Happy Birthday Jimmy Shergill and Konkona Sen Sharma!

Interesting combo today! 2 people that I am fonder of than I should logically be, and I am guessing I am not alone?

Who here loves Konkona? From her art film roots, to her mainstream heroines back in the early 2000s who somehow didn’t feel mainstream, to her unmarried and unashamed pregnancy followed by marriage to Ranvir Shorey and a break from acting, to her return in small interesting parts in small interesting films (like Akira), to her debut as a director?

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Now, who here loves Jimmy Shergill? From his first films with his innocent open face, to his cheerful failure as a leading man, to his acceptance of his lot in life as the loser in the love triangle film after film? From his position as a promising young future star to a pleasant character actor that also does Punjabi work?

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Please don’t tell me it’s just me!

If you love Konkona and/or Jimmy, tell us why and which is your favorite work of theirs?

Also, put studios on notice now if you would still be interested in a romance between Jimmy and Konkona, with Jimmy as the mature sensitive Punjabi man and Konkona as the confident fiery Bengali heroine. Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Iyer but light? Like, in order to get tickets on a luxury train trip, they pretend to be a couple on a honeymoon even though they are really strangers with nothing in common? I’d watch it!

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jimmy Shergill and Konkona Sen Sharma!

  1. I love Konkona! When I first started watching I saw her in a bunch of films and had NO idea she wasn’t main stream. A friend of mine ran into her in a store in Mumbai while I was there ( continuing my streak of seeing NO ONE while in Mumbai) and said she was so warm and nice. I love her work! That film where she plays Rani’s younger sister when Rani becomes a high class call girl to support her selfish family, is a fave o rite of mine.


    • Laage Chunari Main Daag! I was the same as you, I thought of her as “mainstream” because she was in that movie, and Wake Up Sid, and Aaje Nachle, and a few others, she just seemed like a nice young new actress. It’s amazing how well she fits in with both mainstream films and the artier ones, really rare.

      I have a similar streak. Aamir Khan was filming in Chicago for two months, I saw him ZERO times (and I tried! I really did!) and my friend saw him twice, and later I met a woman on an airplane who had dinner with him.


  2. Jimmy is one of the top actors in Punjabi cinema right? Konkona I think has technically done more Hindi stuff but has still done quite a bit of Bengali stuff and both her and Jimmy seem to show up in offbeat hindi films now so between that and having successful regional careers maybe they are more similar than we think 🤔


      • Okay I am very ashamed to say that I could not take Mr and Mrs Iyer seriously because the background music was way too on the nose when it came to the romance so I am here for a redo!


        • Yes! Jimmy is laid back and likes to have a drink and listen to cricket at night, Konkona is trying to make notes for her book on Bengali poets, they are sharing a stateroom on a train, constant bickering, but in public they have to pretend to be married. Jimmy sings a Punjabi song to her while drunk one night, she does a classical Bengali dance for him, love blossoms across cultural differences, but will either of them be brave enough to speak before the train journey is over?????

          On Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 10:46 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I first saw Konkona is an “offbeat film” in which she seemed to be the ONLY actor who could act. Everyone else seemed like they were reciting lines. I tried to find the film, but it isn’t on Netflix anymore. And even with all the bad acting and the slow pace of the film, she was the main character, and she was interesting to watch.


  4. I never heard about a person who doesn’t like Jimmy Shergill.

    My favourite roles are in : Mukkabaaz and Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi. Yes, I know those are two completely different movies and roles, and Happy Phirr… is not a good film, but he was hilarious, and I still remember some of his scenes. It also shows he can be good in everything.


    • I have heard of people who didn’t realize they liked Jimmy Shergill. Like, if you asked them they question, they would say “wow, I guess I do! I never thought about it before, because he was always just there, but I really really like him.”

      On Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 3:05 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Purely in terms of the characters, Jimmy would be my crush too. A grown man obsessed with his dead high school girlfriend, a hyperactive stalker, a passive sad sack “friendzone” whiner, and then Jimmy who just wanted to make the woman he loved happy again.


  5. I like both of them, but Konkona is the one that I will watch in pretty much anything, except a horror movie, so giving Ek Thi Daayan a pass. My favorites of hers are the ones she did with my eternal love Rahul Bose: Mr and Mrs Iyer and Dil Kabaddi. They are so great together and have a really sweet friendship; they were adorable on Koffee. Dil Kabaddi has him and Konkona as one couple and Irrfan and Soha as the other, and everyone is tempted to have an affair, but not with each other. Konkona is extremely funny as slightly unhinged wife to Rahul. Another one of hers in which I like her performance is Talvar. That’s not a favorite because of the dark subject, but I really loved what Meghna did, and Konkona basically has a double role as the mother who kills her daughter and the mother who doesn’t. She also did something really interesting in a Bengali film a while back called Iti Mrinalini, which stars Aparna and Konkona plays a younger version of her. Didn’t super like the story of the film, but really interesting seeing two great actresses playing the same person at different time.


    • Thank goodness you like them both! I don’t want to find the one person in the world who doesn’t like Jimmy Shergill.

      And of course you would catch us up on all the Konkona goodness we missed. Dil Kabaddi sounds amazing, but I am guessing it is less good in execution than it sounds in description?

      On Wed, Dec 4, 2019 at 2:11 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I think it’s really fun. It’s approximately 25% more cynical about relationships than Made in Heaven, based on the fact that there are four characters and none of them is a really good partner. The good thing is, I think, the humor doesn’t come from the guys wanting to cheat and the women being the moms who don’t let them have any fun. Both the male and female characters are navigating marriages that aren’t totally satisfying and not doing a great job. It’s also got a lot of silly humor and it’s just fun to see a bunch of award-winning actors being funny.


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