Mini-News Stories: Malang Sequel, Nawazuddin Responds on Divorce, Ranbir Cuts Alia’s Hair, and Karan’s Kids are Kuties

Barely enough her to make a post, but you know I can’t resist Yash and Roohi videos. They dance! They do puzzles! They slowly and steadily destroy the apartment!

Malang Sequel: Why?

Well, apparently Malang is doing well enough on streaming for Mohit Suri to start thinking about a sequel. That’s cool! But what the heck will it be? The story finished quite definitively. Maybe it will just be one of those “mood” sequels? Another twisted thriller, this time set in Shimla or some other vacation spot? If it does continue the story, I vote that our shared character is Anil Kapoor. I want more Anil Kapoor! Leave ARK and Disha behind, keep the drug addict tattooed wild man middle-aged Goa cop.

Anil Kapoor on playing an over 50-year-old cop in Malang: I said ...

Nawazuddin’s Team Responds on Divorce

This is all proceeding very nicely and fairly decently so far. But at the moment I am so starved for celebrity news, that I am way WAY over analyzing it. Anyway, new news today, Nawazuddin’s wife and kids are quarantining at her home village, he is quarantining with his mother at his home village, he was shocked at the news of the divorce, and he is keeping it from his mother because it will upset her.

Well, I am now on the side of his wife! Even before divorce filing, he was planning to sit out quarantine with his mother instead of with his wife and kids? And his response to the divorce filing is to worry about his mother and how it will upset her, not HIS CHILDREN???

It’s just like Bruce Willis picking Demi Moore over his current wife. Sort of. That was a weird American story, anyone else follow that one?

Ranbir Cuts Alia’s Hair

Alia posted an instagram photo thanking her training team for inspiring her to work out during lock down, and casually mentioned that yes, it is a home hair cut, thanks to “my multi-talented loved one”.

Is anyone else extremely irritated at all the celebrity inspirational posts about how you need to keep getting up and working out? I am irritated by them at all times, because a) working out isn’t actually the most important thing you can do with your time why are you so proud of it? b) Not everyone is as privileged as you with the time to work out and access to equipment.

Right now, that is magnified by like A THOUSAND. Posting work out photos and inspiration posts from home gyms, REALLY? Why not be like Preity Zinta, who posts cute photos of her doing exercises with a chair and jokes about it, simple fun things we can try at home if we want, but it’s not a big deal if we don’t have time or energy and she is just doing it because she likes it, not because she is a better person than us.

Anyway, I think Alia’s hair looks cute.

Karan’s Kids are Kute

Now, Karan’s instagram is a font of joy and delight! And lack of privilege. Beyond the basics of the kids wearing cool clothes and there seeming to be a lot of space in his apartment. The point of the videos isn’t “I am so virtuous working out in my home gym” or anything like that, the point is just “here I am with my kids, letting them run around the house and entertain themselves, just like every other parent of children on earth”. There’s even a video of the kids doing a puzzle with grandma! Not big expensive tablets or a fancy big screen TV or anything, they are just playing puzzles like everyone else.

I can’t pick which video is best, I am just going to put up them all and let you pick.

Kids dancing, and also picking random things to play with off the counter:

Kid dancing again and trying to make Dada join in

Yash (correctly, I think) identifying the country he lives in as “Amitabh and Shahrukh”

Yash suggesting a hair cut with a bottle cap

Kids naming themselves “Bhaiya” and “Didi” and Karan “Monkey”

Puzzles with Grandma!

Okay, that’s it! That’s all the news! Go discuss!

29 thoughts on “Mini-News Stories: Malang Sequel, Nawazuddin Responds on Divorce, Ranbir Cuts Alia’s Hair, and Karan’s Kids are Kuties

  1. I love the following things about Karan’s posts: 1) he is letting us see how messy his room is! 2) He lets the kids be silly silly kids and not “perform” 3) but he still sounds like his arch sarcastic self so it isn’t a pose 4)he is fully owning how grey, actually white his hair is (which, though I LOVE him to bits our own Shah Rukh is not.)
    As to Alia’s hair, I think it is her sister who cut it. She sort of said that.

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    • To your point 3, yes! Kids are so quick to respond with “Dada, why are you talking funny?” if he was acting strangely. But instead they are just giggling and roaming and ignoring him and the camera. This must be how he is with them all the time. So sweet! What we think of as an act, is just the real Karan, the way he is all the time.

      I was wondering about Alia’s sister, they were living together before, but now she is definitely living in Ranbir’s building instead. So is she trundling back and forth between Ranbir’s place and her own place with her sister? What what?

      On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 11:05 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • It could be that her sister and she have moved in with Ranbir….I’m going to think he has a pretty big place…and she wouldn’t leave her sister alone…


        • I hope she wouldn’t. Her sister could also have moved back in with her parents I guess.

          On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 12:07 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Not defending Nawaz at all, but just more of a heads up, he was quarantining at his mother’s house because his younger sister just died.


    • It seems a bit confused. The original stories made it sound like Nawaz and his family traveled to be with his mother very recently, like last week. But now with the divorce announcements, sounds like maybe his wife and kids were established at his wife’s village for a while, and Nawaz was in Bombay, and then traveled to his mother’s house, bypassing his wife and kids.


  3. That Anushka post made me laugh so hard. They are a very cute couple and clearly going nuts like we all are. Have to add this Insta post of Arjun shaving his beard off…

    View this post on Instagram

    It’s started 😅

    A post shared by Arjun (@rampal72) on

    And the after:

    View this post on Instagram

    All done, back to being civilised. Yay or Nay? #iseeme

    A post shared by Arjun (@rampal72) on

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  4. Karan looks bored. His kids are cute, but he has real skills as a director and the fact that his family videos are no better than mine means that man must be going crazy. I cut my father’s hair this morning…


      • I just watched it and had goosebumps when he said: I need you.
        And I finally feel motivated to watch Mouna Ragam! I’m nervous because Mani Ratnam and I don’t get along well, but I will try and I hope I will like it.


        • I hope you like it too! On paper it is a perfect Angie movie, but you do have that strange unlike for Mani Ratnam.

          On Thu, May 21, 2020 at 4:56 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Thanks! The last line is what I found most interesting, I saw a thing in the New Yorker as well calling out Kerala as having the best response by far. Not surprising.

      On Thu, May 21, 2020 at 8:20 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I could be wrong, but Kerala seems to have a more cosmopolitan area than many other big cities in India. So it’s got more resource to deal with COVID-19. Just a guess.


        • In my opinion, it’s because they have better government and experience from the Nipah virus. I follow many Malayalees on twitter and see the packages the State gives to people: there is everything from soap to turmeric powder, so the people don’t have to go out and buy things risking their life. For comparison, the Italian / Sicilian government gave us nothing and I’m not even talking about food. My husband works in the city hall and was said he can’t work from home and must come, but nobody gave him a mask or gloves. Also they don’t even have sanitizers there.


  5. I love Alia, but for some reason, that post pissed me off to no end. It’s not even because of my own lack of exercise–I never go to the gym, never have even before all this. I can’t even explain why it bothered me so much, maybe one of those “rich people flaunting their excess lives even more now that we’re in quarantine.” I don’t know. Her hair looks cute though.


    • I am so glad it’s not just me! It was the combination of her casually showing off the gym, and also maybe talking about how proud she is of her fitness goals? Like, really she thinks being fit is something to be proud of doing right now?

      On Thu, May 21, 2020 at 5:09 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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