Life Goes On, Baby Stories!!!!

I have two nice baby things that put a smile on my face, hopefully they will put a smile on yours! Because babies are the BEST.

First, my nephew is crawling! So as everyone else in the world is getting used to smaller and smaller spaces, his world is expanding bigger and bigger.

Also, fun activity for homebound parents! Running around after a baby and stopping him from pulling stuff down on top of himself.

First step of babyproofing is going to be taking down the Christmas tree. Which might also stop the drive towards crawling, since it is also his favorite thing and he has been scooting his little body as hard as he can in order to reach it.

Image result for karan christmas baby
This isn’t my nephew, these are Karan’s twins in Christmas outfits. But aren’t they cute? And they were about the same age then that my nephew is now.

Second, my sister’s old college roommate had a baby! Her 4th. She joins her two big sisters and one big brother. The oldest looked very on top of things and competent while holding this newborn, the next oldest looked very cheerful and carefree about things, and the youngest looked generally worried and over-whelmed at this vast change that has occurred in his life.

Image result for aryan suhana baby
Again, not the real people, but I love this photo. And the sort of happy but over-whelmed expression on Gauri’s face is similar to the expression on this little boy who just lost status as youngest.

And finally, a song from a not very good movie with a just scrumptious baby! “Meri Duniye Tu Hi Re”

Babies! Babies babies babies!

Oh, also puppies. If you are stuck home right now, it is time for you to FINALLY watch that “Pick of the Litter” Disney Plus show I have been going on and on and ON about for so long and no one listened.

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