Heer Episodes 13-15: Wedding Parties! And Love Triangles!

Oooo, fun stuff! Also dumb stuff, as in the characters are acting dumb. But also fun stuff. Oh, and we get to see our heroine without her braid and she does actually seem a little more subdued. I’m telling you, it’s the source of her power!

This is fun, these episodes really use the whole city-village two settings thing. The village has Big Drama and Big Happenings, and the city is all slow moving and pleasant. Still some happenings, but not the same at all. Especially notable with the Wedding episode that starts this off.

Grumpy Daughter is now officially engaged to Nice Co-worker (yaaaay!). Everyone is very happy, except Self-Pity Dad who is living up to his name. What the wedding really serves to highlight is the cute byplay between Madiha and Hot Yasir. He teases her about getting her hair done for the wedding, threatening that they will cut it off. She snaps at him when she goes to wake him up that brothers whose sisters are getting married shouldn’t have time to sleep. At the wedding party, he tries to get the Grandmas to dance with him, and then takes Madiha instead and they dance together. Is cute!

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Of course they still officially don’t like each other. The only person who suspects there might be something there is Bland Woman, Hot Yasir’s girlfriend. I thought she was crazy the past few episodes, but this episode I can kind of see it! What’s fun is that Hot Yasir and Madiha have this baby little romance, and it is totally different from the Madiha-Hot Asad romance! Hot Asad and Madiha is all about her chattering and him smiling indulgently and calmly. But the Hot Yasir and Madiha thing is all about the two of them being really nasty to each other and secretly nice. Totally different from her and Hot Asad! The whole myth of perfect uniform love is gone, it all depends on the person. Heck, Madiha is already a little in love with Hot Yasir, and still also in love with Hot Asad. Because people can be in love with person A, and still start having a bit of a crush on person B.

Oh right, plot. I’m just jumping all over in these reviews. Grumpy Daughter gets married, it’s great. And then there are cute little scenes of her fighting with her new husband in the later episodes, so she’s still kind of part of the show. The wedding is happy, but then there is big conflict because Grandma loses one of her jewelry sets after the wedding and for about half a second, Self-Pity Dad convinces them to suspect Madiha. Well, everyone but Hot Yasir (I told you there is a thing in the background between them). Everyone feels very bad when the jewelry is found. Except for Bland Woman, who is increasingly leaning towards being Evil Bland Woman, and refuses to apologize to Madiha for accusing her, and then gets mad at Hot Yasir when he says she should.

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It’s very Maine Pyar Kiya, except about 80% less dramatic

All of this leads, first, to Hot Yasir taking Madiha out for dinner to cheer her up and choosing to spend more time with her and ignore Bland Woman ON HER BIRTHDAY (that’s really really bad Hot Yasir). And second to Madiha staying home from the first visit to Grumpy Daughter’s house, and then being missing when they all return. Everyone freaks out except for Hot Yasir, who just starts searching the house and finds Madiha up on the roof. They talk, he tells her everyone is worried and brings her downstairs.

But meanwhile, Peji has arrived! From the village! All the women stand up to him and order him away, Self-Pity Dad kind of mildly tries to stop him and then just gives up (he’s so useless, I hate him). Peji’s terrible threat is to call the police on them, which would shame the family or something I guess, it’s not like they are doing anything wrong keeping Madiha there, but it would take some time to confirm it. Anyway, Self-Pity Dad is all “welp, why bother fighting it, I’ll just make a little whiney baby face and give in”. But then thank goodness Hot Yasir shows up with Madiha and orders her to just go and talk to Peji, with them all watching, to calm the situation. Great touch, Madiha looks at him for guidance and he kind of gives her a nod and a reassurance. Yeah, Bland Woman is in trouble if she thinks Hot Yasir is still into her. Hot Asad should maybe be worried too, if he weren’t worried about other stuff.

See, that’s the reason Peji came to town! What’s happening in the village! The villagers pressured Hot Asad to marry his sister-cousin Naureen, they went back and forth, and then Hot Asad decided it was the only solution. So, with everyone miserable and crying, they get married. And then he starts sleeping on the sofa in the bedroom and she starts wearing all white because she is so miserable. She also runs away the same time Madiha runs away (oooo, narrative fanciness!), but it was just to go talk to her parents’ grave about how miserable she is. Not only does this whole series of episodes end with them still miserable, but it ends with Hot Asad still romantically in love Madiha, to the point of calling up Peji and threatening him with all the power of being Chaudry if he dares to tell Madiha that he just married Naureen. He is so scary that, at the last minute, he convinces Peji not to tell her and instead just tell her that Naureen is “engaged”.

This is also of course an example of Hot Asad being also Dumb Asad. What is his plan here? I mean, he is married to Naureen. And at some point, Madiha will find out. What’s the point in keeping it a secret right now? Just suck it up Asad and tell her! Or, more correctly, just suck it up Asad and realize you shouldn’t care any more because she is nothing to you now! You married someone else! I tell you, it is a good thing he is hot.

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And that’s it! That’s all the plot! In the city, Madiha and Hot Yasir get closer and closer to admitting they like each other, and in the village Naureen and Hot Asad get married and are miserable. And Peji continues to just slide around being evil but not that effective, while Self Pity Dad slides around pretending he isn’t effecting anything but actually being awful.

Things I liked, the growing identity of Bland Woman and Self Pity Dad as actually “bad people”, not just misguided. Grandma, obviously, doing everything all the time. Madiha with her hair down just for a change.

Things I didn’t like, the plot treading water with everything instead of MOVEMENT. Hot Asad being increasingly Hot Dumb Asad, just makes him less interesting as a character. Peji being ridiculously evil and yet not that scary, so it isn’t really clear why everyone is afraid of him. Also (and I am aware this is petty) how cheap the restaurant set looks where Hot Yasir and Madiha go.

Things I loved, the whole thing with Hot Yasir and Madiha yelling at each other but also liking to spend time together. Grumpy Daughter and her new husband having light marriage fights sprinkled into the rest of the plot. Hot Yasir and Madiha bonding because they both really miss Grumpy Daughter (as they should, she is grumpy but also really smart and nice).

3 thoughts on “Heer Episodes 13-15: Wedding Parties! And Love Triangles!

  1. Last night I felt like some conversation, and Heer did the trick! And I really liked the conversation, the actors are good, Madiha has more facial expresssions now that she isn’t always happy. But even though I liked the conversation, when I got to the wedding (or was it the engagement party) and saw DANCING I was so HAPPY – Grumpy’s husband got his grove on! I love dancing, even bad dancing. I also LOVED grumpy & new hubby’s fights. Adjusting to marriage, especially after being alone, or the opposite, always being surrounded by lots of people, is hard. And watching Hot Yasir start to fall for illiterate villiage girl Madiha is fun.


    • Yes! things really start moving in these episodes, both literally and metaphorically. I love the little wedding dance party, and did you notice Hot Yasir chose to dance with Madiha even though his kind of girlfriend was right there?

      On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 4:47 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yep – it was kinda like a weird game of handsie on the screen there for a second – whose hand will he take?


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