Why I Am Still Blogging this Week Despite What is Happening in the World

I just got an email from Nordstroms Rack (for non-Americans, this is a budget clothing store that sells the overstock from the fancier Nordstroms) about how they feel about the events in America today and so on and so forth. If a clothing store is bothering to tell me about their feelings, it seems odd that this personal blog space where we all share Big Thoughts is not addressing it at all. So I am going to put up this one post explaining my thinking, and then we are going to go back to usual programming.

I’m not changing my blog programming at all this week, despite the fact that my country and to a lessor extent the world is going through a massive social upheaval in response to unspeakable tragedies and injustice.

Here’s why:

  1. I know my blog community. I know you are good people. I know that you do not need to come here to be reminded of the problems of the world, you are already working all day every day to fix those problems. This is already a self-selected community of progressive thinkers, there are no minds here that need to be changed or opened.
  2. The reason this community is like this is because much of my content is based on opening minds and confronting systemic injustices. I’m not doing a post about the issues of racism in America today, but I am doing a post about English language speakers in India which challenges us to think beyond stereotypes and look at systemic forces interacting with individual cases. My regular programming is already trying to encourage open thinking and confronting of privilage.
  3. For myself, and I suspect many people in this blog community, it is less a question of raising awareness of the pain around us and more a question of finding a way to survive the enormous pain we feel. If reading a lighthearted post about celebrities gives us the 10 minute respite from grief that allows us to get out of bed in the morning, that is a good thing. If taking a moment to intellectually consider social issues of another culture gives us the tools to turn around and intellectually look at the issues of our culture and find a solution beyond screaming into the void, that is a good thing.

I make this kind of decision on a case by case basis. If I feel there is something I can encourage everyone to actually DO (register to vote, donate to a particular group, whatever), I will put up a post about it. If I feel that there is a need to be public in my activism, so that I stand with an unpopular opinion, I will do it as well. In this case, I don’t think there is one thing I can tell you to do, you do what you want to do. And I don’t think I need to be public about my activism, I would think that the issues we face today are so black and white that there is clearly only one side to be on, it is pure egotism to try to gain credit for being on the “right” side.

So, no changes at DCIB. Expect the same mix of fun celebrity gossip, random thought posts on Big Ideas, reviews of films with a sociological bent, and the weekly fun Friday WatchAlong. I know what is happening outside of our virtual walls, you do to, but this is a safe space where we can all breath for a moment.

Now let’s be silent for 8 minutes and 46 seconds to remember someone who could not breath.

8 thoughts on “Why I Am Still Blogging this Week Despite What is Happening in the World

  1. I really hope none of your commenters are making a big stink about you being quiet. Considering this is a blog about Indian cinema, I never expected you to make a statement because 1) for the same reasons you listed, I can imagine how you already feel 2) this situation probably has no affect on Indian cinema or the Indian personalities we come here to read about. I think the only person I’ve seen post about it is Anushka, which doesn’t surprise me. But I’m not expecting anyone else to make a statement, because it’s not their fight. I’m sure they care, but have no reason to speak up about it because racism in India probably looks way different than racism in America, which is a whole other can of worms I’m not going to open.

    The whole point of this blog, even before the pandemic, is light and fun and gossipy and a break from the world for a while. And even amongst everything, there’s no reason why people shouldn’t be allowed to escape it. As a white person, I’m trying to educate myself on what’s going on and how I can be a better ally as much as I can, but there’s only so long I can scroll through Twitter before I just can’t take it. So this community is a reprieve, and any activists who have a problem with people taking a break from their activism probably need a break themselves. I can support the cause without talking about it or thinking about it 24/7.

    Sorry for the rant. I’ve been feeling guilty about how I’ve been posting relatively normal stuff on my social medias with everything going on, and this is just me trying to reason with why I shouldn’t.

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    • I haven’t gotten any complaints. And I can’t imagine I will, everyone here is so nice. But I was imagining what you were saying, people feeling guilty for still enjoying DCIB, thinking “how can I get into a conversation about a celebrity haircut with all this going on?” and I wanted to articulate why I think it is okay for me to keep the blog going this way, and why I think it is okay for all of you to keep coming here and chatting with me about nothing much.

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    • Indian personalities do write about the issue but unfortunately they write wrong things and they do it just because everybody else in the world does it. But there is one person that really surprised me in a good way: Alaya Furniturewala. I like this girl more and more.

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      • Found the post, and you are right! She hit the nail on the head, addressing what needs to be said to her particular audience and to herself, not trying to insert herself into some other narrative.

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        • Sara Ali Khan made an insanely stupid post and now she and All Lives Matter are trending on Indian twitter and I can’t. But this was a great post and I understand your programming and I’m just heartbroken right now so any respite is enormously welcome.


          • I was in disbelief that this was a person who studied history in Columbia Univ, like how disconnected can one be? Indian celebs should just keep quiet instead of putting out ignorant posts.
            Margaret, I am glad you are doing what you do best. I think you expressed something similar when the pandemic hit and I’m sure we are all grateful to have this cheerful community here no matter how bad things get outside!

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