Which of These is Most Infuriating? Farhan or Bieber or Rockstar?

I’ve got quilting tonight and I am behind on my squares, so I am working desperately on that instead of writing “real” posts. But truly, in a global cross-cultural way, which of these is worse?

In the realm of “men who think they feel more artistic pain than anyone but DON’T”, which is worse?

Farhan’s Album Cover:

Image result for farhan akhtar echoes"

Or this from YouTube and Justin Bieber

Image result for justin bieber seasons"

Or the poster for the movie Rockstar

Image result for rockstar poster"

I know Rockstar is fictional so it shouldn’t be put in the same post as the real people Bieber and Farhan. But it is also SO INFURIATING that it FEELS like it is real.

I don’t know, what does your gut say? Which of these concepts feels most irritating and “why don’t you try the pain of having a period every month? Why don’t you see what THAT emotional agony feels like?”

17 thoughts on “Which of These is Most Infuriating? Farhan or Bieber or Rockstar?

  1. I haven’t seen Rockstar, but if it’s about needing someone to die in order to feel artistic creativity, that’s sociopathic and clearly the worst, especially since so many fanboys identify with it.

    Otherwise I chose Farhan. Farhan, please get over yourself.

    Bieber is trying to brand his pain into a money making brand and venture. Be that as it may, Bieber is a cautionary tale. This is a kid who was an absolute nobody, plucked off of YouTube when YouTube was in its infancy, thrust into worldwide phenomenon superstardom almost overnight by age 15ish, and held to that standard for the next ten years. He didn’t even have the camaraderie of a boy band to bounce off of. I think his is more Celebrity Pain or Fame Pain than Artistic Pain, because every musical product he’s put out there has been on point commercially. He’s a future Michael or Whitney or Britney unless he gets good stable influences around him who care about him as much as the money he can make for them.


    • Oh wow, I hadn’t thought about youtube creating Beiber to begin with. Maybe this is just his fate, every ten years he marks a new era of youtube? From the amateur viral phenomonen, to the highly prepped and practiced and promoted professional show, to whatever is the next era (oo oo! Youtube books! Everyone will stop watching videos and enjoy long form writing! That’s the wave of the future, right?)

      Not sure if that is the thrust of Rockstar entirely. Definitely believes in the “you have to have an unhappy love affair to be an artist” theory. You know, how Shammi Kapoor, Paul McCartney, and Bruce Springsteen all had terrible tragic unfulfilled love stories. Oh wait! They all had stable long term relationships and somehow still managed to create great art! And anyway, the “unhappy love affair” argument feels really close to the “you have to be a jerk that no one can manage to love in order to prove how Brilliant you are”. But then yeah, his art reaches a whole new level after she dies. Soooooo…..maybe? It’s weird movie and a definite red flag when someone tells me it is their favorite.

      Anyway, let’s stick with Farhan. He named his album Echoes, he brought it on himself.

      On Mon, Jan 27, 2020 at 5:45 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • He’s just the worst. And it’s not the movies, it’s him! Before he was so popular and he had to just take the scripts on offer, they weren’t all total manboys. But once folks started building films the way he wanted, all the characters became the same flavor of horrible.

          On Mon, Jan 27, 2020 at 9:53 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Would have gone Bieber myself. Reasons:

    1. Is he taking a nap? Did he not bother to be awake for his cover shoot? Is he awake but avoiding us because he doesn’t feel like talking right now? Either way, the pose is full on melodrama.

    2. A 10-part documentary event. 10-part. Documentary. Event. Maybe this should be #1.

    3. Seasons. I mean, Seasons? Really? Like, seasons of Bieber? Like a 10-part documentary event about the many seasons of Bieber?


    • You are right, ALL of this is bad. But I think if it was called “A documentary on the making of a new pop album”, I would have more patience. “Seasons” seems to suggest they think this is great art, and that is a whole level of delusion I don’t want to deal with.

      On Mon, Jan 27, 2020 at 10:12 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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