Heer FINAL EPISODE! How Does It End and What Do We Think About the Whole Thing?

I finished it! YAAAAAY!!!! Strange sense of accomplishment, finishing a TV serial. Anyway, I did it! And now all of you can watch at your on pace and comment as you go along, and eventually join me here at the finish line.

Only one episode, but an awful lot happens. Last episode, we ended with Seemi and Self-Pity Dad reconciled, Self-Pity Dad and Grandma reconciled, Grumpy Daughter happy in her marriage, and Yasir wanting to marry Madiha and his parents knowing and approving. Also, Madiha knows that Yasir loves her but turned him down because she is faithful to Hot Asad. But now Madiha knows that Hot Asad is married to someone else. WHAT WILL HAPPEN????

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Oh, and there’s a WHAT WILL HAPPEN back at the village too. Naureen is softening considerably to Hot Asad, but their marriage is still a disaster because she knows he is in love with Madiha. And also, SHE’S HIS SISTER!!!!! So in one episode, we have to get Madiha and Hot Yasir together, and somehow make Naureen and Hot Asad’s marriage not terrible.

And we do it! Sort of! I think the writers gave up a bit with the Naureen-Hot Asad story, because there is just no way to believably solve their problems in a 22 episode series. So they instead just got them to a point where, possibly, in the distant future, their problems would be solved. Madiha goes to talk to Naureen who says she is tired of being sad all the time and ready to try to learn to love Hot Asad, but what is holding her back is the feeling of the impossibility of making Hot Asad forget Madiha. Madiha listens (which Hot Asad NEVER DOES) and reassures her that, if Hot Asad married her, he will have killed any love in his heart for anyone else. He’s hers, for sure.

And then Madiha goes to talk to Hot Asad who says “yeah, I’m totally not over you and I don’t know if I ever will be and everything is horrible.” Madiha just totally liked to Naureen, but sometimes you have to lie to clean up after dumb men. Madiha continues to lie to Hot Asad, gives him a new flute and tells him he should play it for Naureen and start fresh. I mean, it’s a nice thought, but THEY ARE BROTHER AND SISTER!!!!! Which is why the series doesn’t actually try to show us how this is going to work, leaves it at “okay, Hot Asad has a new flute and is going to pretend he is over Madiha, and Naureen is going to pretend she believes he is over Madiha, and somehow this will all work out.”

The Madiha-Hot Yasir storyline, on the other hand, that works perfectly! Madiha gets her car from the family and takes off, finally free to go and do what she wants. But it’s an old car so Yasir worries and follows her. The car breaks down, he picks her up and takes her the rest of the way. And then just follows her around the village while she fixes things. For the first time, he sees Madiha at her full powers in her chosen place with people who love her. Conversely, she sees Hot Yasir reacting to her at her full powers in her village. It’s different from the city, but it is still super super good, who would have thought that?

Madiha is sure of herself, has no fear, does not stop and ask questions or permission. She storms off to confront Peji, slaps him 4 times and orders him to behave himself. She is reunited with her aunt and uncle and swears never to leave again. Hot Yasir just stands behind and watches, unless she calls on him (like to show papers to Peji), and then he is there to help. When they are alone, they bicker as much as ever, including when he proposes again (says he is ready for anything, she says she only ever half understands him), and when she accepts (throwing water in his face and saying “so do I have to wake you up like this every morning for the rest of my life?”). With Hot Asad, she always would have been following him, fluttering around his light. With Hot Yasir, it’s the opposite, he follows her light.

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And that’s it for plot in this episode! Naureen and Hot Asad are maybe going to start to try to be married, and Madiha accepts Hot Yasir’s proposal.

Now, let’s talk show as a whole! It’s Madiha’s show, she has the title and all that. If we look at it as Madiha’s show, it is a show of doubling with her as the only non-doubled. We have Hot Asad versus Hot Yasir, Aunt and Uncle versus Seemi and Self Pity Dad, Naureen and Hot Asad versus Grumpy Daughter and Nice Co-worker. Most of all, City versus Village.

The two of them start out being assume to be totally different, with Madiha firmly representing the village. She’s a woman of course, and woman are more tied to the spirit of their place. We have two episodes to establish her within her place, we see her help women leave their husbands, stand up to Peji, flirt with Hot Asad, just generally be fully steady and safe and belonging. Then we see her dropped into the city into a totally different household. The next few episodes are about her throwing the household into an uproar. And then by halfway through, Madiha just fits within the city as much as in the village, and the storylines start to consciously show the doubling (beginning with the double wedding episode).

