Happy 1 2 3 Day! Some Counting Songs to Get You in the Holiday Mood

Now I am all mad at myself because I can’t remember if I celebrated “1 2 3 4” day back in 2004. Oh well, I’ll have another chance in 2040. And January 23rd 2045 will be the best EVER. But just regular old January 23 is okay too I guess.

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2019 Awards: Best Love Song of 2019

Forget best song, that’s too hard. I’ll limit it down to just “best love song”. It was kind of an all over year for love songs, nothing immediately leaps out at me, which makes this a fun post!

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Happy Birthday Salman! Lowkey Celebration This Year, Just a List of Your Best Songs

Happy Birthday Salman! Poor Salman, almost a Christmas baby, tends to get lost in the holiday shuffle. I’m worn out and still have more family events to go to, so I am going to slack on him this year too. At least I will hope for a celebration in the comments with the rest of you chiming in with songs I missed.

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Rani Week: Best Rani Songs With Salman, Ranked! (I Defy You to Watch the Top Song and Not Fall A Little Bit in Love With Them)

I can’t really think of a time that Rani and Salman were “sexy” together, but they have had a lot of really great dance numbers! Especially the last song on this list, you can skip the rest, but give yourself the joy of watching that one.

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Most Powerful Songs of 2009, of Any Genre, Ranked

I already did kind of a lead up post to this, the general emotional songs that don’t fit any standard genre (sad song, love song, etc.). Now I am going to just go ahead and throw everything in a big heap, everything that is emotional whether it is love song, sad song, religious song, what have you. It was a really really good year. Also, save this post for the next time you have a sinus infection, it’s great for clearing your tear ducts right out.

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Vital Question: Which is the Sexiest Shahrukh Song?

I suspect some of you will have STRONG OPINIONS on this question. I also feel like maybe I have done this post before? Or something similar? Anyway, it is a vital question that deserves constant revisiting and revising. And since tastes differ, it is also a question that should spark some interesting and enlightening discussion!

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Sexy Sex Sex! In Hindi Film, Songs in Which Sexual Acts Outside of Procreation Are Implied

I just put up a post about kissing onscreen, and a comment from Alisa/BollywoodNewbie got me thinking about how maybe the reason kisses are so shocking is because they are the one act everyone understands. While all the other stuff that is just implied goes right over people’s heads. Not “against the grain” things, but things that have no logical explanation beyond sex, and imply sex which is not procreational and married and in the missionary position.

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