Friday Classics: Trishul! Yashji and Amitabh Create Magic Again

My favorite Yashji and Amitji’s film!  Not the best one, that I know, but my personal favorite.

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Happy Birthday Shashiji! The BEST Kapoor! 12 Reasons I Love You

79 years old today!  Which in my family is super young (Grandpa’s turning 96 this year), but for the Kapoors is pretty old!  A reward for clean living, and general niceness.  Shashi is clearly the “best” Kapoor.  And so he gets a full dozen reasons I love him.

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TGIF: Rangoon Inspired Post, Men in Uniform!

I’m with holding judgement on Rangoon as a whole, but I am whole-heartedly behind Shahid Kapoor in a WWII uniform!  We already got a hint of Shahid in uniform in Mausam, but not nearly enough.  And not enough of men in uniform in general.  More uniformed heroes!  That’s what I say.

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Hindi Film 101: A New Series! Starting with the Kapoors, Prithviraj and Shammi and Shashi

I have had so much fun in the past few weeks talking with Ryan C in the comments.  He is new(ish) to Indian film and is asking me all sorts of wonderful questions, and giving me delightfully enthusiastic responses, and it made me think about how maybe I should do more posts sort of aimed at that level.  Ideally, you can get that from My Book (really, read it!  It’s super short and fast and once you are done, you will know everything you need to understand the movies), but now I am thinking maybe I should try something like that on the blog as well?

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Rajesh Vivek is Dead! You may not know his name, but you will miss his face

I checked my twitter feed this morning to find out that, for once, Aamir Khan had actually posted a tweet.  He isn’t a regular twitter poster, his last big message was to release a public statement about his issues (or lack there of) with the Bombay police force.  So any time there is a message from him, it is a big deal.

And it was a big deal!  Rajesh Vivek is dead!  You probably don’t know the name, but if you look at the picture above, you will go “oh right, that guy!”  You probably know him best as Guran, the village wiseman/mystic in Lagaan (which is why Aamir posted the tweet, as head of the Lagaan family, it was his responsibility).  Yesterday, Alan Rickman died, and the world discovered his massive filmography, his range, the respect he had from his friends and co-workers.  Today, Rajesh Vivek is dead, and I think we should take at least a little time to acknowledge how, in his own small way, he also contributed to the world of film.

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