Self-Pity Dad and Seemi wouldn’t think they had anything in common with Uncle and Evil Aunt, but both of them are older couples who have disagreements over what their relationship is, and ultimately find their way back to each other. Same for Naureen and Hot Asad with their weird sick dumb marriage and Grumpy Daughter and Nice Co-Worker with their logical love marriage. But both had to deal with adjusting to life together, get advice from relatives, and so on.

The two sides weren’t equal or anything, just that the same thing happens in both places. Which means that Madiha’s bravery and clear view of the world was equally useful in both places. She could fix all the problems in the village, just like she could fix all the problems in the city. This is a familiar story, the wise village girl, but in this case her basic folk wisdom is progressive! If women can leave their husbands in the village, they can leave them in the city. If girls can choose their husbands in the village, they can in the city.

So the problems are the same, and the solutions are the same, the only difference is the people. Self Pity Dad has no comparison in the village (well, maybe Uncle just a bit) because that particular kind of self pity only comes up with comfortable rich people. In the same way, Evil Aunt has no city equivalent, because her Evil comes from misery and fear. And then of course there’s Hot Asad and Hot Yasir.

In the village, Hot Asad was the best option for Madiha. He was free thinking and intelligent and Hot. His flaws were that he was a bit cowardly in the end, and wanted to take the lead. He wanted to buy Madiha a car, not help her earn it. Back in the first episode, Madiha’s uncle warns her not to lose herself with Hot Asad, and then she did. She put her faith and trust in him, part of the reason she spent so long away from the village was because she trusted Hot Asad to take care of things. Once he left her, definitely, she wanted to return home right away, her confidence in herself returned.

In the city (and the big wide world in general), Hot Yasir is a much better choice. He fights with her and (more importantly) she fights with him! Their relationship isn’t a moth and flame, it’s two moths battling with each other. When she returns to the village, he doesn’t try to stop her, just follows and gives her a lift. Their marriage will be one of couples who fight and listen to each other which all the other couples have taught us is best. A perfect combination of city and village.

Okay, question! I didn’t understand the ending fully, is Hot Yasir saying he will move to the village? Or that they can commute everyday so she can still work in the village? What’s happening?

6 thoughts on “Heer FINAL EPISODE! How Does It End and What Do We Think About the Whole Thing?

    • So glad you enjoyed it!

      Have you read An Old-Fashioned Girl? Because in many ways, that is the novel version of this movie and I think you might enjoy it.

      On Sun, Apr 26, 2020 at 4:32 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. This might have been one of my favorite series besides Humsafar. Next time I watch it, I will likely fast forward the Asad – Naureen weird marriage sequences. One thing I loved and hated about the last episode is that when Yasir finds Madiha, he asks her what she is doing on the side of the road and she says that she was driving his he taught her to and her car broke down. WTH, he taught her to drive because her dream was to get a car and we were never shown that meet-cute?! How cute would it have been to see Yasir trying to teach Madiha to drive and both of them getting frustrated with each other and yet slowly falling in love?!


    • YES! I also noticed the teaching to drive thing! I think maybe she asked him to teach her in an earlier episode, but we were cheated of seeing it. Agree that the Asad Naureen marriage is super weird. I think he should have been married off to Madiha’s friend (who never showed up again, come to think of it). We just needed him tormented and married to someone else while Madiha was starting a new life in the city, it didn’t have to be marriage to his cousin-sister squicking us all out.

      On Mon, May 4, 2020 at 7:19 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I think I replayed Madiha throwing water on Hot Yasir’s face five times. The love in his eyes was awesome. I thought he did offer to move to the village, and as a photographer, he kinda could, he will have to travel a lot anyway, though I bet his parent’s would not approve. Visually I liked the village scenes so much better than the city because the houses in the city were SO STERILE! No books, only an occasional photo prop. Lots of boring rooms with big beds. My own house is a mess, so one the one hand I admire the cleanliness, but it looked sooooo boring.


    • I love Hot Yasir’s grumpy proposal, and Madiha’s equally grumpy acceptance. I think Hot Yasir’s family certainly thinks they will be staying in the city, and Grandma will NOT be pleased about losing Madiha, but they can make it work in the village. And Madiha has to be around to keep an eye on her aunt and make sure she doesn’t accidentally turn evil again.

      On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 11:30 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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