Hindi Film 101: Overlooked Siblings Round-Up! What’s Up With Shaheen Bhatt, Rinke Khanna, Sunaina Roshan, Sanjana Kapoor, Namrata and Priya Dutt, and Rhea Kapoor?

Brace yourself for the sympathetic overlooked sibling pain! Or for the triggering of “I’m sorry for being so awesome and making people not notice you!” noticed sibling guilt. Or I suppose for agonizing parental worry as you see this pattern appearing within your own family. Anyway, for me, this is because I am about to visit New York City, which is essentially the glitzy big sibling to Chicago, and all my Chicago feathers are already rumpled. We’re just as good! We just don’t like to talk about ourselves as much!

I think it’s pretty universal with siblings for there to be one that is more present and impressive in the world than the other. Part of it is accidental, stuff like one sibling is really good at being a neurosurgeon and the other is really good at crocheting, and neurosurgery just tends to be more noticed than crocheting. Part of it is temperament, one sibling is more extroverted than the other. And part of it is random chance, which is the part that burns, when it feels like you SHOULD be getting the same amount of attention as your sibling, but aren’t.

Fame and talent is totally chance based. Also luck. Anyway, let’s give some attention to those forgotten siblings who started out with the same chances and somehow got left behind.

Shaheen Bhatt, sister of Pooja and Alia. Pooja is Shaheen’s half-sister, the child of Mahesh’s very early marriage to his first wife. And Alia is Shaheen’s younger full sister. Shaheen is 16 years younger than Pooja, and 5 years older than Alia.

Image result for alia shaheen pooja

When Shaheen was born, Mahesh wasn’t there. He was out somewhere, drunk. He showed up outside the hospital later and the guard refused to let him in because he was out of control. Soni, Shaheen’s mother, was a calm woman. She waited with her baby, and eventually her husband showed up, sober and apologetic. A few days later he drank again and went to hold the baby, Shaheen twisted away from his alcohol breath and cried. And that’s why Mahesh got sober, because it shook him so much to see his baby turn away from him.

Poor Shaheen, even this story is taken from her and given to someone else. She inspired Mahesh to write a script about a man getting sober for his daughter. But he rewrote it to be about himself and Pooja, and cast teenage Pooja to play the daughter.

5 years later, Alia was born. To a father who had been sober for 5 years, and a happy settled household. They weren’t rich, because of the shadow of Shaheen’s two older siblings. Pooja was out in the world and working, but the troubled brother Rahul was still a child. Mahesh was paying to support two households in middle-class splender, school fees at the best local schools, small houses with yards in good suburban neighborhoods, not a lot of money for luxuries. The biggest treat was when the two girls were taken to spend time with their glamorous big sister Pooja.

When Alia was about 6 and Shaheen was 11, they went to visit Pooja while she was doing a photoshoot for a magazine at an old house that had puppies. The little girls were invited over to see the puppies, but the photographer became enamored of little Alia right away. She had a perfect round face, white skin, and smile. She looked like a mini Pooja! He started begging Pooja to pose with Alia, Pooja insisted on including both girls but Shaheen tossed her head in a very 10 year old way and declared she didn’t even care, it was “boring”, she would go play with the puppies. And then poor darkskinned funny looking Shaheen went off and cried to the puppies about how her big sister and her little sister were pretty and she was not. There’s no easy answer for that, Pooja could try to change the world as much as she wanted by insisting on both sisters being equal, but Shaheen already knew the truth.

Image result for pooja alia
2 gorgeous sisters, no one else in the picture

Shaheen started having her first serious depressive episodes in her teens, and her first manic episodes. By college, she was heavily self-medicating with alcohol. And then finally, around age 20, she tried to kill herself. She stopped at the last minute, but it scared her so much she finally talked to her mother about what she was feeling, and wise patient calm Soni got her to a psychiatrist and on medication. Shaheen’s adult life has been a constant struggle against her illness, jobs she loved and then had to leave as she got too sick to work, friends who she had to constantly ask for forgiveness, living at home well into her twenties.

Shaheen’s middle child role didn’t cause her depression, obviously, that was a chemical imbalance she was born with. But her constant recurring illness did feed into her middle child status. Any time she seemed on the way to making her own mark in the world, to building up some kind of identity of her own, her illness would come up and stop her. Until suddenly the picture flipped, and it became a gift she could give the world. Shaheen was approached to write a memoir of her illness, because she was Alia’s sister and Pooja’s sister and Mahesh’s daughter, and therefore people would actually read it. She has an identity now, as a survivor of mental illness who is speaking up for all those less famous, less privileged, and less lucky than herself.

