TGIF: Skinny Boys for Fat Tuesday

A complaint was lodged that, in my focus on the nice cushion-for-the-pushin’ type guys, I missed the “never stop moving, super skinny, fingers brush their knees” kind of guys. This is correct, I have failed you. But I will now try to fix that!

I’m not talking dieting, I’m not talking working out, I’m talking natural long and lean body shape. Which a lot of these dudes have, and then they cover it up with muscles, boooo!

Starting with Hrithik! During his brief periods of not being super pumped.

Image result for hrithik roshan suit

Extend those fingers!

Image result for hrithik roshan suit

And the youthful candids! Back when he was starting to pump up

Image result for hrithik roshan thin

And back before he had even started!

Image result for hrithik roshan thin

Young Amitabh, looking like an Ostrich

Image result for amitabh bachchan young

A body made for bellbottoms!

Image result for amitabh bachchan young

Huddling over Jaya realness!

Image result for amitabh bachchan young

ARK, with the long torso and long fingers and big smile

Image result for aditya roy kapoor body

Is it possible for a torso to be too long and boney?

Image result for aditya roy kapoor body

This might be more of young skinny Jackie than I need

Image result for jackie shroff shirtless

Young Jackie in a suit, Oh Yeah! I would buy his suitings!

Image result for jackie shroff young

And his son Tiger, in maybe the same suit?

Image result for jackie shroff hero

And even without the suit, just with normal muscles, looking all nice and tiny

Image result for jackie shroff body

Let us not forget Prabhas! When no evil person is making him get muscles

Image result for prabhas young

Yep, check how low and loose that waistband has to ride!

Image result for prabhas young

Wanna see Rana Daggubatti with a beard and without muscles?

Image result for rana duggabati skinny

Without the beard, just with that skinny boy face

Image result for rana duggabati skinny

And with a body night quite big enough to fill out a navy uniform

Image result for rana ghazi

That sweet sweet young Salman, when his eyes looked too big for his skull

Image result for salman khan young

Look how tiny his waist is in Maine Pyar Kiya!

Image result for salman khan maine pyar kiya

See? Look how tiny!

Image result for salman shirtless maine pyar kiya

Dhanush, “fast skinny guy” is basically his brand!

Image result for dhanush

Although he still has muscle

Image result for dhanush body

So long as we’re talking Dhanush, let’s talk his father-in-law Rajinikanth, king of the small waist and fast movements.

Image result for young rajinikanth gif

Now this isn’t really fair, because it’s not skinny-skinny, just young man still growing skinny, but to make us all happy, Shahrukh in Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman

Image result for shahrukh raju ban gaya gentleman
Image result for shahrukh raju ban gaya gentleman

Okay, that wasn’t a PERFECT post, but it was good enough for a start! Tell me who I am missing, tell me what photo would have been a better choice, and so on and so forth.

23 thoughts on “TGIF: Skinny Boys for Fat Tuesday

  1. How about Nagarjuna – he maintained same size right from Geetanjali-Siva (late 80s early 90s) to Khuda Gawa – Ninne Pelladata (90s) to Santosham-Nenunnanu-Manmadhudu (early 2000s) to Manam (2014) to Manmadhudu-2 (2019)


    • Eh, I think Jr NTR might be disqualified since it isn’t his natural look.

      On Tue, Feb 25, 2020 at 7:15 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Haha – why not. He tried his best to become leaner. How about Nani? Have you heard about Allari Naresh – lean and tall naturally – Just watch his Gamyam along with Sharwanand directed by Krish! Yeah, Kamalini was the lead in this movie.


  2. Southern Sid, especially in Leila series, where he epitomizes the small bone structure, sharp features, bony-skinny look. It doesn’t look malnourished on him because his bone structure is so small and defined. You could cut glass with his cheekbones.

    Vikrant Massey. Shahid Kapoor. Both can go either lean or skinny, muscular (natural not steroidal) or slim. Basically your “vegan bodybuilder” types, i.e. the kind who even if they bulk up will never get very bulky (unless steroids) and their muscles look very pretty rather than threatening.

    Sid M, Farhan A – better lean than skinny

    ARK – better skinny than lean (though lean is ok too).

    Arjun Rampal – better lean than skinny (though skinny is ok too).

    Ajay Devgan – the epitome of the tall- and-lean-with-(nonsteroidal?)-muscles guy. Really, his body is perfectly balanced. He didn’t break the mold, he IS the mold.

    The debut lead Male in Notebook has a nicely tall & lean-or-skinny look.

    Vir Das, actor and comedian

    Javed Jaffrey, can do skinny or lean, probably better lean though. I find him hot but no one else seems to notice him.

    Ritesh D and Arshad W used to be skinny, now they are more medium sized.

    Jr AB used to be skinny (with karisma), then lean (with aishwarya) – he’s better lean than skinny IMO – but now settling into midsize (parent mode).

    Agree on kunal kapoor & hrithik

    Karthik is skinny but i don’t find him sexy somehow. His frequent screen partner Sunny Singh is far hotter to me.

    Then there are your midsize-bone- structure-but-lean guys that probably are the bulk of Male heroes. Ranveer, Ranbir, Aamir, Varun, SRK(? But he’s very narrow torso too), Abhimanyu, Saif -though middle aged Saif is settling into midsection-teddy-bear territory as his default mode.

    Stateside Desi actors/ entertainers, I would throw in Hasan Minhaj – he is an examplar of Skinny Guy, Kal Penn in his actor hey day, and Aziz Ansari.

    Among the Southern actors, I think they generally start off bony-skinny then age into teddy bear, The ones who started lean (not skinny) and stayed lean might include Dulquer, Allu Arjun, Mahesh Babu, Nagarjuna. I wanna include Fahadh here, but i think he is taking the slow route to teddy bear.


  3. Apologies, Anon is me, Reflects on Life, but my modern/router/whatever is hiccuping this morning 😦

    Southern Sid (and maybe Shahid kapoor) is doing this in the opposite direction of the rest of the male stars, which maybe is proof that SoSid is our true model of bony-skinny Male-ness.

    Let’s set if this images show up…

    Bommarillu-era Sid circa 2006 is carrying so much baby fat that he even has a double chin:

    Leila-era Sid circa 2019 looks like all the fat has melted off to reveal the fine ceramic bone structure at his core:

    My theory on why very few Indian Male movie stars are bony-skinny is because many Indian men IRL are bony skinny throughout life, so that look is associated with working class or labor class, rather than looking aspirational or “healthy” (using the Indian English here). And that’s doubly true as you head south, thus possibly explaining the increase in teddy bear male stars as you head south.


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