Bhoot Police Review (No Spoilers): The TV Movie Version of Housefull Crossed with Golmaal Crossed With a Little Bit Stree

Huh! This actually felt like a TV movie! Somehow gentler, cheaper, slower, more friendly to commercial breaks and distracted viewing. But very pleasant for what it was, more pleasant and easy than some of the Movie-Movie versions.

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Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Get An Elliptical Delivered!

Happy Saturday! I feel like such a cliche, because everyone is doing this, but I bought myself a home gym equipment thing. Laying around with my foot up for a month really made me want to be more active, and we are heading into winter in Chicago when being active outside will be harder and harder. So I took the plunge and bought myself an elliptical, which is supposed to be delivered at some point in a 4 hour window, and I am going to force the nice delivery man to carry it up 3 flights of stairs for me.

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Rank the Kapoor Men PART TWO! Get Out Your Swords and Prepare To Do Battle for Harsh or Anil or Arjun

There can be only one!!!!! While the other Kapoor family has the quantity, the Surinder Kapoor’s have the quality. And also, mad crazed fan devotion (at least, in the DCIB world). I look forward to a respectful exchange of ideas.

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Saturday Small Talk/News Round-Up: Chat Away About Light News While I Catch Up on Streaming Stuff! (Arjun Kapoor, Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin Sequel, Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo Remake)

Happy Saturday! I am staying at my parents’ this weekend instead of going over to my place, the back and forth was getting to me. I think ideally I would do 8 or 9 nights at my parents, and then 3 nights at home, and then back again. But tragically work schedules don’t work like that. Anyway, staying at my parents! Which means I am both more available for blogging (because I don’t have a big project to work on) and less (because I have to be nice with the other people I am living with).

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Discussion Post: What Actor and Actress Should Win “Most Improved”? Who Should NOT???

I just want to talk about how I secretly like Sid M. again. But I also think this is an important award! Effort should be rewarded. Most important part about this post is that actual end quality does not matter, it’s about the distance between the start and the end. Like, Ranbir is still a better actor/dancer/everything than Sid M, but has he improved at all from where he started?

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Hindi Film 101: Arjun Kapoor, An Average Actor and an Amazing Human Being (warning: you will cry)

Merry Christmas Angie! And Merry Christmas to all of us, because while I find Arjun unremarkable as an actor, as a person I find him surprisingly inspiring and, a strange word to use for a movie actor, but maybe a little bit Noble?

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Happy News Items: Arjun Kapoor’s Body to Karan’s Twins

I am continuing my attempt to not let the weather get me down (I think I may need to pay gobs of money for last minute tickets to Florida or something. February in Chicago is REALLY REALLY HARD). So, here are news items that are completely unimportant and yet make me smile! Smile along with me!

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Katching Up With Koffee: Janhvi and Arjun, Get Ready to Want to Give Them Both a Big Hug!

Oh my, that was a tearjerker!  And not in a forced obvious way, but just because it’s so sad, and so happy at the same time.  And I am so glad Karan eased them through it and now the first interview is done and they have it behind them.

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Happy Halloween!!!! Ghost Stories For Hindi Film! So, Romantic Ghost Stories!

Today was already a crazy day at work, and then the fire alarm went off and made it crazier.  So there is no way I will be able to write a substantive post today (especially since I still have to write tomorrow’s K3G review) and instead I am just going to repost some old Halloween content.  Halloween!  It’s a thing! Continue reading

Silly Sunday: Couples We Want to See, Varun-Parineeti to Arjun-Anushka to Swara-Ajay to Varun-Bhumi to Alia-Ayushmann

These are really stories you wrote yourself.  Or at least started yourself, on the Wednesday post I had a wonderful time coming up with ideas based on the casts you wanted to see. These are those same ideas, just brushed up and expanded a little bit.

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