Tentative Scheduling Post: Bad Girls Movies

No one cared about my Bad Girls Theme Month announcement, but maybe this will give you something more to talk about. What movies should I write about?

Tentative List:

Bareilly Ki Barfi

Kriti smokes, drinks, hangs out with boys, and no one wants to marry her

Image result for kriti sanon bareilly ki barfi

Dedh Ishqiya

Madhuri and Huma are lesbians (maybe?) who play with men and bend them to their will

Image result for madhuri huma


Dev Anand is a good police officer who loves his captain’s daughter, but also can’t help being fascinated by the mysterious woman involved with the gangsters he is chasing

Image result for waheeda rehman CID

Dirty Picture

Vidya Balan as Silk Smitha, southern bombshell and sex object and unapologetic about it.

Image result for vidya dirty picture

Don (original)

Zeenat Aman is the sister of a gangster who learns martial arts to take revenge on his killer.

Image result for zeenat aman don

Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi

I don’t know what all happens in this movie, but based on this song I think Rekha is being very very bad.

Miss Frontier Mail

When Fearless Nadia’s father is wrongfully imprisoned, she does whatever it takes to free him.

Image result for nadia miss frontier mail


Priyanka Chopra as the evil sexual harasser destroying Akshay Kumar at work? Yes please!

Image result for priyanka aitraaz


Sridevi is a snake. No, literally.

Image result for sridevi nagina


Sridevi is a conwoman/sex worker who uses a whip on her enemies, and her sexual wiles on Sunny Deol.

Image result for sridevi chaalbaaz


Kajol as everyone’s nightmare psycho girlfriend? It’s just The Best.

Image result for kajol gupt

What else? I know there is supposed to be a whole rich vein of Rekha evil woman B movies, but I don’t know them. Surely Sharmila was Bad in something at some point? How about Kareena? Should I consider Talaash? Or Tashaan?

Wasn’t Rani bad sometime? When?

35 thoughts on “Tentative Scheduling Post: Bad Girls Movies

  1. LOL I see you also thought about Aaitraz.
    Gupt is a great idea. I haven’t seen it, but plan to do it (even if I know who is the killer because it’s one of the most spoiled endings).


    • Gupt is so awesome! And it’s an amazingly fun role for Kajol, and boring role for Manisha. Bad girls have all the fun.

      Also, I was spoiled as well (like you said, one of the most spoiled endings) and it is so much more fun that way! You get to watch for all the CRAZY in Kajol’s performance dropped all along.

      On Tue, Feb 25, 2020 at 11:56 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Check Missamma (2003 Telugu) – Bhumika. Available on YouTube with subtitles.
    From wikipedia: ” Bhumika Chawla’s cool yet brilliant and intense portrayal of a sadistic boss is one of her career’s best. ” …
    ” When Meghana visits Hyderabad branch for the first time, Nanda Gopal gets a chance to meet her. He tries to impress Meghana. In the process, he loses his job. Meghana tells him that she would put some tests and if he passes them she would make him the GM of the company. Slowly Nanda Gopal realizes that she is playing mind games with him. Now she wants to marry him. She forces him to tie knot to her. Before Nanda Gopal realizes it, he is in a big mess. She tortures him to such an extent that he would not even think about anything with a plain mind. Why is Meghana is behaving like a psychopath? Why did she chose Nanda Gopal as her prey?”


  3. For Kareena, K3G? I guess she’s not exactly bad. In Chameli she is a prostitute who’s pretty unapologetic about it—more of a bad girl than the tragic prostitute in Talaash. Sharmila of course was also a prostitute in Amar Prem, but she’s not even slightly bad.


    • Hmm. I think out of all those Kareena options, Tashan is still the best. Tormented tough girl femme fatale is pretty bad.

      On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 3:38 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • Yeah, we don’t need that! I also don’t want any movies where they are “forced” into being bad. I decided to skip Laage Chunari Main Daag for that reason.

          On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 7:10 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Bhandarkar movies and Bhatt movies specialize in female leads (or co-lead to the man) who are either bad girls or else at least drawn outside of the straight jacket of conventional heroine norms. Or sometimes they are good girls with a bad girl character arc.

    Tapsee and Kangana (and Bhumi?) have built their careers on playing such characters.

