Silly Sunday: Let’s Write a FanFic Part 2! First Meeting, First Conflict!

Okay, Rachel and Angie came up with the characters and the setting, moving on to how they meet and the first conflict!

Okay! Answers to the last post:

Hero: Middle aged lawyer who does something with animals Shahrukh

Heroine: Tabu divorced Mom high school teacher, traditional but wishes she was modern.

Setting: Modern India

Okay, next steps:

How do they meet?

Do they like each other at first or not?

What forces them to keep seeing each other?

3 thoughts on “Silly Sunday: Let’s Write a FanFic Part 2! First Meeting, First Conflict!

  1. Okay so Google told me “animal lawyer” is actually a real thing and is mainly involved with cases involving mistreatment of animals, whether that’s tainted food products, veterinary malpractice, custody, or animal cruelty. Got that from here.
    So the easy way into this, since Tabu is divorced, is that she has to hire Shahrukh for custody of the dog. But since animal cruelty is also part of it, what if, since she’s a mom, in the agreement she got primary custody of the kid but her ex got primary custody of the dog? And somehow she finds out that her ex is abusing the dog, and since the kid visit his/her dad every so often, they see the abuse and it really traumatized to see their own father hurting their pet, so Tabu, to try to be modern, uses the Internet to hire an animal lawyer to stop it, and she is really skeptical of it at first, but it’s Shahrukh and he’s nice and handsome, and also gets along REALLY well with her kid, so she doesn’t trust him at first because she doesn’t trust his entire occupation, but warms up to him quickly. And they have to keep seeing each other because of the ongoing case/lawsuit.
    That’s all I got.


    • I LOVE IT!!!!!

      Okay, throwing this up, in a bit as it’s own post, and we will see if anyone else can jump off from here into how the plot develops.

      On Sun, Mar 15, 2020 at 6:14 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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