Why Does Akshay Look Weird in This Video? And I Have a Better Way to Use the Feather Theme for Aamir!!!

I’m having a silly silly day. It’s overcast again, which makes me depressed and weird, plus I didn’t get any sleep, plus the people of the world just insist on doing silly things today! It’s not my fault, the celebrities are making me do this!

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Trailers! Sid is Angry, Akshay is Funny, I Am Moderately Optimistic

I love the months between big holidays. Lots of weird funky little low pressure movies that are just kind of fun.

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My Sick Day Viewing, Fascinating True Story With Anupam Kher Playing a Role-BBC Miniseries Mrs. Wilson

This is amazing! Ruth Wilson playing her own grandmother in the story of her grandfather who was both a scoundrel and a brilliant actor, probably where Ruth got it. Anyway, I have to share the story in case you don’t want to watch it and also because it is so fun to imaginary recast in India. And also my brain isn’t working because Sick, and recasting is easy. Also, SPOILERS! Avoid if you like limited BBC historical miniserieses midcentury true stories/Ruth Wilson

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Magical Thinking Post: Let Us All Combine Our Powers For These Very Small Wishes

I am a deep believer in the “God has a plan” theory and also the “Butterfly effect” theory. Meaning that I don’t like to make big wishes for fear they will come true and somehow mess with The Universe. But I think the following small wishes should be safe and not permenantly damage anything. Join me in combining our powers to Make Them So!

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Mission Mangal Review (No Spoilers): Akshay, SHUT. UP.

I think this might have been the most unpleasant movie I have ever watched. It was like having wooden stakes driven under my nails for 20 hours. Needless to say, I do not recommend it to you. And if you read my posts regularly, you know that it is a rare thing for me not to encourage you to see a movie, so take it seriously.

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Sunday ReRun Jaan-E-Mann: My Favorite Movie That No One Else Likes

This is I think the first serious review I wrote. Back when no one was reading me. So I am reposting it so you can enjoy it now. And also because it’s December and no one much is reading, so I might as well put up a review that I’ve already posted twice.

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Hindi Film 101: Social life in the Hindi Industry, Why Weddings Are Important

This is inspired largely by the first two episodes of this season of Koffee with Karan, both of which put together two stars (Deepika and Alia and Ranveer and Akshay) who never co-starred together and aren’t known as best friends, and yet had surprising connections.

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Gold Review (SPOILERS): Chak De India, but Different

This is an interesting movie.  Because it is both a sports movie and a true story, which means we know everything about it already.  But at the same time, we don’t, because we don’t know what particular angle the filmmaker is going to choose to look at to show us this story.  So, I leave it up to you.  You already know the details of the plot, the trailer spelled it out. If you want the tone and message of the film to surprise you, don’t read this review, read this one.  If you don’t care, do read this review.

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Watch This Video and Tell Me I’m Not Crazy!!!!!

I put up this video as part of my Friendship Day post, and it got no comments, which makes me think either no one watched it, or it isn’t as remarkable as it feels to me.  And I am going slowly insane trying to figure out which it is.  Please!  Watch and comment and tell me I’m not crazy!

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