Indian Cheers Remake: I Think I Cracked It! Reverse the Genders, Put it in a Bombay Dance Bar, Bips and Rajkummar to Star

No one cares about this, do they? I am just so pleased with the idea that I want to write it down before I forget.

Cheers-The Original

A Boston bar that serves as a common ground between working class stiffs, highbrow students, and young professionals is owned by a charming handsome former athlete Sam Malone. A very prim and proper and intelligent young grad student is dumped by her fiance in the bar and Sam takes pity on her and hires her as a new waitress, Diane. There’s another waitress, a tough mother of 4 (and eventually 8) who hates Diane for being prim and proper and snooty. And there’s a lovable regular, Norm. Over the course of the first season, Sam and Diane bicker and argue, his charm and people skills allowing him to defeat her, while her intelligence and ability to see through lies allow her to beat him. It all culminates in a final major fight followed by their first kiss. The date for the second season, then break up. In the third season Diane is dating a new man, sincere and a little bit goofy genius Frasier Crane. In the fourth season, Diane and Frasier are broken up and she and Sam are friends. In the 5th season, Sam finally proposes. And then Shelley Long (the Diane actress) wanted out of her contract, so they wrote her off with a last minute change of heart and chance to pursue her writing dreams.

Cheers-My Remake

Picture it! Bipasha is a former item girl who drank away her career, then got sober and started running a Bombay dance bar she bought while her career was on the way up. To help her host and bartend, she has her old lovable dance teacher Helen. And then one night a sophisticated older woman who teaches at a local university (maybe Rani Mukherjee?) comes in with her younger grad assistant/fiance Rajkummar Rao, wanting him to do something crazy before they get married. She ends up leaving him for her ex, and he is heartbroken and lost since she was also his boss. Bipasha takes pity on him and offers him a job as a bouncer.

This is the opening credits. Also, starting at 2:30 minutes, am I the only person who finds herself weirdly hypnotized by Salman’s hips?

The regular bouncer Sonu Sood hates Rajkummar because he is unqualified (skinny, no muscles, no experience). Rajkummar has his own funny way with the customers, tricking them or simply boring them until they take off, so he does actually manage to do his job. Bips spends her time flirting outrageously with him while he parries her, and taking home her choice of the customers. The customers are a mix of young professionals, small time gangsters, and old working class regulars. There’s also Meher Vij, their most regular regular, a cheerful lesbian with a girlfriend at home who she constantly makes fun of, but still likes hanging out around the pretty ladies at the bar. And there’s a constant stream of guest star dancers, they don’t tend to stick around for long, the regular staff of the bar are Bipasha, Sonu, and Rajkummar.

At the end of season 1, after another fight, Bips and Rajkummar kiss. Season 2, they are delightfully in love and having sex all the time, but still fighting amusingly. Sonu hates it, Farida thinks it is sweet. Meher Vij puts up with it. But all their fights culminate in one big blow out and they break up for real. Season 3 sees the introduction of Parineeti as Rajkummar’s classmate, just as dorky and bookmad as him, and an appropriate girlfriend. But it ends with Rajkummar running away from their wedding. Season 4 sees Parineeti try to make it as a dancer at the bar in order to make Rajkummar feel guilty, and Rajkummar and Bips regain their friendship. Season 5 starts with Bips proposing to Rajkummar, they plan their wedding all season and fight about a million things and then at the end of the season….THEY ACTUALLY GET MARRIED. And the show is over. But at least love survives.

Anyway, my main point is, Bombay dance bar setting, flip the genders of the lead characters, it could totally work! Do you have alternate casting suggestions?

Alternate idea, make the whole thing Lesbian! Bips is still Sam, but Diane is Deepika who gets hired as a new dancer instead of a bouncer.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Indian Cheers Remake: I Think I Cracked It! Reverse the Genders, Put it in a Bombay Dance Bar, Bips and Rajkummar to Star

    • You mean the actor? Kangana happened. He was supposed to have a great role in Manikarnika, spent a year dedicated to filming it, and then she recast him and cut his part. He also had Simmba last year as the villain, and I think he has some other stuff happening, I just don’t remember what, but there is a weird Manikarnika shaped gap in his career.

      On Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 11:45 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Oh right, I remember that now! Also, Sonu Sood used to be the villain in almost every other Telugu movie I watched for a while and now he’s been replaced by newer, younger actors.


        • Seems like he’s increasingly the villain in Hindi films, so he is working steadily. Somehow I feel like a he is a guy who doesn’t particularly care about fame and all the rest of it, so long as he has steady work with nice people.

          On Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 11:58 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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