Heer Episode 2: We Are Fleeing the Village Already???

This show moves so fast! I’m not used to this from my South Asian serials. It’s only episode 2 and we are already completely changing settings? (full index of Heer reviews here)

Plot! Our heroine Mahida continues to be fearless in her efforts to support the women of the village by running the local handicrafts center, but her fearlessness is causing problems for the people around her. She inspires her best friend to take a walk around the village which leads to her best friend’s engagement being canceled. Her talking back to Peji (scary drug dealer money lender) leads to him calling in her uncle’s loan, and then offering to forgive it if her uncle marries Mahida off to him. And at the end of the episode, after Mahida replied with insults to Peji’s proposal, Peji leads a group of men to come burn their house which also threatens the nice village head who is coming to stop them. Mahida flees across the field while everyone else is left in danger, only to be stopped and ordered to get in the car with the nice woman from the city who helped her start the handicraft center.

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Let’s take a moment and talk about that woman from the city. She is middle-aged and outspoken and pleasant, she wants to live her life making the world a better place. She also seems pretty rich, nice big house and all of that. Her daughter talks about missing her and wishing she were home more, and her son I will get to in a moment. I like this woman, she seems to really care about Mahida, she didn’t just set up the center and leave and forget it, she visits regular to keep track of things and is ready to take Mahida home with her as they flee the village. She also isn’t doing good works out of boredom, she tells her daughter that it is because she feels she has an obligation. Good woman! Nice woman!

And then lets talk about the man from the city! Mahida’s friend gets in trouble partly because, while they were sitting and talking in the fields outside the town, a man from the city drove by and stopped his car to take a picture of them. Mahida was furious and yelled at him and threatened to spit buttermilk on his camera if he didn’t delete the pictures. He did, and then she spat buttermilk on his car instead. They don’t like each other, but they have a good back and forth right away. While his friends are telling him to apologize and move on, he is standing up to Mahida. And same with Mahida, she refuses to ask nicely or speak softly. Sparks are flying and they are a match.

I can’t get screenshots, so I am just going to start putting Heer songs in at random to break up the review

There’s lots of bits in this episode that are setting us up for a later episode. Only with the cliffhanger of Mahida jumping in a car to go to the city, and whether her aunt and uncle will be killed. The village head was set up as “ill” in the last episode, now he is moving slowly and going to confront a mob. Is he going to be taken sick? Or die? Then what happens to the village headship?

We also learn that the village head has an estranged nephew who runs the local sweet shop. Since cousins marry cousins, and now we know the village head has a nephew who lives in his house as well and one unmarried daughter, this could spell some kind of complicated love triangle. Especially since the nephew who lives in his home might have a thing going with Mahida.

And Mahida’s friend’s engagement breaks (with her cousin-uncle on her father’s side, which her mother was hoping would heal the breach in the family and get them all accepted). Her friend’s mother blames Mahida for it, and the whole situation ends up before the village head. To solve the matter, he says that he will take responsibility for making sure the friend makes a good match after all. Is the friend going to end up married to someone in the village headman’s family? Is that how he is going to take responsibility? What if he dies, what then?

Oh, and obviously the rich city boy with the camera is the son of Mahida’s city woman mentor, and they are both going to be surprised when they end up temporarily living in the same house together. Such excitement!

Things I liked this episode: that the woman from the city was so caring about the villagers. That Mahida argued for her friend not to get married just to prove a point to her family, her lifetime happiness is worth more than that. That the city boy wasn’t disrespectful to Mahida or even physically aggressive, just didn’t buckle under in front of her arguments like everyone else.

Things I loved: the chemistry between Mahida and city boy! It was really good. The fact that we are already fleeing the village and it’s only episode 2.

Things I didn’t love: That Mahida flees while her aunt and uncle are left to face the consequences of her actions, that it is implied our older feminist is a bad mother.

2 thoughts on “Heer Episode 2: We Are Fleeing the Village Already???

  1. It didn’t bother you that the rich lady from the city was trying to “save” the villagers? I haven’t made up my mind about her, but I did sort of, instinctually write her off as a rich woman with a hobby.

    I dislike the wicked step-mom-ness of Heer’s aunt. Why? Why does she dislike Heer so much, while her husband loves her. Most people just aren’t that nasty. I was totally cool with Heer’s escaping, in fact, why didn’t they ALL escape?

    And is there some sort of Pakistani genetics that makes it so no one gets Planters Fasciitis? Concrete floors, tiles, thin sandals. Just looking at it all on screen makes my feet scream in pain.

    Good call out on the city boys. I thought it was a weird little aside, but duh! Everything is there for a reason.


    • I’m a little worried about the rich lady because I’ve seen other shows where the lesson is “stop doing good works and stay home and be a good Mom”, and I don’t want that to be the lesson. I liked that she was worried about Mihida and worried that her situation was getting worse, and I liked that at the beginning she offered to talk to the husbands of the women instead of dismissing their concerns. But I can also believe that, with Mithila perkily living in her house, she will Learn a Lesson in some way or other.

      Hopefully the aunt is mostly there to get Mihida out of the village and she won’t be as big a plot point in future. Agree about “why don’t they all get out of the village?” Except for the Chaudrys, their life is pretty nice.

      I had never thought about the foot problems! Maybe because they spend so much time sitting/walking outside on the soft ground?

      On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 11:18 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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