Christmas Week Give Away Week 7! Congratulations MOLLY!!!!!

You did it! The week every one else forgot me, you stuck it out and WON!!!! YAAAAAAY!!!!! I will have to make you something really truly wonderful.

So happy for Molly. And yes, this is partly because her comments posted anonymously, and then she had to reply to it saying “oh, and this is Molly”. But that still counts!

Anyway, last week’s winner! (Emily DON’T LOOK, it won’t be arriving until after Christmas). For Emily, I want with quantity, and picked a card that had space for many MANY photos on front.

And one great photo on the back.


7 thoughts on “Christmas Week Give Away Week 7! Congratulations MOLLY!!!!!

  1. Yaaaay!! I never think I’ll get the most; it must have been slow, but that’s great for me! And do not forget, I read much more than I comment on!! mollty


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