Happy Independence Day! Let’s Watch Indian Songs Celebrating Other Countries!

I feel like there is a certain amount of Indian patriotic content that can exist in the world before the world is too full. At this point, the Hindi film industry all by itself is filling the world to overflowing. So there is no need for my blog to add on any more. Instead, OPPOSITE!!! Songs about “hey, this not-India country is totally awesome and I love it here.”

Woo, America! Multi-cultural clean sunny happy America! (Preity Woman)

Woo, Dubai! Land of wealth and opportunity and sunshine! (“Dubai”)

Woo, Detroit! It has its problems, but it’s just so darn exciting! (Ranam)

Woo, Dubai again! Love the indoor ice skating at a mall, kind of want to do it. (Satakli)

Woo, Vegas! (Raave Naa Chaliyaa)

Wooo, Texas! (Hey Mister)

Woo, Canada! (Main Jaagan Swere)

And of course, Woo a Multi-cultural Identity that Exists Only as a Global Citizen in a Post-National World! (Hayati)

Okay, I know there’s more and I’m just not thinking of them! What songs am I missing?

7 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day! Let’s Watch Indian Songs Celebrating Other Countries!

    • This is way too weird. Also, you see the boat at 4:41? My Great-Great-Great-Great Uncle owned that boat. It used to go up and down the Mississippi but now it is just moored at St. Louis. And now it is in a Telugu movie! I’m gonna have to show Grandpa.


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