Happy Birthday Deepika! A Starter List of Movies to Watch To Help People Fall in Love With You!

Shoot, I just wrote and posted Deepika’s 101 a few weeks back. And while she’s had good songs, that’s not where she shines the most so a “songs post” doesn’t really fit. But I think I can do a post talking about her best roles.

Okay, let’s pretend you have seen Deepika’s photo, maybe watched one of her lessor roles like Tamasha, and you want to know more about her as an actress. Or you are hosting a Deepika festival in honor of her birthday and want to know what movies to show and in which order to draw people in. This is the order I would recommend watching her films in, and the films I would recommend.


Deepika’s best role/performance so far. Still beautiful and charming as ever, but strange and difficult and worried about things beyond romance. She is a professional woman trying to juggle work and caring for her elderly father, and with no hope of trying to build a romantic relationship in the middle of all that, just solve her relationship with her father and find some peace within herself.

Happy New Year

I put these two next to each other on purpose. Piku is Deepika playing a real difficult kind of person. This is Deepika playing a fun filmi type of person, a naach girl with a big heart and a cheerful way of looking at the world.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

The first two films showcase a completely filmi and completely non-filmi performance, this film does both! It’s a happy rom-com of a traditional pattern, complete with love scenes and songs and everything else. But it is also about Deepika coming out of her shell and transforming from a shy studios college student to a confident together young woman.

Love Aaj Kal

One of Deepika’s earlier roles when you are just beginning to see her intelligence and talent. The film is still slanted more towards Saif than her, but she has an interesting journey of her own. An especially impressive performance because there is so little script to support her, Deepika has to make her character journey logical just through her expressions.


Deepika’s break out performance! A troubled young rich woman with a big heart, whose character conflicts are equally about herself, her friendship with Diana Penty, and her heartbreak over her relationship with Saif. Not an easy role to make the audience like her, but Deepika manages it.

Om Shanti Om

Deepika’s first performance! She doesn’t have much to do besides smile, so I am putting it last, because by now you must be in love with Dips and her talent and will enjoy just watching her be fun and smiley here.

Chennai Express

This was the first performance where I really noticed Deepika! And I put it at the end on purpose. If you watch Deepika’s really good performances, and OSO and Love Aaj Kal from earlier in her career, you can see the almost invisible way she supports Shahrukh here, doing a lot more than “just” being the heroine.

Okay, those are my picks! If you don’t know Dips, you can watch them all. If you do know Dips, you can suggest additions or subtractions or order changes.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Deepika! A Starter List of Movies to Watch To Help People Fall in Love With You!

  1. No Ram-Leela? Love that movie, love her in that movie. I haven’t seen all of her films, but I’d definitely throw that in there.


    • I hate Ram-Leela! While acknowledging that it is fun and a good Deepika performance. You can add it to your list though. Where would you put it? first, or somewhere in the middle?

      On Sun, Jan 5, 2020 at 5:27 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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