Heer Episodes 19-21: Cranking Up to the Finale! Resolutions Coming Up Everywhere!

I am resisting watching the final episode, so I can do one last review for that/the whole season combined. But these are all the almost-finale episodes that get us right up to the happy ending, without quit going all the way. (Heer reviews index here)

Okay! Let’s conclude some plotlines!!!!!

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Grumpy Daughter and Nice Co-worker defy my expectations by actually making up and staying married. But, nice thing, she has to do no work and he has to do a lot of work in order to make that happen. They have another big fight, he accuses her of throwing his class in his face, she is shocked, and says he needs therapy. As a doctor, he should understand that right now he is having an issue. And then she packs up and moves back home.

And he actually does get help! Not therapy, that’s crazy, but he talks to his aunt, and their mutual friend, realizes he was being unreasonable, and that this is related to having always lived alone and not understanding normal adjustments. And then he goes and apologizes to Grumpy Daughter who says “that’s nice, but you still have to do a lot of stuff to show me you are better than before”. And then he does the stuff! He has dinner with her family and is pleasant and listens to what they say and just generally life gets easier. Happy Ending for Grumpy Daughter. Oh, and Estranged Aunt of Nice Co-Worker decides to adopt a child, so she gets a nice ending too.

Then there’s Self-Pity Dad and Seemi and their marriage. If you remember, Seemi had gone off to her mother’s, and then Hot Yasir and Madiha locked in Self-Pity Dad and Grandma until they talked and made up. But now they had to get Seemi home (without her realizing this was all an elaborate spy game worked out by the Grandmas). So Grandma pretended to have a heart attack, Seemi rushed home, learned Self-Pity Dad and Grandma had made up and everything was peachy, and decided to stay. So, yaaaay! Self-Pity Dad is finally living slightly above his name and giving up his business to stay home, Seemi is happy, Grandma is happy, even Hot Yasir is a little happy.

Naureen and Hot Asad, they haven’t quite resolved, but are getting there. Naureen gets a talking to from her old boyfriend, Estranged Cousin, of all people! I forgot that Evil Aunt had told her Hot Asad was in love with her, but I guess that lingered a bit. So she thought this marriage was only torture for her and not him, until Estranged Cousin sets her straight and explains that everyone knew Hot Asad was in love with Heer. Naureen now starts to feel bad for him and apologizes and insists that he should marry Heer right away. Hot Asad, whose full name is “Hot Dumb Asad”, of course says “no”. WHY??? Why, Hot Asad??? Plural marriage is legal, you just married Naureen to save her honor and now you’ve done that, you haven’t even consummated the marriage, just marry the girl you like and vice versa and be happy, and have Naureen in the same house with you as a beloved sister wife. Why so dumb and hot, Asad?

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Follow the advice of Daag, Hot Asad! Two wives, solves everything!

And then there’s Hot Smart Yasir and Madiha, so much happens! Hot Smart Yasir is Smart so he understands that he is in love with Madiha. He is even smarter enough to go talk to Grumpy Daughter about it, and she explains that the next step is to talk to Madiha and see what she says. So he does! He talks clearly about his feelings! He is the Smartest Person on This Show. Madiha reacts all flustered and angry and upset, she is in love with Hot Asad, he misunderstood her behavior, clearly she feels nothing. And then he walks out and Madiha turns to watch him go. AHA!!!!

See, this totally makes sense to me. Madiha can’t admit that she can be in love with Hot Asad and looking forward to marrying him, but also feeling things for Hot Yasir. Just does not compute in her brain. But that’s the reality! She still has all those old feelings for Hot Asad, and at the same time is really enjoying hanging out with Hot Yasir and getting to know him.

Anyway, Hot SMART Yasir goes back to Grumpy Daughter who says “you know, I got married without really getting to know my husband and turns out he was a very different person and his situation was different than I thought. You should go to the village, meet Hot Asad, see if the situation is what you all think it is.” So Hot Yasir goes to take Madiha to the village, and of course she twists her ankle. Girls and their weak ankles! This also lets us play out more time before the end of the serial, since there is no real reason for Madiha not to go back to the village now. So Hot Smart Yasir goes on his own to the village, meets uncle and aunt, and Peji, and finally Naureen and Hot Asad.

