100 Years of Indian Film History in 10 Songs

Well, enough avoiding, time to do songs.  Music is NOT my area.  I have never studied music history seriously at all, and more importantly, I am next door to tone deaf.  I can enjoy music.  But on a very very very superficial level.  Like someone who looks at a beautiful sunset and sees it as 3 simple stripes of red orange and yellow.  That’s me!  So, treat me gently and kindly as I attempt to put together this post based on my knowledge of film history and what people have told me is beautiful.

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Hindi Film 101: Meena Kumari Part 2, The Years as a Wife

Welcome back to Meena Kumari part 2!  As I mentioned in the first part, this is almost entirely based on her classic biography, published within weeks of her death.  It’s not a completely unreliable source, but it’s also the version that people were remembering just after she died.  One thing that does seem clear is that she was a woman who never fully controlled her own destiny.

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Happy Birthday Lataji!!! (How are there so many birthdays in 2 days!!!)

I just finished my three part Yash Chopra post, and then Ranbir Kapoor pops up, and now Lata!  Gah!  Stop being born, people!  Anyway, Lata will have to be content with 16 reasons I love her for the 16 notes in the Indian scale.  I’m not doing another 80+ after I just did it for Yashji.

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