I've Never Been (Un) Happier by [Bhatt, Shaheen]
It’s a really good book! You should buy it!

Rinke Khanna: In 1977, Dimple Kapadia and Rajesh Khanna had a second daughter and no one really noticed. I mean, they noticed, the baby was welcomed by her family and fan magazines duly noted the event. But when Twinkle Khanna was born, within a year of the wedding between the biggest romantic star in Hindi film history and the fresh-faced teenage ingenue who had just starred in a record breaking romance, people really REALLY noticed.

Rinke is one of those overlooked siblings who benefited from being overlooked, and from being younger. Her mother was 19 when she was born, not 16 like when Twinkle was born. She was only 6 when her Mom walked out on her Dad and moved them back into the family home, versus Twinkle’s ten years of witnessing their parents failing marriage. She started acting at 21, and unlike Twinkle’s highly publicized launch as Rajesh Khanna’s Daughter, Rinke got to sneak through as merely “Rajesh Khanna’s Other Daughter”. Rinke even got to do an anonymous American college experience for a bit.

Image result for rinke khanna
Rinke at her wedding, partying her way out of the fame world

And when acting didn’t work out, no fuss and no muss, she just went off to London and married a nice man who had no industry connections. While Twinkle is in Bombay taking care of their mother, being the public face for the family, and struggling to protect her kids from the media, Rinke is in London living a nice calm normal life.

On the other hand, Twinkle is now a famous author, a public figure, and the common man probably thinks of her as Rajesh and Dimple’s only child. That must hurt a little, but then that is the price you pay. One child gets the credit, the other gets the anonymity.

Sunaina Roshan: Be warned, this is a sad story. I think she might be someone who would always have been sad, but having a super famous brother did not help her.

Sunaina is 3 years younger than her famous brother Hrithik. And she is a girl. While Hrithik was raised bouncing around film sets with his director/actor/producer father and his producer grandfather, Sunaina was in school. While Hrithik was turned into a child actor, and then groomed to be the perfect star to support the family, Sunaina finished high school and was sent off to finishing school in Switzerland. She was kept protected, safe. Or, to put it another way, isolated. She ended up married by 22 to a man she met in Switzerland.

Image result for sunaina roshan husband
Awww, skinny young Hrithik! And already married Sunaina.

Sunaina rushed home from Switzerland and into an early marriage. After marriage came motherhood, Suranika Soni was born in 2000 or shortly before. Before she was 25, Sunaina became a wife, a mother, and then a divorcee. And also a survivor of tubercular meningitis. Poor Sunaina! She returned to the Roshan home, a little bit broken in every way, while her daughter remained with her father. Suranika is still part of the Roshan family but everyone seems to have agreed that her father would be a better parent for her than her mother.

Image result for Suranika Soni
Photo captioned by Suranika “Duggu Mama” Awww! So cute!

At 32, Sunaina married again. Her first husband had already remarried to a minor TV celebrity, and he and his second daughter and his wife formed a happy family with Suranika. And Hrithik, Sunaina’s brother, had just had his own children. So she decided to find love in a whirlwind romance and hasty marriage with an American businessman.

Image result for sunaina roshan husband

Within months, he was in America, and she was back at her parents’ house. After him came a Rajeev Paul, a TV actor and reality TV contestant. They dated but didn’t marry, Sunaina stayed at her parents house. Somewhere in there, she was diagnosed with cancer and successfully underwent treatment, the family kept it private.

Image result for sunaina roshan husband

In 2014, Sunaina was the author of record on a book about her father, a collection of photos with her memories included outlining his life. And then in 2019, Sunaina started posting on social media that her family wasn’t allowing her to see her boyfriend because he was Muslim. Sunaina was 42, she had been married twice with one child who was raised by her ex-husband and his new wife as primary caregivers. She had worked for a while for her father’s company, written a book on her father, survived two life threatening illnesses. And she still lived at home and was supported by her parents. During this time, she left home and stayed at a hotel for two weeks and then returned with a public announcement that everything was fine now and she loved her parents.

This family flipped the extrovert/introvert from how it should have been. While Sunaina seems to flourish with attention and love, Hrithik flees from it into uncomfortable privacy. While shy little boy Hrithik with his stutter hated to make friends or talk to others and was forced into child stardom, outgoing Sunaina was sent off to a boarding school out of country to be kept away from the spotlight. And neither of them adjusted perfectly.

