Help Me Plan Future Programming! 101 Posts, Games, Watchalongs, What Do You Want?

I have been having a BLAST with all of you this week! And I want to keep the good times rolling, so help me come up with ideas.

By the way, my comments have been soaring this past week, while my number of visitors has been falling. What that means is, all the casual folks who swing by for my new movie reviews or whatever are off doing other things. But the ones left, are really clinging to this community and using it to the utmost. You all probably knew that already, just from how you personally have been feeling, and how many comments you have been seeing, but I can confirm from behind the scenes that it is true.

Anyway, 101s! I often write these long complex things, and then I get few comments and views and feel like it was a waste of time. But now, I have a captive audience! I should be writing something juicy for us to dig into! And I have no ideas. HELP! Complex thematic topic, biography of an actor/actress, even some like true crime thing (want to know about the most famous murder in the history of Bombay?), I’ll write ANYTHING.

Watchalongs! Today Kirre and Patricia Merry and Genevieve and I watched Aiyyaa, with Popka Superstar jumping in at the end, and it was pretty much perfect. We used the comments section of my post, it’s there for anyone else to read at any time in future, and I think it was pretty easy to use! Let me know if you have comments about usage for watchalongs, and also, Movie Ideas!!!!! What Should We Watch Together Next?

Games! We have hit a rich area with Alphabet Games, as in “take turns naming off movie titles in alphabetical order”. I feel like there is more we could be doing though. Also, Equally Important, I want to be sure the games are easy for people to find and jump in on playing. So if you have been having a hard time finding them, or figuring out the rules we are currently playing by, Let Me Know!

12 thoughts on “Help Me Plan Future Programming! 101 Posts, Games, Watchalongs, What Do You Want?

  1. First off, your 101s are what keep me coming. I don’t know enough to comment on them, but I absorb them and feel like I am really learning new things when I read them. It is easy to comment on silly stuff, but that doesn’t mean I like them more.

    The movie we just saw had an opening sequence that referenced many other older movie scenes, the only one I recognized was Sridevi’s blue dress dance in hay. But I was wondering, instead of discussing an actor or movie, what about a scene? How has a specific scene changed Hindi cinema?

    Of course we were just discussing the objectification of the male body and when are expectations of beauty unrealistic. That is a topic which will never go away.

    Also, I love your song video compilation posts. Again, I don’t always have things to say, but I love them. And I’m always curious about dance and choreography.


    • Yaaaay, a 101 lover!

      Male body objectification might be a fun one to look at, the way it went hand in hand with female objectification as the western standards bleed into India.

      I suppose I could try to do something like “history of the rain song scene”, that might be kind of fun, but I’ll have to see if I have enough to say about it.

      And yay, I love my song video posts! Their fun to make!

      On Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 8:42 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Your 101 are like a treasure chest I can go back whenever I have the time…all of them have my interest.
    My major issue only is time to profit from everything you give us…my real life is vibrant and satisfying, but time-consuming, so I’ve to skip sooooo many of your posts. With my childlike soul and my ShahRukh affection, I naturally concentrate on the games and ShahRukh.

    No special idea (except the whish for the sequels of the DDLJ scenes).

    I like Geneviève’s idea of something about the recurrent use of iconic movie scenes – what is so special about them to refer to them over and over again. It seems to me that it is more relevant for Indian movies than for Western ones.

    As long and as much I can, I’ll support you, Margaret…however I think (and whish) another possibility for your skills. Do you really are satisfied the way you use them???

    Big hug by distance is allowed…so really BIG HUG!


  3. It’s been super helpful for me to jump in as I can in between keeping the young man of the house occupied. I’m sure you’ve noticed that like Claudia I mostly reply to games and Shah Rukh posts. I really enjoy the back and forth and it’s keeping me bouncier than I might be. I also love the 101s. On my third agreement with Claudia, I think there is a market for what you love to put into the world, Margaret. Maybe on my project…I’ve thought about it quite a bit. But maybe it wouldn’t be as much fun for you if it started to be more work-y?


    • Make it work-y! Do it! What I don’t like is people telling me what to do. Or, rather, people telling me what to do when I think they are wrong. But I am already treating the blog like a full time job and tracking views and so on and so forth. And you are a smart cookie and won’t tell me to do dumb stuff, so I would love to work with you.

      Oh, and glad to hear the games are keeping you sane! they are a little bit for me too. I am soooooooooooo glad to be staying at my parents’ place, totally the right decision to make right now, but also it’s a wee bit hard not to regress to age 12 again and the games are helping me remember that I am an Adult Person with Outside Interests.

      On Sun, Mar 22, 2020 at 5:16 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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