Discussion Post: What Jodi Do We Want to See as Siblings? Alternatively, What Jodi Do We NOT Want to See as Siblings?

Thank you Filmikudhi!!!! Great discussion question, I appreciate it and am using it and am curious what others will answer.

Maybe it’s just me, but a lot of the time when I look at an actor and actress I think “I want to see you together not romantically, I think that would be interesting”. It’s very rare for me to think “I never ever want to see you not romantically together”. Or maybe it’s not just me? Maybe there is some kind of pressure involved in creating sexual chemistry onscreen and it’s just more fun if actors can be friends onscreen without needing to do that?

Anyway, onscreen siblings I want to see!


Picture it! They play a brother and sister pair who are both super famous and popular entertainers and each have their own romantical problems and support each other through them, but in a sibling way.

Image result for madhuri shahrukh movie


I want to see them fighting and teasing and playing with each other for 3 hours, no sex required.

Image result for juhi shahrukh movie


I want to see her whole-heartedly laugh at his pretensions and seriousness without ever ending up in love with him.

Image result for kajol shahrukh movie


They had kind of a sibling vibe in Ishq, and I really liked that.

Image result for kajol aamir


They felt more like siblings than lovers to me in K3G, and they both look kind of the same, and dance kind of the same, and can both play a little vain, I would love it!

Image result for hrithik kareena

Ranveer-Anushka Sharma

He’s cocky and immature and impractical, his big sister is organized and has her life in order, than her fiance walks out on her wedding and she goes wild while Ranveer has to be the responsible one and take care of her for a while. Perfection!

Image result for ranveer anushka


They both have dimples! Clearly related

Image result for shahrukh preity

Prabhas-Anushka Shetty

They are both tall, they both have a strong onscreen presence, I want to see them as twins who live together and make a bet as to who will get the other one married first.

Image result for prabhas anushka

Jodis who should never play siblings


Yeh Dillagi just felt weird and WRONG! Brothers shouldn’t be giving me feelings when they hug each other

Image result for akshay saif


It would be blasphemy

Image result for tiger hrithik


I think we can all agree that Josh was a big big mistake

Image result for shahrukh aish josh


Even if they weren’t married in real life, their onscreen chemistry is off the charts and seeing them pretend to be siblings would be squicky

Image result for ranveer deepika ram leela


See above

Image result for amitabh jaya zanjeer

Thoughts? Disagreements? Additions?

20 thoughts on “Discussion Post: What Jodi Do We Want to See as Siblings? Alternatively, What Jodi Do We NOT Want to See as Siblings?

  1. I have trouble imagining Madhuri as a sibling to any man unless he’s obviously gay. She’s like Akshay in that she has so much sexual energy that any interaction she has with men or even women ends up eroticized. So only if Shahrukh plays an openly gay man and does it in a 100% sincere way, not for laughs.

    Juhi & SRK for sure, they are business partners, makes sense to have them be siblings.

    Kajol & SRK, not sure if that would work. Their history would hang too heavily over any attempt to make them siblings.

    Aamir & Kajol had good chemistry in Fanaa but I can easily see them as adult siblings who like and respect each other despite frequent squabbles because she’s loud and he’s a control freak.

    Hrithik & Kareena yes, even in that silly movie scene with all the water I wasn’t really buying their chemistry (even though they apparently had an affair in real life). Same with Hrithik and Katrina in Bang Bang, let’s get them playing brother and sister.

    Ranveer & Anushka, here’s where I air out my unpopular opinion that she’s kind of boring and doesn’t spark much with any of her costars. She’s never offensively awful but she is terribly bland.

    Preity could play the sister to anyone because he’s all about the wholesome energy.

    Prabhas-Anushka Shetty, I only saw them in Bahubali and they had such great chemistry I can’t imagine them with filial love.

    I agree with everyone you said shouldn’t play siblings and would add Hrithik & Aish who are so gorgeous together and have good chemistry.


    • Have you seen DTPH yet? No chemistry! Nothing there between them. Someone here, I can’t remember who, made the brilliant point that both SRK and Madhuri could have chemistry with a tree, but the problem is when they are in a scene together, no one is willing to be the tree. You know?

      Aamir is an uptight guy with a perfect life and perfect kids and a perfect wife (maybe Kareena?). Kajol is his nutty sister who he feels obligated to let visit him when she asks. She shakes up his life, gets Kareena to dress sexy, gets the kids to have fun with water guns, and eventually even gets Aamir to remember when he used to have fun. And somewhere along the way, Ajay shows up as Aamir’s extremely shy co-worker who falls in love with Kajol at first sight, but is also terrified of her, until Aamir gets him drunk enough to do a drunken love song and admit his feelings.