    Neal n Nikki and Befikre both have unconventional rom-com heroines, either unapologetically or insecurely flawed. Maybe that’s why i like those 2 movies so much.


      • That makes me think more of a Thought Post, “The Modern Business Badwoman”. I feel like she’s a descendant of Ramya’s character in Padayappa or even Bahubali, the woman who dominates in a male world and is bad in a “male” and “female” way combined.

        Speaking of Ramya, Chaahat?

        On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 11:28 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • Also, based on the synopsis, Raat Aur Din sounds perfect for this. I’ve had it on my list forever! It stars Nargis in two very different roles that sound amazing!!! here’s the description from IMDB

        Pratap, while stranded during a stormy night, meets with Varuna, and is instantly attracted to her. He proposes marriage through his family, and soon both get married. He soon notices that Varuna has some strange habits, which are compounded when he finds out that she leaves the house alone at night to go to night-clubs, and sings, dances, and drinks alcohol. When he questions Varuna, she denies ever doing any such thing. His mother thinks that Varuna is possessed, and arranges for an exorcism, which is in vain, as even Pratap is opposed to this. Then Pratap meets with Dilip, who claims to be Varuna’s lover, and knows Varuna as “Peggy”.


    • Maybe it’s time to investigate the Bipasha-Bhatt genre? Finally watch Jism?

      On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 11:22 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Also Bipasha in Corporate.

        Bipasha and Katrina in Race 1.

        Katrina in Boom.

        Kareena in Heroine. Priyanka in Fashion.

        Kangana in Simran and Revolver Rani

        Vidhya in Begum Jaan

        Sunny Leone in everything.

        Urmila and Mallika in many things. Udita after Paap.


  5. I have been loving these bad girl posts and of course your Shaan review but just haven’t had time to comment. I haven’t Khiladion Ka Khiladi in a long time but from what I remember, it weirded me out and I really didn’t like it. But I love Rekha, I would recommend Khoobsoorat or Biwi Ho to Aisi off the top of my head. In both she is not “bad” per se as non traditional and awesome!

    Another one in line with this theme would be Satta with Raveena. Starts as a housewife in a political family, leaves the husband who is a jerk, lives with another man she falls in love with, realizes he is corrupt and leaves him, becomes an awesome politician. She is awesome!

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      • Oh oh oh, how about Manoranjan with Zeenat? I am so glad you recommended that movie to me. I love it so much and it fits into this theme perfectly.


        • I love Manoranjan! And yes, it fits perfectly with my idea of “women who are born not able to fit into the standard Indian female style of womanhood, but aren’t innately evil”. She isn’t a femme fatale or anything, but she also is a hard fit with the traditional Indian wife.

          Remind me to include Sanjeev in Manoranjan as the perfect “man who loves bad girls” type. Sweet, simple, non-judgemental, everything good.

          On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 8:44 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. I think you’re going to have a lot of fun watching these Bad girls! I’m slightly envious. 🙂
    Anyway, some older Hindi film options:

    Lal Patthar (1971)
    Hema Malini plays a young widow who becomes nobleman Raaj Kumar’s mistress. Years later when he marries Rakhee and bring her home, hell hath no fury like Hema. 🙂 Hema has routinely cited this as her favorite performance.

    The Great Gambler (1979)
    Zeenat Aman is a member of a spy ring and baddie Prem Chopra’s girlfriend who seduces Amitabh Bachchan and traps him into carrying out the gang’s nefarious plans before genuinely falling in love with him and helping him escape and save the world.

    Anhonee (1952)/ An Evening in Paris (1967)
    Nargis in the first and Sharmila in the second essay dual roles – one good and the other baaaad.

    And a bonus recommendation:

    Paraya Dhan (1971)
    This is an unconventional heroine role rather than a “bad girl” one. Essentially, Hema Malini and Rakesh Roshan (his first movie) switch the normal hero/heroine roles. She gets to play the protagonist around whom all the action is centered (literally, Hema gets to do the fight scenes) while he just shows up for the songs and the romance bits.

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    • This all sound AMAZING!!! Although Ramesh Sippy Week has taught me that, tragically, no one is interested in older movies. So I will have to pick and choose just a few of these for focus. Maybe the ones that are most easily available for other people to watch?

      On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 1:24 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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