Want to Spend New Years Day Watching The Gayest Movie of 2019 on Twitter With Me?

Woo-hoo! 2020!!! What better way to start what will no doubt be a super fun year, than with a DCIB tweetalong! We can all sit in our jammies drinking leftover eggnog and eating pancakes and swooning over the Tiger-Hrithik romance.

Movie! War, on Prime, with Hrithik and Tiger. It’s 2 and a half hour long, and super SUPER fun.


So, let me throw some times out at you (and I’m not even gonna worry about international, it’s an international holiday, you can stay up late or wake up super super early):

9am Chicago time, 7am California time, 10am East coast time

11am Chicago time, 9am California time, 12pm East coast time

1pm Chicago time, 11am California time, 2pm East coast time

3pm Chicago time, 1pm California time, 4pm East coast time

Or, if we really want to get wild, 10pm Chicago time on the 31st! Yes, we could start the new year of 2020 by sitting alone in our separate rooms watching the same movie.

14 thoughts on “Want to Spend New Years Day Watching The Gayest Movie of 2019 on Twitter With Me?

  1. There is 50/50 probability I will be off the grid New Years Day, but if I am at home I could join in if it is at one of the earlier times. I actually started watching the movie today, but due to the existence of my family wasn’t really able to pay attention. I did get to see the seen where Hrithik steps of the helicopter and is ogled by Tiger, and noted it wasn’t as gay as I thought it would be as before Hrithik there was a parade is some of the most gorgeous men I’d ever seen getting out of that helicopter, but Tiger only had eyes for Hrithik- true love.

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    • Oh yeah, it is a gay in a “true love” kind of way. I said it was the “Gayest movie of 2019”, but I could just as easily have called it the “most romantic movie of 2019”.


      • That’s why I fell in love with this movie. It was manly and macho yet the core romance between the two men made me swoon. And it also highlights why I can’t stand Hollywood movies anymore because there is no way that Hollywood would’ve made a sincere love story between two men, it would’ve been all wink nudge smirk wisecracks and lampshading. Bleah.

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  2. This is really tempting. I’ll have to see what I’m doing that day. I’ll be in Colorado, so any of those times would work, although I’ll be pretty sleepy in the afternoon


  3. I probably won’t be doing anything on New Year’s Day, as usual, but given the timing, I’d still say early afternoon EST is best for me.


  4. Every time works for me, since its 9 hours added here. Just have to make sure that whatever NY party I am the previous night (and no confirmation yet) that I’ll be home by the time this starts. 😀


    • Hmm. Well, Alisa is out, and you and Courtney are probably in, I might shoot for one more person before confirming (I just have this sad picture of myself starting 2020 by being locked to my computer tweeting all alone into the void).

      On Sun, Dec 22, 2019 at 1:04 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. As of now, I’m available New Year’s day. We are making a New Year’s Eve party (small, at home, dinner; don’t envision wildness) so there will be clean up, but anything after 10 a.m. eastern time works for me. Let me see if I can “rope” Carol in — Molly


    • Booo! I need one more person to be an absolute for sure commitment, I’ll wait a little longer for that one magical person to appear.

      On Mon, Dec 23, 2019 at 1:48 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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