Image result for sunaina roshan husband

Sanjana Kapoor: The happy ending forgotten sibling! Sanjana was Shashi and Jennifer’s only daughter, and their youngest child by 8 years. While her older brothers had little loving baby parents, Sanjana was born into a stable mature household. They had their small South Bombay apartment, weekends visiting the family home in Bandra, school vacations at her grandparents’ in England or else the vacation home in Goa where they would wear dirty clothes and play on the beach and get to pretend their Dad was just a normal Dad, not a famous movie star.

Image result for sanjana kapoor young

Sanjana’s two older brothers went into performing, the family business. Her strikingly handsome brother Karan, the one with the strange Indian-British mixture of looks, became a model. Her other brother Kunal tried his hand at acting. Sanjana stayed back a bit, she did some small roles in movies with her parents but wasn’t interested in pursuing that as a career. And then her mother died, when Sanjana was only 17. Shashi fell apart a bit, and Sanjana somehow ended up stuck in place. But it wasn’t a matter of drowning for her, it was blooming. Shashi had restarted his father’s dream, the Prithvi Theater, a few years earlier. Now, Sanjana took it over. While her brothers went out to fame with the beautiful faces, Sanjana dug in and made something beautiful. At 26, she took over running the theater entirely. She built an outdoor cafe, started children’s acting classes, redid the outside, turned it into a lasting Bombay landmark, a place of light and happiness and art and freedom.

Image result for prithvi theater mumbai

This is the real heart of the Kapoor family, especially now that RK Studios is gone, what they had even before RK Studios, what gave birth to everything else. Prithviraj Kapoor’s passion for theater was left behind when his sons (Raj and then Shammi and then Shashi) abandoned theater for film. On the other side, the Kendal’s went through the same process, Geoffrey’s struggling traveling theater troupe taking a step back in the next generation as his daughter’s went into film and television. Theater was forgotten, just like teenage Sanjana was forgotten in their families sad empty house after her mother’s death. But being forgotten also means being free. Sanjana, unlike anyone else in her family, is completely totally free. Now she is even free of Prithvi, at age 35 he handed it off to others to maintain and started a new program, Junoontheatre, to travel all over India like her grandfathers before her and bring theater to the people.

Image result for junoontheatre

Namrata and Priya Dutt: Sanjay’s younger and much younger sister. Namrata is probably the most traditionally attractive of the Dutt children. An elegant unique face, a slim body, gorgeous long hair, just stunning. And what did she do with her stunning looks? She went to college, stayed home to help when her mother got sick, supported her brother as he struggled with drugs, and eventually quietly married her brother’s best friend, Kumar Gaurav, very handsome rising actor in the industry.

Image result for namrata dutt

And that’s a wrap on Namrata’s public life! She got married young, had babies, and took all her charisma and beauty and disappeared into quiet happiness. Maybe if her life hadn’t had to be so focused on her troubled brother, if Sanjay hadn’t made fame so painful for their family, she would have wanted more for herself. Or maybe she was just born not wanting the spotlight.

Priya Dutt! Namrata got out young, but Priya was even younger. She was still in high school when her mother died, her brother’s drug problems exploded while she was in college. She finished college and started working with her father, become his heir in public service. They founded the Nargis Dutt Charitable Trust together, and worked with dozens of invisible social service projects following Sunil’s modest lead. Priya left home briefly to study film and television production in New York, then back to Bombay to start working regularly in TV and event planning. While Sanjay got all the drama and attention and applause, and Namrata lived her happy quiet life, Priya worked. She did charity, she had a job, she went home and took care of her aging father. Until at age 37, she quietly married a man she met through work, another event planner and owner of his own successful business. And like her parents, another inter-religious marriage, her husband is a Goan Catholic. Priya took over her father’s political role as well, she’s run for office four times and won twice.

Image result for priya dutt sunil

Rhea Kapoor: Because the Anil Kapoors are AWESOME, this is one of the few siblings where it is based entirely on personality and not gender. Rhea’s older sister Sonam, and younger brother Harsh, are both actors. But Rhea wasn’t that person. She’s smart, she’s outgoing, and she seems to be the leader among the three of them (Sonam and Harsh both say she is the one they go to for advice). But she doesn’t like being the center of attention, she doesn’t like worrying about her appearance and all that, she just wants to keep her head down and do her work. And she is very good at her work. She produced Aisha at 23, which was a flop, but then rebounded 4 years later by structuring a deal with Disney for Khoobsurat. And then focused on her dream project, an all female multistarrer which took years to fund and finish. In the middle of which Rhea’s headliner lead actress got pregnant, which Rhea handled in the best possible way by hitting pause on everything until she was ready to leave her baby and return to work.

