Things to Make You Smile! New Breathe Series Next Month, Sid M. Did Something Sweet and Got a Sweet Video in Return, Karan Johar Does a Tongue Twister

One of these news items will make your day, I guarantee it. I know, that’s a big guarantee, but I’m pretty comfortable with it.

New Breathe Series with Abhishek and Nithya and still Amit!!!!!

I am just so excited about this cast! Still not thrilled at yet another dark gritty crime series, blech. But Amit Sadh will still have work, and Abhishek is always good, and also NITHYA MENON!!!! Oh, and Sayaimi Kher also. Such a good cast! So excited to see all these people again! New series releases July 10th and I am PUMPED!

Abhishek Bachchan's debut web series 'Breathe Into The Shadows' to ...

Sid M. Gave Money to Dancers, Got a Video in Return

First, let me acknowledge that basically every star is doing something or other. I’m just not bothering to report it, especially when they are a big enough star that I find myself going “really? That’s it?” But this is such a nice little story, I can’t resist. Sid M. transferred money straight to the bank accounts of some back-up dancers. And in return, they made this video, which is edited together each of them dancing to his songs.

I like so much about this! First, that Sid did something so small and personal, it wasn’t setting up a fund or something that they would have to ask from, he picked personal people he knew and wired them the money. Not charity, a gift from a friend. Nothing to be ashamed of.

And second, that the video feels like a “thank you” from friends. This isn’t people humbly saying “Thank you sire for your generosity”, this is folks smiling and dancing and doing something fun to make their friend smile.

Third, of course, that he thought of the dancers! Didn’t think about how the shut down would affect his career, didn’t think about his producers and fellow stars, didn’t even think about the lowest of the low day laborers who are obviously in trouble, but found this kind of missing layer of folks who had enough saved up for a little bit but will be feeling the pinch right about now.

It’s just the best, you should watch this video to see a bunch of talented young people being happy to do a nice thing for their friend Sid M. in return for him doing a nice thing for them.

Karan Johar Does a Tongue Twister

To promote Gulabo Sitabo, Ayushmann is challenging people on twitter to say a tongue twister, and of course Karan is an adorable disaster at it. Must watch!

Oh, and also, one last kiddo video from him. Now that Bombay is cautiously re-opening, Karan posted a final “lackdown with the Johars” video. Best part, Yash does not want to say “good-bye” or “toodles” or anything Karan asks him to say (Roohi, such a nice little girl, says it all). Best part is all the comments on the video from people saying “I don’t think he wants to say toodles”

15 thoughts on “Things to Make You Smile! New Breathe Series Next Month, Sid M. Did Something Sweet and Got a Sweet Video in Return, Karan Johar Does a Tongue Twister

    • Oooo, Arjun! In other Arjun news, I saw Anshula posted a photo of his dog on her instagram, so maybe they are quarantining together?

      On Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 2:19 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Yes! Someone else posted that link earlier, thank goodness people told me or I would never have known. I wrote him a nice thank you email, because I really appreciated the acknowledgement. I’m so used to being plagiarized, being given credit is amazing.


  1. Lazy to search for your post about the films depicting racism in India so posting this here. Axone which released on Netflix is a really good movie and must watch. It depicts the life of people from the North Eastern states of India living in Delhi. If time allows you should check it out since it highlights issues people from these states face living in other parts of country.

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    • Thanks! And for future, you should always put comments like this on the Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday catchall posts. that’s what they are there for, so you don’t have to hunt around, you can just put anything you are thinking of there.


  2. I actually like it a whole lot more when celebrities aren’t as vocal about the good things they’re doing for good causes, even if it always comes out later. Sid proving again he’s a really stand up guy.


    • Yes, Sid M. being awesome! It’s that kind of modesty that I think keeps getting him work, folks just like to work with him.

      On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 11:24 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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