Fat Tuesday Post: Songs With Sexy Beautiful Ladies of Size, to Balance Our Skinny Men

Happy Fat Tuesday! The celebration of indulgence continues. And my office currently has a total of 28 Poczki’s that we need to eat (I bought a dozen, and then my co-workers mother sent 16 more).

There is a certain kind of sexy female dancing that you really need hips and breasts and a belly to sell. It just looks better, and certainly sexier. Not saying only full figured women are sexy, but they definitely look better doing these particular kinds of numbers. So, let’s indulge!

Oh, and I’m going to be doing a range of bodies, from the curvey to the extra curvey, my point is just that curves are often sexier and more indulgent than skinny and straight up and down.

Silk, dancing for Rajinikanth

Obviously Vidya as Silk in “Ooo La La”

Cute Vyjantimala in “Main Kaa Karoon”

Sexy Rani in “Aga Bai”

Vidya again in “Ban Ja Rani”

Madhuri always had more curves than an actress could get away with now, just her small frame hid it. Check out how sexy she is in “Chane Ke Khet Mein”

Sridevi, all about the “thunder thighs” and sexy realness. “Hawa Hawai”

Young Rekha, back before she slimmed down so much “Yeh Baat Thi Yaar”

Neetu usually feels too innocent to be sexy, but I think she’s working it here! “Haye Re Haye”

Sonakshi Sinha, one of the loveliest current ladies of size in “Mungda”

Anushka Shetty down south, looking Gorgeous! “Punnami Puvvai”

Check out Tamannah’s hips flowing in this! “Chupulatho”

Oh, I almost forgot! Former Miss India Namitha as the sexy siren in Bila! “Ne Pataasu”

And I’ll end with one more classic Sridevi! Her dance from “Chandni”


7 thoughts on “Fat Tuesday Post: Songs With Sexy Beautiful Ladies of Size, to Balance Our Skinny Men

  1. Madhuri’s dance has so much choreo to it! It’s a joy to behold. It would be interesting to hear an interview with madhuri and the choreographer, discussing which parts were contributed by each, what madhuri improvised in the moment as per the character, and what were just madhuri’s ticks.


    • I hadn’t thought about that part of it! A lot of the movements are related to the lyrics, I think, which adds another layer to improvised versus planned.

      On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 5:43 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Those videos were fantastic! I’ve always loved that one from Rani, and Vidya’s Ooo La La, but I hadn’t seen Sridevi’s mountain lake dance before. She was entrancing.


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