Image result for rhea kapoor kareena kapoor

Rhea flourishes in the shadows. She is the power behind the Kapoor family, she gets to achieve and challenge herself in a field she loves, and her family gives her all the love and support and appreciation she needs.

Isn’t this an interesting combination of people? Sanjana, Rhea, Priya, all found success in areas related to the family business, but less glamorous than the “famous” siblings. Namrata and Rinke, dropped out entirely, and live lives completely disconnected from the famous parts of their family. And Shaheen and Sunaina, struggling to find their way on a line between what they feel like they should be doing, and what they are actually capable of doing.

And of course, all female. Sometimes it’s coincidence, Shaheen and Rhea and Rinke all had more famous sisters. But with Namrata and Priya and Sunaina, I have to think that if they had born male maybe they wouldn’t have been so overlooked.

31 thoughts on “Hindi Film 101: Overlooked Siblings Round-Up! What’s Up With Shaheen Bhatt, Rinke Khanna, Sunaina Roshan, Sanjana Kapoor, Namrata and Priya Dutt, and Rhea Kapoor?

    • I wanted to do Riddhima, but I’m honestly not able to find enough information on her! She has really made herself disappear.

      On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 9:36 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • She’s on instagram so she hasn’t really disappeared. Her story seems to be the more successful and happy version of Shweta Bachchan’s. The Kapoors don’t like their daughters becoming actors and Riddhima was married off early to a Delhi businessman. She has a daughter with her husband and they look quite happy at least to outsiders. She designs jewelry and kid’s clothes.


        • I was thinking of Shweta too. Of course a lot of this is because of the relative fame levels of their fathers, but Shweta even before she moved back to Bombay was part of childhood stories of other celebs, and people knew the names and faces of her kids. And now she is totally present in the public, showing up at parties and award shows and everything else. Riddhima seems far more disconnected, like I can’t remember Ranbir ever talking about her in an interview, or her showing up at family events, even funerals. Either she keeps away, or she has so successfully hidden her face that the media doesn’t notice/report on her.


          • Riddhima definitely seems like a happier version of Shweta. Not sure if this matters but Riddhima met and dated Bharat in london. They were dating for a while abroad before moving back to India. It almost feels like she decided to get married young and move to Delhi to have a more stable family/life ( i.e., this was a conscious choice). Where as, it seems like maybe Shweta was married off to a respectable non-film family and sent away (i.e., she didn’t really have a ton of choice in the matter. Obviously, if she said no, I doubt her parents would have forced her to marry someone, but more or less the decisions were made for her and she just had to consent).


          • I like this theory, but it doesn’t really fit with Shweta. She married a film family, Raj Kapoor’s grandson whose mother had married into Delhi, the Kapoors were heavily part of the wedding and her marriage life. And it was a love match, in fact Amitabh was lowkey against it because he didn’t want her married and moving away so young.

            So maybe it’s that she didn’t really escape film, even though she married a Delhi industrialist, she gained Kapoor in-laws and now her children are even more famous than she was because of the combined family genes.


  1. The Kapoors come across like such a warm, fun, and happy family. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone had that? Sonam is acting and her dad happily funded a production company for her. Rhea loves fashion and brought about a mini-revolution in style in India through Sonam. Both sisters are also making cute female-centric movies. There seems to be no pressure on the son either and he’s allowed to do his thing. Dad isn’t trying to launch him in big movies or demanding that he hold up the family name. He’s making his pretentious flop movies with whoever he feels like. Look at the pressure Abhishek seems to constantly be under versus Harsh.
    I’m not sure being born male would have helped Sunaina. A large part of her problems are based on poor health – both physical and mental. Unlike the Kapoors, the Roshans all come across as being deeply unhappy and with a lot of bad luck to boot. Both father and daughter suffered from cancer, dad also got shot and almost lost his life, and son was born with scoliosis and had a stuttering problem. Neither child could hold together their marriages and are both divorced. I sometimes wonder if Hrithik would even act in movies if Rakesh Roshan wasn’t such a force in the family. I’m not a fan but I have to say he’s figured out slowly how to live life. Make a movie and then disappear for the next 2 years and go on vacations with your kids and just be a regular person. He’s making enough money from working sporadically so what’s the need to make 5 movies a year like Akshay?

