Adorable Instagram Couples: Dipveer, Jaya-Amitabh, and Others

Instagram! Land of happiness! So nice it just look at pretty pictures of pretty people and not have a million trolls. I will enjoy it while it lasts.

I thought Deepika would be this shy reserved person on instagram, like she is in public appearances. But no! She is delightfully open and charming and everything else! For instance, this post in which she describes Ranveer as “squishable”

Amitabh and Jaya’s wedding anniversary just happened, so he posted their wedding photos, plus the cute little wedding story they had.

Two couples here, Nazriya and her doggie, and also Nazriya and Fahad since he was the one taking the photo.

Manish and Karan! For his birthday, Manish posted a whole string of photos of them together. They are so cute, I’ve switched from most wanting Karan to get together with Ayan Mukherjee to wanting him to be with Manish.

Speaking of cute platonic couples, Preity and Sonakshi! We were just saying on Sonakshi’s birthday post how she reminds us of Preity. And look! They are friends! Preity doesn’t notice everyone’s birthday in the industry, and Sonakshi isn’t famous enough that everyone just had to wish her, so this must be a real friendship birthday post. Makes me so happy! They should do a movie together!


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