New Post Series! Until We All Get Tired of It! Sex Saturdays!!!!

Woo, new series! I don’t know if anyone really cares about these, but they are useful for me to help plan out my writing schedule. And if you have a Reading Schedule, here is a heads up about a new topic that is coming.

I so enjoyed our Valentine’s Week of Sex, and I hope you did too. Sex is a big important part of life, and films, and there is a lot more I could say about it. I also think it is a good thing for us all to discuss in a kind of open forum way. So, for at least a little bit, I’ll be doing Sex Saturdays, a sex themed post every Saturday.

Some of them will be repeats, some of them will be new. I hope you know me well enough to know they will be thought provoking and discussion encouraging posts, not just sex for the fun of it. Serious Sex. But also fun! Because thinking is fun.

And if you aren’t interested, you can just skip the posts and comments, that’s okay too.

5 thoughts on “New Post Series! Until We All Get Tired of It! Sex Saturdays!!!!

  1. Well how delightful. On another note perhaps somebody mentioned already elsewhere but does anyone else think it’s odd that in January Shah Rukh was promoted as co-host of Filmfare Awards and as far as I can tell was not there at all?


    • Huh. Sometimes “co-host” means he does a 45 minute bit and they squeeze it in through out the edited broadcast version. But he would still have to be there at least a little bit to make that work.

      On Sun, Feb 16, 2020 at 4:33 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I’m gonna watch the broadcast at 330 Pacific so I’ll let you know. Perhaps I’m totally wrong but not one pic – not arriving in Assam, not on red carpet, nothing.


  3. Yes! Loved Valentine’s Week of Sex, so I’m excited for this! Sex is super important to talk about in general, and also in the context of film and Indian film specifically. Plus, it’ll give me more sexy films to watch. I’m excited.

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