Sonam Kapoor Birthday Instagram Party!!!!

Sonam has a great instagram, happy light and fun. So of course for her birthday all kinds of people followed her happy fun lead and put up their own happy fun messages for her.

This is from her “team”, I assume stylist and make-up artist and publicist and so on. Her employees who are in charge of her image and work directly for her, not a movie. And therefore would need to have a similar taste and style to Sonam in order to help her define her style. And also really like her just to make work pleasant, and make doing things like this video enjoyable. Anyway, look at this cute video!

Arjun her cousin-brother gave her a nice wish

And, bonus, also posted cute dog video/photo for us!

No wishes from Harsh (bad brother, BAD!), but Rhea did a really nice post, and the little girl photo with them and bald baby Harsh is not to be missed

Anil of course did a nice message, I’m not thrilled by him saying first of all she is a good wife, but I do like that he says she is the only person he is afraid of:

And Swara, for us Sonam-Swara shippers, here they are right as they first met. Feel the chemistry!!!

Another female friend, Kareena

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for Sonam for now! I am sure there are other birthday greetings I missed and cute things. Post them in the comments if you find and want to share!

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