Monthly Donation Reminder Post, Because I Just Ran Out of Money

I skipped reminding you for two months, and then last month I got an alert that my DCIB account was overdrawn $60, so I am reminding you all again so I don’t get in trouble for paying for things with money I no longer have.

I use the DCIB paypal account to pay for movie tickets, streaming subscription services, and some monthly twitter and Facebook costs. Not greeting cards, or gas money, or reference books, or a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t accept Paypal, but everything I can that does accept it. And a couple of weeks ago I was checking my personal bank account and I noticed some weird charges, and realized that Paypal was overdrawn and had to take money from my personal account to cover expenses. Oops!

Anyway, please give me money! So I don’t run out again and suddenly discover my grocery money disappearing towards my Fandango purchases.

You can do a one time donation through paypal here:


donation to DCIB


Or set up a recurring contribution through Patreon here:

And if you have donated recently, an extra special thank you, you helped me drag my Paypal balance back up to $0!

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