Aiyya Group Watch Starts in Half An Hour! Comment Along Here!!!!

I am moving the TV into my bedroom at my parents and getting ready! Join in here!

193 thoughts on “Aiyya Group Watch Starts in Half An Hour! Comment Along Here!!!!

  1. I have seen this movie so many times, and I still love the reveal of the origin for all Prithviraj’s strangeness and sweet smelling


  2. So, would she not love him if his father hadn’t left him an incense factory? Or is it fate for them to be together and thus fate arranged for her to have a smell thing and him to have an incense factory? Also, if he loses the factory, will she stop loving him?


  3. Okay the reason the marriage will work out! The pleased and entertained way he reacts to her drama during the engagement. Nice eyes would never have really enjoyed that part of her.

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  4. Final takeaway – consider they had to pay some poor schmuck to oil Prithviraj’s body for the belly dancing number. The oil had to be continually reapplied to make sure that he glistened. I would have happily volunteered for that arduous job, and saved the production some money.


  5. The idea that Prithviraj could be at class all morning, working on art all afternoon, working at a factory all night AND be super buff bothers me. It bothers me because nice eye’s lack of undressed physical attractiveness was part of the plot. Women totally have unrealistic expectations put on them, but that is no reason to do the same to men. To look like that you have to spend hours working out every day. And a lot of actors acknowledge this, Hrithik posting videos of himself working out is obviously showing how hard he works on his appearance. Some actors in interviews fully admit that to stay in shape for a movie they can hardly eat anything and exercise a lot and that well, it is hard. Gully Boy actually showed Ranveer working out, and I feel like often if a character is super buff in a movie, it isn’t always unbeleavable – they either have a physical job, or spare time. So on the one hand I do appreciate the objectification of the man’s beautiful body in this film, on the other hand I dislike their belittling of the normal body.


    • I love this thought! And I want you to hop over to my new post asking for 101 ideas, but I want more ideas like this.

      Counterpoint for this film, and now I am wondering if they did it on purpose, real Prithvi had body hair and, I think, Real Prithvi was also less pumped. Rani’s fantasy man had this amazing perfect body, but the real guy was kind of normal. I read the moment when she saw Nice Eyes changing as her realizing that Nice Eyes also had an okay normal body, nothing wrong with it. But she still fantasized about and desired Prithvi more than him.

      And also, I have literally never thought before about how male bodies are fantasies on film just like female, the same way we complain about female characters never shown to be dieting, we could/should complain about male characters never working out. Why have I not considered this before?????

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      • You don’t have sons. Would I have had thoughts like this if I hadn’t watched Bang Bang with three impressionable boys and made a point to discuss how much the actor works out and how hard it is to have a body that looks like that? And one of my sons has a round face and a wide build, thus he is the one most obsessed with being thin…


        • You can also tell them that most women find Hrithik in Bang Bang toooooooo thin. They’re probably too young for that, but it’s true!

          On Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 8:28 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. I’m sorry I couldn’t make the time to watch along with you guys. But then I probably shouldn’t rewatch this movie too often, since the first time was such a perfect experience. I saw Aiyya in a theater in India on my so far only visit there. Outside everything seemed so loud and chaotic to my European sensibilities. Inside it was blessedly cool and calm, just the way Rani perceives Prithviraj. Plus, without subtitles I only got the general gist and was spared some of the really over the top humor.

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