Which means, by golly, Hot Smart Yasir learns that things ARE totally different! First, Aunt and Uncle are now united and missing Madiha. Aunt is really the strangest character but I can buy it if I think of her as just very dumb and bad at abstract thinking. She was irritated with Madiha because she seemed to be so happy with such an easy life. Then she got all focused on worrying about Peji hurting them and being willing to do anything to make him happy. Once all that went away, she started to miss Madiha after all and realize she loved her. Which Hot Smart Yasir discovers.

Hot Smart Yasir meets Peji and goes all tough with him and learns that Peji got paid off twice, once by uncle and once by Seemi in the city, so he is a bit of a conman and not that much of a threat (Hot Smart Yasir postures a bit and gets him to back down). Last visit, Hot Asad’s house. He is greeted by Naureen and Hot Asad, refers to Naureen as Hot Asad’s cousin, gets corrected, Naureen is sent out of the room, and Hot Asad FINALLY tells someone that he married Naureen. Hot Smart Yasir is shocked (and probably thinking “how dumb is this dude that he couldn’t come up with any other solution? I can come up with like 6!”). He asks how Hot Asad could forget Madiha, and Hot Asad said he had a lot of other things to think about. AHA! This is why you don’t want to marry a Chaudry! Sure, he’s rich, big house, lots of power, cool scarves, but he has to put other people first all the time and then you. Boooo! I want to be first all the time always! That’s what Hot Smart Yasir is thinking too “gee, Madiha had a lucky escape, this dude wouldn’t be a great husband after all.”

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Follow Bahubali! Wife first, then Duty to People who Hate You

Ready for what makes Hot Smart Yasir really smart? Hot Asad gave him a thing to give Madiha so he wouldn’t have to tell her what happened (I think his flute all broken that he used to play for her? Slightly phallic). But Hot Smart Yasir saw that was cowardly and jerky from Hot Asad and he is better than that. So he went back to the city, broke the news to Madiha, and then when she didn’t believe him, gave her the gift. The Decent Thing.

Meanwhile, Self Pity Dad had a thought and has decided Madiha should marry Hot Yasir. To which Grandma says “you idiots, Madiha already has a man, and anyway she should get to pick who she wants to marry, not have you pick for her.” Self Pity Dad and Seemi are scared off and shut up. But then learn that Hot Asad is married to someone else and start plotting again. To which Grandma says “Nope, you are still dumb, she just got her heart broken and you don’t even know if she likes Hot Yasir, leave it alone”. I should mention, this is all before they even know that Hot Yasir like-likes Madiha. Once they find out, Self Pity Dad and Seemi are almost unstoppable and really really ready to move towards stealing Madiha for their family. Culminating in giving her a car, the thing she has always wanted, which allows her to finally drive herself back to the village. Ready For Final Episode!!!!!

Things I liked, the metaphor of the car is very nice. It’s been Madiha’s desire straight through to have her own car which she earned herself. The city people giving her that car shows they really truly know her, especially when they explain that they are doing this instead of paying her for the work she did while there, and she can even pay back the slight difference in total over time if she wants. Hot Asad wanted to give her a car too, but he didn’t figure out this way of doing it that she would accept. The biggest thing of the car is freedom. This whole show has been about the tension between the city and the village, and the impossibility of going between the two. Madiha is trapped, has to choose one or the other. Except not any more! Now, finally, she is free. She can fly between city and village and be in control of her own destiny.

Things I loved, Hot Smart Yasir! Tellin’ people stuff and learning things and not just swanning around starring into the camera looking troubled like everyone else!

Things I didn’t like, a twisted ankle is keeping Madiha just a leeeeeeetle bit longer in the house? REALLY?

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