Female Lead Films Week! I’m Finally Going to Review Bandini!

Okay, I came up with another theme! Not a great one, but one that should give us a decent mix of movies over the next 10 days, straight through to Saaho. And force me to finally review/watch a few classics.

My favorite thing about these theme weeks is that I can wait for inspiration to strike and then just write about whatever the heck I feel like writing about. So, no firm schedule, but these are a few films I will cover:


Image result for bandini poster

The woman-in-prison classic that, personally, I don’t much like. But it is still beautifully directed, especially the prison sequences. I don’t know, I have a complicated relationship with this film.

Umrao Jaan

Image result for umrao jaan poster

Obviously, the one with Aish. HA! No, I kid, the classic good one with Rekha. I love the soundtrack, haven’t seen the movie still. But this will force me to watch it. The most beautiful Tawaif movie of them all.


Image result for pakeezah movie poster

And the other classic Tawaif movie! It’s not as stunningly cinematically beautiful, but I love it. And it is a little bit more hopeful.

Laaga Chunari Main Daag

Image result for laaga chunari mein daag poster

The new Tawaif movie! Boy, a lot of female lead films are about sex workers, aren’t they? I don’t know if that is a bad thing or an accurately representative thing about who are the independent women in India.


Such a hard watch! But if you feel up to it, a really beautiful movie with amazing central performances.

22 Female Kottayam

Image result for 22 female kottayam poster

Surprisingly not a hard watch! It’s the woman in prison movie I wanted Bandini to be, and the Tawaif movie I wanted the others to be.

Ohm Shanti Oshaana

Image result for ohm shanthi oshaana poster

Look! A female lead movie where she isn’t a victim of male violence! It’s a miracle!

Anand (Telugu)

Image result for anand telugu movie

A little rough around the edges as a film, but such a great strong heroine. Who supports herself and takes care of herself and has great friends and a guy who loves her and all good things.


Image result for mardaani poster

Have to admit, I still haven’t watched this movie. But now I will have to! Just in time for Mardaani 2 to start filming.


Image result for akira hindi poster

The more I think about this movie, the more I like it. If all these other movies get you feeling depressed and powerless, this is the film to cheer you up!

Kahaani 1 and 2

Image result for kahaani 2

Have to admit, I’ve only seen Kahaani 1 once, and I haven’t seen Kahaani 2 at all. But I’m gonna try to watch them both!


Image result for manmarziyaan

Finally on googleplay! And it’s an awesome film, you should all watch it.

Okay, I could keep going and going, but I am going to force myself to stop! I’ve already committed to watching 4 movies I haven’t seen, and writing a total of 6 new reviews. Look for all these reviews to be going up between now and Saaho in some random schedule. And tell me what other films I should include!

2 thoughts on “Female Lead Films Week! I’m Finally Going to Review Bandini!

  1. I’m happy you are doing another theme week. Can’t wait for the reviews even if I saw only few movies from the list.
    (and hey, Mardaani’s poster is in polish 😉 )


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