      Hrithik, Kareena, and Kat as a gang of siblings/con people who travel around stealing things and tricking cops and so on until they all simultaneously fall in love with Tiger, Saif, and Salman (the cop following them, the target, and a rival con person).

      On Fri, Nov 22, 2019 at 7:06 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I agree with you about Madhuri, with the caveat that I think it worked with Govinda. It’s obvious that they really like each other but they both look like they’re about to burst out laughing whenever they have to do something sexual. Anyway, it’s really endearing to me and why I love them together.


  2. I would watch an Anushka/Ranveer sibling romp. And I agree with a lot of the non-sibling pairs (especially the IRL couples and Tiger/Hrithik, har dee har). And I’ll come back if I have anything else to add lol.


  3. I remember being horrified by the sexual energy between Katrina & Akshay in Tees Maar Khan, so yeah, I don’t ever want to see those two as siblings again. Except Wikipedia (which is not always correct) just told me they were spouses, and I don’t really want to watch the movie again, so I’ll just stay confused.

    I would love to see Anushka and Ranveer as siblings. As well as SRK and Juhi.


    • Yep, Katrina was Akshay Kumar’s girlfriend in Tees Maar Khan. Akshaye Khanna (also in the movie) was not dating her.

      Glad you agree about Anushka and Ranveer and Juhi and Shahrukh! Oh oh! What about the plot I just suggested for Kajol and Aamir for Juhi and Shahrukh? Shahrukh has a proper perfect life in the American suburbs with a bored perfect wife, and stressed out perfect kids. Juhi is is irresponsible wild and crazy sister who shows up on his doorstep and he has to take her in. She helps his wife get sexy, helps his kids break lose, and eventually gets Shahrukh himself to remember what he was like when he was young and happy. And then Irrfan Khan, Shahrukh’s shy business partner, meets Juhi and immediately falls for her but is too scared to do anything about it until he gets drunk and then does a drunken love confession song.

      On Fri, Nov 22, 2019 at 11:58 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Hrithik and Katrina as a kick-ass pair of sibling super soldier spies. With dance number/fight scenes galore.

    SRK as a widower with a mostly grown daughter, years of keeping his head down and getting through, maybe his own modest business. Juhi is his sister, married to a flashier husband who’s always shown off his money. The brother in law gets in too deep with a corrupt businessman and things turn ugly. Goons come and see Juhi with her niece and grab the girl, thinking it’s her daughter, and SRK and Juhi have to get the family out of trouble. In the end, the brother in law has lost the house and all the money, SRK turns out to be quietly wealthy from saving for years, and Juhi leaves her husband and moves in with them. Sibling happily ever after.

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    • What if Juhi and Shahrukh while rescuing the daughter end up running into a tough sexy older police woman (Tabu, Sushmita, take your pick) who has a thing for Shahrukh and flirts outrageously with him and at the happy ending, we see that shahrukh and she are going out on their first date?

      On Sat, Nov 23, 2019 at 12:38 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. IDK if Tiger is a very brotherly person unless you mean brother as in the 70s/80s code for gay.

    The thing about Prabhas is I think he’s cute with many costars but idk if I’d call that chemistry sexual. Maybe I haven’t seen enough but his energy is more mentor-y or something to me than say, Rana.

    btw I have never seen Cheers so I have nothing to weigh in about on your other post, sorry!


    • Finally, someone to agree with me on the Prabhas-Anushka sibling idea!

      And, oh man! For the other post. My idea is to set Cheers (sitcom about a romance between the bar owner and the intellectual pretentious new waitress) in a dance bar in Bombay with Bipasha playing the owner and Rajkummar Rao playing the new bouncer. Alternatively, make it all female and have a romance between bar owner Bipasha and new dancer/intellectual graduate student Deepika.

      On Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 2:16 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. I know it would be blasphemy to shippers but I would love to see SRK and Kajol or SRK and Juhi as siblings. They have a great friendly vibe off-screen and I really do not get any romantic or sexy vibes at all. I know it won’t happen because the audience has a certain image in their mind but I can still dream.

    I would never want to see SRK/Madhuri or SRK/Kat again in any form, not even as siblings. They are the two pairs I hate the most. No romantic chemistry and IMO no friendship chemistry either. Just awkwardness.

    Josh was a huge mistake. I mean what were they thinking with this? Why would Aish be paired up with the guy with those creepy eyes? Everything looked so bizarre.

    The one I would never want to see as siblings: Anil/Madhuri and SRK/Anushka. Anil and Madhuri look so so so good as a couple. Such a perfect fit. Cannot imagine them any other way. I have no idea why but SRK/Anushka have too much chemistry to work as siblings and she is too young anyway for that to make sense. They have chemistry even in interviews so the sibling thing is ewww.


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