Watch Heer With Me on Prime!!!! Full Index of episode reviews here

I loved loved loved Mentalhood, but not many of you watched it largely because of the ALTBalaji subscription. And I continue to love Little Things, but not many of you are watching that, maybe just because it is too lowkey and bland instead of Drama and Romance. So here, Drama and Romance on an easily accessible service! Watch Heer with me on Prime!

I’ve watched the first episode, and the last ten minutes of the final episode. So I can confirm that our heroine is charming and the plot pops along at an incredibly fast pace (for a Pakistani serial). And that the ending is happy with a cute boy. Which is enough for me to be excited to watch it and recommend it to others!

Based on the pilot episode and the brief plot I read, I think I can give you the broad outlines of the show so you can decide if it is your cup of tea (spoilers: it IS!).

Our heroine is a village girl who is outspoken and fighting for the rights of the village women. She has a textile center where she is teaching them to sew and also raising consciousness And when the scary angry husbands talk to her, she just flips her braid and smiles and ignores them and continues on her way with her own plans.

Based on what I can see from the description, I think things are going to go sideways in the village and she will need to move to the city for a while, where her outspoken village sassyness will run up against the sophisticated city charms of the young man at the house where she is staying. Picture An Old-Fashioned Girl or any Austen, with the smart confident village girl meeting and changing the smooth city man. Ooo, now I want to re-read An Old-Fashioned Girl!

Geo TV's 'Heer' is the story of an independent ...

Episode 1 Review

Episode 2 Review

Heer Episodes 3-6

Heer Episodes 7-9

Heer Episodes 10-12

Heer Episodes 13-15

Heer Episodes 16-18

Heer Episodes 19-21

5 thoughts on “Watch Heer With Me on Prime!!!! Full Index of episode reviews here

  1. Heer looks good! I’ll try…I am on episode 5 I think of Mentalhood – will come back to those posts when I am able. But loving the show.


    • Mentalhood is so great!!!! And you can just breeze through to the end now, episode 6 is good and full length, episode 7 is super short, episode 8 is PACKED and closes a bunch of storylines and leads right in to 9 and 10 which are basically a two parter and are super exciting.

      And this show looks good too.

      On Wed, Apr 15, 2020 at 3:29 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I’m not watching it, but I love your reviews of Little Things. I don’t have to watch it because you tell me everything I would know from watching it and more! I look forward to starting Heer!


    • Yaaaay, someone is reading my reviews! So glad.

      And very glad to hear you might be trying out Heer. I think you will like it, very dramatic and lots of stuff happens.

      On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 7:52 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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