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    • Yes, Rhea is the middle child and the less famous child and all that, but the Kapoors are so great that it isn’t a bad thing and she doesn’t even seem to have struggled with it like Shaheen did, she just grew up and figured out who she was and what she wanted, and did it.

      One thing I forgot to mention with Sunaina that is another strange comparison with Hrithik, their parenting. Hrithik seems happiest when he is hanging out with his boys, and Sunaina apparently wasn’t able to handle full time parenting, for whatever reason. All of this drama with her second marriage and dating people and stuff, and her kid is no where to be found. She wasn’t even at the second wedding. I can’t imagine Hrithik not having his boys around for everything and not making them first in his life. If Hrithik were Sunaina, I think he would be super happy living at home and being a full time divorced parent. But instead he has to keep working and balance that with his kids and shut his ears to everyone telling him that he should be more ambitious and working more, because men aren’t supposed to be full time parents.

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  2. Manjula, the elder sister of Mahesh Babu (current Telugu SuperStar) and daughter of Krishna (70-80s SuperStar). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manjula_Ghattamaneni

    She wanted to be an actor – had talent – acted in couple of non-Telugu movies – produced and acted in “Show” that won National Award (Btw directed by same director of Missamma) – stopped acting after facing lot of resistance from her father’s fans.

    Later went into production and some occasional guest roles. Her husband is also an actor.

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    • Thanks! Good add! You got exactly what I was going for, star kids who could have been famous, had the same family background and fame as their sibling, but weren’t.

      On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 7:37 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


      Liked by 1 person

        • I was thinking about Sanjay Kapoor! But now that Ananya is famous, he’s moved on from being Anil Kapoor’s Little Brother, to Being Anil’s Little Brother/Ananya’s Father. Less famous parents of famous kids is a whole other post, but equally interesting. Like, what’s it like to be Shakti Kapoor?

          On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 8:30 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • Doy, sorry! I got her confused with Shanaya who is also getting her own amount of instagram fame and seems poised for a launch.


          • That list could include Rakesh Roshan, Ranbir Kapoor. Few more were famous during their times in 60s and 70s, but not known to current generation – like Sivakumar, the father of Suriya-Karthi, or even Babita, Sharmila Tagore, etc.


          • Oo, this is fun! Could do parent/child, or child/parent. Looking at Sharmila, I think she still outshines Saif, and his father too. How has he processed that and figured out his own place? Or Dharmendra/Sunny or Dimple/Twinkle. Not the new star kids with all that fame handed to them, but the older generation that was just trying to make their way out of their parent’s shadow.

            On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 11:31 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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    • She also directed a movie pretty recently that I remember Mahesh promoting quite a bit. It was a pretty bland rom-com and I don’t think it did well but I think she said she is planning on directing again in the future.

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  3. Great article. Didn’t even know Hrithik has a sister!

    But I don’t agree Sanjana was ever overlooked. In fact, she is the first female member of the family to act in movies. She was the lead in Hero Hiralal which was a hit and also acted in Salaam Bombay. I used to love that movie Hero Hiralal as a kid and thought the foreign-looking girl was so pretty. Of course that was way before my current obsession with Shashi. But she obviously cares about theatre in a way that she never did about movies.
    She got married pretty young to Basu Chatterjee’s son too. Apparently she was in a live-in relationship with him for years before getting married briefly. No lie, it’s kinda shocking to me that Shashi was okay with that arrangement. Anyways, she got married a little after Jennifer’s death. Apparently she wanted a small wedding but Shashi laughed and said, “Shashi Kapoor’s only daughter getting married and only 100 guests coming in! Not possible.”
    She’s now married to Valmik Thapar, a famous tiger conservationist and a member of the elite Thapar clan of Delhi. Karan Thapar is a cousin.

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    • How about saying that Sanjana was/is overlooked by the public, but not her family? I feel like Karan and Kunal had a bit of that Kapoor focus on them, and push to be more famous and public, but the media just didn’t/doesn’t care as much about Sanjana. Like, if Karan was living her life, I would see things popping up in my gossip filmi press when he won an award for his theater group.

      Maybe that’s the big difference here? The media decides which child is “important”, even as early as Alia being photographed with Pooja while Shaheen was sent away, and no matter how the family acts to balance things, they can’t change that.

