Worst Akshay Kumar Film of the Decade, Vote Here!

I was going to do “worst Akshay film of 2019”, but that loses so many great contestants like Toilet and Padman and Housefull 3. So I’m opening it up to the whole decade!

Akshay is in A LOT of movies. So I am going to make this easy and sort it out to just the top BAD films for you to choose between. Oh, and don’t worry if you haven’t seen all of these. Looking at the list, there will be one on it where your heart says “This! This is the worst movie, there can be no worster in the world” and then you know your choice is correct.


Akshay tries to kill a dog in order to get his (the dog’s) inheritance

Singh is Bling

This scene:

Housefull 3

This scene:

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha

Akshay shames a woman for not appreciating his stalking, marries her, and then takes over her issue and claims it as his

Pad Man

Akshay teaches women how to menstrate

Mission Mangal

Akshay teaches women how to go to Mars.

Image result for mission mangal poster

Good Newwz

Akshay teaches women how to be pregnant. Also, this poster:

Image result for good newwz poster

This is really hard! If I listen to my head, it says Mission Mangal. But my heart keeps saying Toilet. I think I have to listen to my heart, Toilet!

16 thoughts on “Worst Akshay Kumar Film of the Decade, Vote Here!

  1. All of these are horrenous. That scene in the car has scarred me for life.

    I think it should be between Toilet and Padman though because they are WOMEN’S ISSUES STOP MAKING IT ABOUT YOU. Padman looked super patronising from the songs, but the other one also looked terrible. In conclusion, kill me now.


  2. Oh, ugh, Padman, boo. The movie patronizes Akshay’s character and then Akshay patronizes women and Radika gets mixed up in the mess and it’s awful and I spent almost $18 to see it in a theater.


    • Follow your heart! Pick Padman!

      I love how we all have different most hated choices here, such a deeply personal response.

      On Mon, Jan 6, 2020 at 9:08 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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