Silly Sunday: Choose Your Stars Middle-Aged and Young Couple Joint Romance

Thank you Emily! You once again inspired me. This started as an idea based on Humpty Sharma, but now made me think it could be for anyone and anything.

I’ll start with the Humpty Sharma part of it. A middle-aged couple who had a love marriage now have a grown daughter that eloped with her boyfriend, he was abusive, she returned home broken and sad. There is so much plot potential with this set-up!

Here’s the rough outline of what I am thinking. The Dad wants to “fix” things for his daughter somehow, so he decides to find her a nice new husband. The daughter gets angry that he is pushing her before she is ready, the Mom gets angry too that he is trying to decide things for the daughter which is wrote drove her to rush into an elopement with a terrible man back then. It ends with the Dad going off to spend the night at the room over his office instead of at home.

Next day, he comes home with flowers and candy, their usual making up ritual after a bad fight. Only to discover a young man waiting there too. There was a response to the profile he posted on the marriage website. This is an old friend of his daughter’s from college, he was always too shy to confess his feelings, he heard about the elopement but not the divorce, when he saw her on the marriage website he got so excited that he rushed right over to talk to her parents and propose. The daughter sees him and is furious, he knew her from college, he should have known she wouldn’t want an arranged marriage with someone her parents picked out, he should have reached out to her directly instead of just showing up. Plus, she thinks he is there out of pity. The Mom is furious because she thinks the Dad arranged for this guy to show up, he had no respect for her opinion. It ends up with the Dad being thrown out of the house, again. He goes out to get drunk and ends up talking to the young man at the bar and then offering to let him spend the night at his office apartment. They bond, he learns that the young man really does love his daughter and knows her and respects her and decides that this is the man who can bring his daughter back to life and happiness.

Yes yes this is kind of the plot of Baabul

The rest of the movie plays out with the young man trying to woo the daughter, convince her that she doesn’t have to spend the rest of her life sadly living at home with her parents as punishment for one bad choice. And at the same time, the Dad is trying to win over the Mom, convince her to forgive him. So we have two lovely romances of contrasting couples. A nice quiet young man gently wooing a damaged young woman, and a loud confident successful middle-aged man strongly wooing his wife of decades.

I originally come up with this because Ashutosh Rana is the best in Humpty Sharma and I wanted a movie about him. And a happy ending for the poor sad divorced daughter. But really, I would be happy with any casting!

I’m picturing the dynamic between the husband and wife as similar to in Humpty Sharma, she is more restrained and upper class, he is a self-made lower class man. Even the best marriage is going to be under strain dealing with a child whose life has fallen apart and wanting to make it better for her. And so we can have conflict without ever really doubting that this couple loves each other.

We can tweak the plot a little too. I like the idea of the daughter recovering from an abusive marriage, but she could also be recovering from the death of a husband, or an engagement that fell apart last minute (maybe her fiance ran out on the wedding), or a husband who cheated. Anything that would make her think she doesn’t deserve love, and makes her parents feel extra sad and protective.

What do you think? And who should we cast?

Young Man: Varun, Rajkummar, Ayushmann, Sushant Singh Rajput, Prithviraj (if we go regional), Nani

Daughter: Alia, Taapsee, Deepika, Anushka, Bhumi Pednakar, Sai Pallavi, Parvathy

Dad: Shahrukh, Aamir, Saif, Ashutosh Rana, Nagarjuna, Mohanlal

Mom: Juhi, Vidya, Tabu, Karisma, Preity, Manju Warrier

15 thoughts on “Silly Sunday: Choose Your Stars Middle-Aged and Young Couple Joint Romance

  1. I love the story but please no Alia. She is not a good choice for this role.
    How about Sanya Malhotra?
    Ashuntosh as the father (or Shahrukh but I think his presence would change the movie a lot).
    ARK as the nice guy (or Sharwanand , he can be in hindi version too, I don’t understand why we should limit ourself. It even work well, he was shy in college and also from other state so he thought his love is impossible. Till now)


    • Oh! If it’s ARK, how about Sonakshi? This seems like a perfect role for her, very quiet and internal acting. And then ARK and Sonakshi can get the happy ending they deserve after Kalank.

      Would this be the Pankaj Tripathi romantic role you want? For the father? Or we can keep it Ashutosh.

      On Sun, Sep 8, 2019 at 7:45 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • Agree about Ashutosh! Immediately striking kind of actor.

          But, just to throw it out there, I think Ajay Devgan could also be really good in this kind of role.

          On Sun, Sep 8, 2019 at 11:10 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Ajay would be good but not as good as Ashutosh, in my opinion (I’m afraid he or any other too famous actor / actress would change the equilibrium of the movie).


          • I imagined Ashutosh in this role and now it’s hard to think about other actors, but yes Sunil Shetty is good either. And while we are talking about him – 12th September Pailwaan comes out and I’m so excited. Like I’m rarely excited for movies (especially sport movies) but I saw the trailer and I was like: I must watch it no matter what!
            Seems that I have a crush on Sudeep so secret I didn’t even know.


  2. You know this kinda reminds me of Kannamoochi Yeanada. Middle-aged, happily married Sathyaraj and Raadhika are about to celebrate their wedding anniversary when their daughter brings home her boyfriend Prithviraj, Sathyaraj is convinced he’s no good and goes about trying to sabotage that relationship and succeeds but manages to ruin his own marriage in the process because Raadhika supports their daughter’s choices. Eventually Sathyaraj and Prithviraj team up to try to win back their respective loves.


  3. Good one! For some reason it gives me shades of DDD, or even Ek Ladki Ko Dekha, which are both Anil. But I agree with Angie, let’s keep it an Ashutosh Rana movie. Anil shouldn’t get all the silver fox roles.


    • Oooo, now I am all excited about Anil! And Suniel.

      Is it too late to make it same-sex and have Anil be the parent who is defensive of the daughter and Suniel be the one who is pushy and wants to fix things?

      On Sun, Sep 8, 2019 at 3:59 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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