      Also, of course Shashi insisted on a big wedding! You know he was the only one who called and congratulated Rekha on her marriage, and said he was going to throw her a party? Her husband died before it could happen, but of course Shashi would have done it! And that was just for Rekha, his daughter would get so much more.

      Along the lines of “Shashi is awesome”, have you seen the photos of him with the other younger Kapoors? I don’t think I am imagining it, I think there really is a kind of warmth and trust there that they don’t have with their other elders, Neetu and Karisma and Ranbir and all of them. He seems like he was really good at making people feel loved.

      On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 8:18 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • Yup, it’s definitely the media. They decide on a favorite, a star and work hard to bring down the other members to make the chosen one look good. Look what’s happening to William and Harry and their respective spouses.

        Aww, it’s so sweet to me that Shashi would step up for Rekha. Had no idea that he did that. Makes me feel bad for Rekha- Bollywood can be such a cruel place, can’t it? But good for Shashi. He really was a good egg, wasn’t he? I always feel like they were good friends – she did 3 of his home productions, including Vijeta where she played Kunal’s mother, essaying a role which was decades older than her real self. Don’t think a lot of other actresses would do that. I think he had great chemistry with Rekha. They were so hot together in Vijeta.

        Recently, I saw an interview of Ranbir where he was talking about alcoholism in his family and how it makes most members aggressive. But he mentioned Shashi by name as to how he was the exception, always so gentle and comforting to be around, even when he was drinking. It’s clear there’s a lot of affection and warmth there.

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        • Yep, Rekha had this random weird marriage to a guy she barely knew, most people in the industry were confused by it or even disapproving, but Shashi’s reaction was “Wonderful! When can I host your reception?”

          Shashi by the end clearly had severe dementia, but people talk about how he was so warm and loving then too. He’d look at you and hold your hand and just be sweet. Also, how interesting that Ranbir is straight up talking about alcoholism in his family instead of dancing around it! It’s so clear that it’s there, for everyone, including him.

          On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 9:02 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  4. This is so great! Unfortunately, I think of all the people Sunaina would have benefited the most if she were a man. From everything I have heard and read, Rakesh Roshan seems to take patriarchy very seriously. I can literally see his thought process being: I am a man; I know what’s best for everyone, including my grown children; I make decisions for everyone; mental health and substance use disorders are just a moral failing. UGHHHHH!!!! Contrast that with Shaheen, who has a father who understands and has dealt with mental health and substance use disorders, who has a mother who took her to a doctor and treated her chronic disease like a chronic disease and not something that is “just in her head.” Even the Bachchans, however conservative they may be, never make me feel like oh Shweta would have been better off if she were a man.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! I considered and rejected Shweta for this post because the way her family treats her, it almost feels like Abhishek is the overlooked child, not her. But then Abhishek is the movie star one. So it’s a confusing breakdown that doesn’t fit the pattern.

      My interpretation of Sunaina, from a far far distance, is that she is someone who was never allowed to learn how to function in the world. Like, if at age 14 she had been taken on film sets and given a job and responsibility and made to feel she mattered and so on, now at age 42 she would be a competent responsible person. So as of today, I am totally on the side of her family that is trying to keep her sheltered and out of the world and under control, but also aware that they are the ones who kind of helped cause the problem. It feels like Hrithik is breaking out more and more and finding his own way, just now in his 40s, but I can’t really expect Sunaina to do the same if she was never given any kind of support to learn how to help herself.


  5. The comments about Rekha are fascinating. I’ve hardly seen any of her movies but often hear gossip about her. Has there been any good books written about her?


  6. I wouldn’t say Sanjana was the overlooked sibling. She probably did not get the same attention as Karan during his Bombay Dyeing days, but she was talked about quite a lot during the Hero Hiralal period. Even later, her taking over Prithvi theaters was big news in the Indian media in general and Bombay media in particular. If we are only talking about film magazines and gossip articles, then yes, she dropped off when she stopped doing movies. But that is also true of Karan Kapoor. He is back in the news only now because of his photography exhibits, and even then he is rarely mentioned in the filmi press. I think all 3 of Shashi’s kids made the choice to do their non filmi jobs and actively shied away from film media limelight.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Now that I think about it, Shammi’s kids kind of disappeared too. So only Raj’s family has that need for the spotlight.

      On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 9:54 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • I think that kid, Zahan might dip his toe in the Bollywood pool at some point. His sister, Shaira works or used to work behind the camera too.


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