Trailer! Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar, for the Arjun/Pari Die Hard Fans!

Finally, a trailer I find interesting enough to talk about! And which some of you were interested enough to talk about too.

Let’s talk Pari and Arjun and Dibaker Banarjee! Pari was a rich girl who got a job at YRF marketing partially thanks to her cousin Priyanka introducing her around. The job came with the unspoken understanding that if she proved herself, lost some weight and made herself over a bit, she could get an acting contract. Arjun Kapoor is the son of Boney Kapoor who started as a promising assistant director with a plan to stay behind the camera. Then his life went crazy and his girlfriend dumped him and Salman Khan mentored him into being an actor and YRF signed him for a contract because they saw something. YRF had a slightly risky young love story in mind (cross religions, violent, and with a first time director), so they threw these two young promising actors with nothing to lose at this odd movie, and it turned into Ishaaqzaade, a minor hit and a minor critical darling. After Ishaaqzaade, Pari and Arjun both went on to a series of movies which flopped but had surprisingly good performances from them. Then they both took breaks and came back to movies that were bigger hits, but with worse performances from them. Will this reunion be a return to that raw unappreciated talent of their youth, or yet another lazy performance just to keep their career going?

Meanwhile, there’s Dibaker Banarjee. Delhi boy, came into movies through ad films and low budget sleeper hits, has two national awards, is known for doing unusual films on unusual topics, none of them the same as any other. Black comedies, crime dramas, and finally a big budget period crime film for Yash Raj. I loved that big budget period crime film, but no one else watched it. And for 5 years, Dibaker just produced and directed short films. This is his return to full length movies, will be have been scared into safety by his flop, or scared into being true to himself no matter what?

The movie release has been delayed for a long time. Again, cuts both ways! Was it so terrible (like Pari and Arjun’s last film Namaste England) that no one is willing to touch it? Or is it so out there and brilliant (like half of Dibaker’s other movies) that no one is willing to touch it?

And finally, trailer! Looks possible that it IS good! I’m excited! And scared, because it might be “good” in that “I will force you to confront your assumptions way”, and I don’t like having my assumptions confronted.

Right, so, analysis! Story-wise, looks like Pari is a corporate type who does something bad and ends up with a suitcase of money. Arjun is a lower class type who she runs into. And then he threatens her, and later takes her to a guesthouse where they pretend to be a couple to trick the people running it, and they are chased down by other people, and I lose track of the plot.

For sure part of the film is going to be an adventurous mixture of tones. Corporate corruption, dangerous attacks in fields, and then light humor at the guest house. I’m just curious which tone will en up being dominant in the end. Is this going to be Pari leaving her sterile world and finding a perfect partner in crime with Arjun, after an initially angry first meeting? Or is this going to be Pari and Arjun forming a partnership that tricks the viewer into thinking the danger is over until we are violently reminded that they are two strangers out for what they can get.

One thing I saw somewhere (where? I don’t know!) is that Pari and Arjun were told not to talk to each other during shooting so their characters would feel like strangers. That, along with the darkness of the images of Pari naked, someone being attacked in a field, Pari screaming to escape while Arjun drags her back, makes me think this is going to be more along the lines of “dark drama about violence and relationships” than “kooky opposites attract crime romance”.

14 thoughts on “Trailer! Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar, for the Arjun/Pari Die Hard Fans!

    • Maybe? And then he could be a police officer desperate to keep Pari under his control until he can bring her in?

      On Wed, Mar 4, 2020 at 1:56 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I rewatched the trailer, and there is a scene when they arrive to this guesthouse and the owner ask about them and Arjun says he is a cop and Pari works in a bank. (or something like this)

        Ok, but what I like in this trailer ( although the movie turned out to be different and not exactly my type) is that Arjun and Parineeti look like they are still trying and not how they looked in NE. I also like Parineeti’s simple look – no or little make-up, simple hair and clothes.

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    • Yes, I had it in my mind that he was a cop as well because of that first look picture. So I thought an undercover cop plot and Parineeti is involved by accident or somehow and she now has to be witness protected or something? Basically like a Bang Bang plot but grittier.

      Hoping for subtitles soon, too! Wonder if there will be music? Does kind of seem like a montage type of film…Byomkesh Bakshy had some crazy but cool anachronistic music and then a really random torch song in the middle.


      • The Internet says songs by Anu Malik, so looks good for some kind of music to be included!

        On Wed, Mar 4, 2020 at 3:16 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. Arjun has exactly 2 expressions in his movies now. Parineeti looks like she’s trying – Arjun looks like he’s sleepwalking at this point, he just brings the collective energy of the movie down.


    • I feel like Pari has been failing by trying too hard lately, feels fake, while Arjun hasn’t been trying enough. Personally I find trying too hard worse.


      • I though Pari was good in the trailer, but Arjun looks disinterested to put it mildly. He has a deadpan expression throughout like he hasn’t woken up.


        • I’d say it was just for the character, but we’ve seen the same deadpan boring problem with him the past several movies, so probably not.


          • I’m absolutely biased when it comes to Arjun, so I still hope it’s for the character.


          • I know you still loved him in Half-Girlfriend, when everyone else hated him, but I can’t remember if you liked him in Nameste England or just liked him more than Pari?

            On Thu, Mar 5, 2020 at 3:27 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I hated Pari with all my heart in NE. It’s peak of her “OMG I’m so pretty I can’t belive it ” fase. Arjun I liked very much. I’m aware he may not be good in it, but he is so sexy and broad-shouldered in this film I just didn’t care about nothing else.


          • Okay, then this movie should be all for you! Arjun is still large-sized, Pari isn’t perky, and it might actually have a decent script. Although possibly not a romance. Hmm.

            On Thu, Mar 5, 2020 at 4:19 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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