Best Song of 2009: Emotional Attachyar, Aal Izz Well, Dhan Te Nan, Wake Up Sid, or Delhi 6?

I give up, I can’t rank these! Which is the best, or even just the most iconic song, of 2009? It’s impossible! Especially when I throw in the two soundtracks that work as one long song.

Emotional Attachyar

New and strange and different, a long time popular option among the young. Is this the best?

All Izz Well

The most popular song from the most popular movie of the year. Does that mean it is the best?

Dhan Te Nan

The biggest club hit of the year, immediately recognizable and different. Is that the best?

Wake Up Sid

A whole soundtrack that feels like one long song as the emotions track up and down over the film but are always related. But then, other movies managed all those emotions with just one song. So, is this the best?

Delhi 6

Same as above, multiple songs that somehow come together to make one whole. And it’s Rahman. Is this the best?

I’m honestly stumped! I need your opinions!


5 thoughts on “Best Song of 2009: Emotional Attachyar, Aal Izz Well, Dhan Te Nan, Wake Up Sid, or Delhi 6?

  1. 1. Delhi 6
    2. Dhan Te Nan
    3. Emotional Attachyar

    I haven’t seen 3 Idiots (overhype is why) and all I can think of Lilly Singh’s version with all All Izz Well. I haven’t yet seen Wake Up Sid yet.


    • Nah. I love Amit Trivedi, I just don’t think that one is very good. But you can disagree with me!

      On Fri, Nov 29, 2019 at 5:47 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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