Watch Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham Right Here in Half an Hour!!! 3pm Chicago Time!!!

THERE WILL BE AN INTERMISSION!!!! We will pause at the interval (an hour and 40 minutes into the movie, 4:40pm), and restart 10 minutes later (4:50pm) I will announce Woo-hoo, Karan Johar week grand finale!!!!! At 3pm Chicago time, I will hit “play” on the movie and start up the comments. You start at the same time and just comment along with us. Refresh regularly to see the new comments (might be worth it setting up a wordpress account to make it easier).

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham! Available an almost every service, from Netflix to Prime. I’m excited!!!!

857 thoughts on “Watch Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham Right Here in Half an Hour!!! 3pm Chicago Time!!!

  1. I love this song SO MUCH!!!!! I know I said Bole Chudiyan was my favorite on the last post, but right now I am just overwhelmed with my college and youth and happiness and I may have to change my vote.

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  2. You know i have never liked this song at all…I used to think of it as an example of the reason non-Indians didn’t get Indian film. But it’s grown on me

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  3. Remove the nightclub vibe, this is actually a really romantic moment! he flirts and teases and ignores her, and then declares his love in a big public song? Dreamy!

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  4. Shahrukh is more effortlessly Dad-y int his movie than in KKHH, right? Like being a father in real life helped him ease into it as a character.

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  5. Small thing that shows how well this script is put together, Farida is there but is Muslim, so there are these small places where Kajol is alone in her culture without another woman.

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  6. So, there’s a famous movie called Hum Aapke Hain Koun in which a younger brother falls in love with a younger sister, so Kareena and Hrithik are being all flirty referencing it. And then Hrithik is gonna sing a song from the movie to culminate the flirt. (for my newbies)

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  7. I will be the small voice of dispute, I do not like either Kajolr OR Kareena’s outfits in this. I think Kajol’s has an unflattering cut and is too busy, and I hate Kareena’s patns.

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  8. My friend Nirbhika started a website back in grad school called that ended up making a mint when she sold it. They used to have a section of Bollywood inspired outfits by film and star.

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