Happy Varun Dhawan Birthday Week! Which Varun Dog Would You Adopt?

Ready for pandering? Let’s look at cute animal photos! And also Varun. We ranked him with co-stars, now let’s rank his chemistry with animals.

Varun and a dog with a little pink tongue

Salman Khan Dogs and other celebrity pets | Dogs, Dog angel, Pets

Varun and a puppy

Varun Dhawan on Twitter: "With my angel http://t.co/TiWhy4jN3t"

Here he is with the bulldog from Dishoom

Varun Dhawan with bulldog at #Dishoom success bash. #Bollywood ...

Here he is with two dogs I don’t know

Anushka Sharma mocks Varun Dhawan as he posts photos with two dogs ...

Varun with two puppies for no reason

I need someone handsome like Varun Dhawan in my story.... anyone ...

And another random on set puppy encounter!

Coolie No. 1: Varun Dhawan has an adorable company on the sets ...

And here he is with a little black puppy

Varun Dhawan Feet (10 photos) - Male Celebrity Feet

And finally, here he is with a human puppy, his niece

Varun Dhawan Becomes Chachu No 1 As He Gives Piggyback Ride To His ...

Okay, here’s the question. If you could only take home one photo’s worth of puppy (and all the others are going to good warm loving homes), which one would you take?

I’m taking these two! They can entertain each other and be hardly any work at all.

I need someone handsome like Varun Dhawan in my story.... anyone ...

12 thoughts on “Happy Varun Dhawan Birthday Week! Which Varun Dog Would You Adopt?

    • They could also play with each other! And you wouldn’t have to raise puppies. But also, long golden hair all over everything.


  1. I’d take the little black puppy. He looks a lot like my boy as a puppy, 60 pounds ago. Oh, and Varun looks super hot with the beard.


    • That little black puppy is awfully cute, but also has the look of a puppy that will grow to be very big. While staying fluffy, which is the important part. Always fluffy (I can’t believe I ended up with a shorthaired dog).

      On Thu, Apr 23, 2020 at 3:40 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Are the two golden retriver puppies the same ones he is playing with in the picture right above it but when they are all grown up. Varun looks super young in the puppy pic and older in the grown up golden pic.


  3. truth: I’m not a dog person, but I understand that for a great many people their dogs are their children, and so I treat people’s dogs as though they are their kids. But if I’m going to care for it, I’ll take the niece.


    • Isn’t the niece ADORABLE???? And Varun seems generally surprisingly good with babies. “Surprisingly” because he plays this boyish hero type, and then you see him hanging with a baby, and go “oh wow, he is really mature and responsible and gentle”.

      Although I want to point out, you already have 3 kids! Surely it would be easier to take a dog and have the kids care for it, than to add on yet another child. Although she is also very very cute.

      On Thu, Apr 23, 2020 at 9:10 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Before everything Covid days I watched kids after school, and I worked in preschools. So I have a lot of experience now with kids 11 and under, and if we got a dog I can confidently say the kids would not be taking adequate care of it. They can’t even take care of our hamster “adequately”. Thus for me, a child is easier, and bonus points if that child is a “she”.


  4. We are currently looking at adopting a second dog and it’s “for Huxley” but everyone knows that it’s mostly the adults who will be responsible for the forthcoming ‘Cosmo’ who may or may not be a GSD. Hux feeds the current pooch, plays w her but I’m not sending an 8 YO on a walk
    By himself especially with a 70 lb dog. Genevieve is on the money.


    • My parents got a puppy for “the children” when we were 3 and 5. Terrible decision in every possible way (you don’t want dogs and children pooping and chewing at the same time), except that it made us all very happy.

      On Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 1:33 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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