War Third Watch! New Theory, What if Hrithik is Tiger’s Father?

I have a new theory, and new small things I noticed. Let’s talk about them!

I went to see War with my sister tonight because, while in town for a flying visit to show the baby to relatives, she decided she wanted to spend 4 precious hours with the baby left with my parents and the two of us seeing a big dumb movie. It was wonderful.

Anyway, my sister noticed the way Soni Razdan and Hrithik were exchanging looks, and she came up with a new theory. What if Soni and Hrithik were having a hot affair. And they framed Tiger’s father so Hrithik could kill him and they could be together?

Image result for soni razdan young
Hrithik would totally have hit that. Maybe the seductive officer’s wife while he was a young trainee?

Now, if that is the case, doesn’t it also make sense that Hrithik is Tiger’s father? Explains why they look so similar, for one thing! Hrithik and Soni had a long term affair, but could never be together, just sad moments of passion as they passed each other in the night on army postings. But then Hrithik learned Tiger as his son and, driven mad by jealousy, killed Tiger’s “father”. His partner tried to stop him and got in the way and was killed as well. But Soni had a mad idea, what if they framed her husband as a traitor and covered up the murders that way? They did it, but the sin of it all ate away at their love and, ironically, the murder that was supposed to bring them together drew them apart. Hrithik didn’t want Tiger on his team because he didn’t want his guilt in front of his face, but couldn’t turn him down when he brought up his mother. Oh, and he knew about the eye injury all along, Soni told it to him as pillow talk in the brief honeymoon period after the murders.

Additional small high quality touches I noticed, Evil Tiger almost always dresses in black and Good Tiger dresses in white. The blackness is really noticeable in his Portugal entry post-interval and stays consistent from then on. Classy little touch, right? Like you’d expect to find in an actual good film.

Image result for tiger war movie

On the other hand, Good Tiger has a booty and Evil Tiger definitely does not back before the plastic surgery. And then after, he has a booty again. Do you think they gave him butt implants along with the 3D printing on his face?

The best plastic surgeon in the world can’t do anything to cover scars beyond little flesh toned band aids?

Is it at all possible that Good Tiger was transformed by plastic surgery into Vaani Kapoor? It would explain why her face looks like that.

15 thoughts on “War Third Watch! New Theory, What if Hrithik is Tiger’s Father?

  1. Haven’t seen the film, just read comments here, but considering that the message all are reading into it is big passionate looks between Hrithik and Tiger, that’s a bit creepy.


    • Hmmm, Tiger could have passionate looks and Hrithik loving looks…and in War 2, the big surprise would be that Hritik is Tiger’s father. Just a thought as I hadn’t watched the movie yet, either.


    • This theory does not necessarily contradict overwhelming lust. Just makes it icky.

      On Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 12:03 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yeah, incest is a gigantic no for me. Yuck.

        So this is interesting: there was a personal appearance by the cast yesterday and Tiger & Hrithik did not look friendly at all so I wonder if the chemistry between them was actually intense dislike/competition and it just translated into sex onscreen? Wouldn’t be the first time that happened. Also, looks like Tiger will not be coming back for the sequel. They want to cast a new star for every installment same as Dhoom. I think the odds are very good that the sequels are terrible but we’ll see.


        • Everything up until now (including years ago when Tiger was just starting and there would be no reason to lie) he has said that Hrithik is his hero and he admires him and wants to be him. So if something has come between them, I think it must be fairly recent. On the other hand, going into this film Tiger was supposed to be the rising star, and then Hrithik ended up taking it away from him, so maybe that has come up?

          Hey, Dhoom sequels ended up being more dumb fun than the original! There’s hope!

          On Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 12:20 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I have personal knowledge, and what I have heard is that he is real real dumb, but friendly and nice and generally wants everyone to be happy and get along. I can’t see him as a bully, but I can see him as someone being bullied into appearing to be a bully.


          • But would he be the hero? Or the nice Duex (sp?) Ex Machina? I already wrote one in which he was a very handsome but dumb but nice athlete who hires savvy smart PR person Rani Mukherjee to fix his image and then they fall in love.

            On Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 5:25 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Please stop calling it “a big dumb movie” 😀 I mean sure, it’s in fashion to refer to “action films” as dumb but it just takes away all the fun at the same time! Sure, it’s not deep and disturbing or an indie-darling.. it’s actually more than that, a big commercial film with a lot riding on it yet still a very well-made film within its genre.


  3. Ps. been reading all your theories about the movie and it’s so fun!
    I really loved the film, needless to say! Sid Anand really did a good job.. or maybe it’s thanks to the writer.. who’s also written Khakee! But overall, first action film I like since Madmax Fury Road!


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