Go Around the World in Song!

I was listening to the new Rahman soundtrack, which lead me his last soundtrack that I loved Sarvam Thaala Mayam, which lead me to the title song, which lead me to think about the best songs for just gorgeous scenery.

First, the one that inspired this, “Sarvam Thaala Mayam”. Our hero borrows a motorcycle and travels all over India learning from different drumming masters. This is it, this is a wrap for India, everything good is there.

“Phurr”, with Portugal never looking better.

“Tu Hi Junoon” for my own beloved Chicago.

Go to Iceland with “Gerua”

“Kuch To Hua Hai” for New York City.

“Shut Up and Bounce” for Miami. I’ve never been, but I assume it is just like this.

See Vienna with Ranbir in “Bulleya”

And of course, DDLJ for Switzerland!

Okay, what am I missing? What are more gorgeous scenery visual escape songs?

43 thoughts on “Go Around the World in Song!

  1. Paris

    Corsica (I know you hate the movie but had to include it)




    New York


    The Alps in France/Switzerland

    Rio de Janeiro



    I’ll just stop there for now and just add another comment for the rest should I think of some. Limited some places like London, New York and Paris to just those because there is just so many of them!


  2. Prague


    It’s strange…a big part of the movie was shot in Berlin but there isn’t a song where one gets an impression of the city.


  3. Love in Tokyo has come up already, but this one is immediately identifiable to any Japanese resident as Not Tokyo (it’s Miyajima island right off Hiroshima):


  4. This is my favorite song post. Next do action sequences around the world!

    Fidaa: San Antonio and Dallas, Texas, and Durango, Colorado (which would be like a 20 hour road trip, but hey)


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