custody of her awesome son.


  2. Gauri Shinde because she made SRK sexy in a normal way. No oily shirtless scenes, no sex scenes, no suggestive dancing, no nothing. I feel like Farah sometimes caters more to the gay aesthetic than towards women. Dard-e-disco is the least sexy thing I have ever seen. I loved the song in the context of the movie because of how funny and amusing it was and because it had a point. But out of it when you’re just randomly viewing it, it’s repulsive. No, I really don’t want to see oiled up half-naked starving SRK in flimsy see-through open shirts and jeans with a button undone. Yuck!!
    The rumpled SRK of Dear Zindagi is the sexiest ever, maybe next to JHMS. A smart engaging person with hair that flops down in the wind and who dresses like a real man and not a sexually confused teenager.

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  3. I’ll also vote for the rumpled, sexy Shahrukh of DZ but for pure objectification value that scene of him walking up the stairs in Maanva Laage – I think I’ve watched it 25 times. At least. I literally gasp audibly every time the camera moves to him.

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