Sexy Saturday: Sexiest Rani Songs, Ranked!

Yes, I am going out on a limb and picking which Rani song, over all, is sexiest! And then you get to critique me in the comments and correct me because I forgot something and so on. It’ll be fun!

Obviously this is tops! Rani has never looked better, those costumes are amazing on her body, and her dance moves are insane, plus of course her co-star! “Aga Bai”

Procrastinatrix has worn me down! I will acknowledge the sexiness of this song! Even with sand. “Tauba Tumhare”

And the song that made us all fall in love with her warm earthy joy onscreen, “Aati Kya Khandala”

A song that is all about the anticipation, not the act, “Dheere Jalna”

Okay, back to silly. Because sometimes sex is silly. “Dreamum Wakeupum”

This song is kind of an odd duck, from a movie that was more comedy than sexy, but somehow allllllllllll the sex let loose in the end credits song, “Hadippa-Remix”

Back to young Rani! Young lovers torn between their desires and their common sense, nothing hotter! “Aankhon Se tune”

And now, old lovers! There’s only a little bit of sexiness in this song, but what there is is awfully sweet. “Jee Le Zaraa”

Okay, the song where Rani actually has sex! And yet, somehow it is less sexy than all those others when she doesn’t! “Where’s the Party Tonight”

And back to young Rani! Just dreaming of her new love and awakening to new desires, “Jadoo Hai Tera”

Okay, that’s my ranking! What am I missing, what needs to be moved around?

11 thoughts on “Sexy Saturday: Sexiest Rani Songs, Ranked!

  1. Well my 11-year-old walked out of the SRK/Rani song because it made him too uncomfortable, so my guess is that was the sexiest. Bum for me, I kept wondering where was the song with the gas hose?

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    • I love this measurement! But, WHICH SRK-Rani song? There are three.

      Aga Bai is the song with the gas hose but, because people are evil and dumb, the official music videos and everything don’t include the “cut scenes”. You have to track through youtube to find the blurry unofficial videos to find them. EVIL!

      On Sat, Mar 21, 2020 at 10:35 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Aga Bai is obviously the sexiest, idk who’d disagree. I like the one with old Amir, too.

    I’m trying to think of a contender with Govinda but their songs are really underwhelming considering how good they both are at dancing. And Govinda was still in good shape, some of his other stuff from that time is among the best in his career. They have a lot of songs that are really, really cute and show their chemistry very well, but none that are sexy, per se.

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  3. Chup chup ke from Bunty aur Babli. It’s really sweet and a little silly. But it’s definitely among the most sexy for me. I’m not that into the gymnastics of Aga Bai. More in the Tauba Tumhare and Dheere Jalna camp.

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  4. I am so excited that Tauba Tumhare has made it into the ranks of very sexy songs on DCIB. 🙂 Very happy to have it in the top 3. I’d put Dheere Jalna in the top 3 too, with Aga Bai, and I’d take where’s the party tonight off of the list entirely. Cowardly Karan took all the sexiness out of actual sex by intercutting the club scene, to me. Thank goodness there are cuts on YouTube of just the hotel room bits!

    This would be in the top 5 for me:

    I’m afraid to actually watch this movie, in part because I know it would spoil this song, since Abhi is a terrible person in the movie, right?


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