Veere Di Wedding Sequel Wishes: How Have I Not Written This Post Before?

I don’t care what you say, Veere Di Wedding is a really good movie! The characters are clearly written, the conflicts are layered with many sides, and it’s just plain fun. And funny! I want more of this. I especially want more of these characters.

Sequel ideas:

Idea 1

Sonam is marrying a proper respectable person. There is nothing actual wrong with him, but nothing super right either. Kareena is pregnant and struggling with her in-laws treating it like their pregnancy instead of hers. Shiksha is considering moving back to India, her husband’s company is offering him a temporary transfer but she doesn’t know if she wants him to take it. Swara is trying to be taken seriously at her father’s company, she loves the work and loves being the boss, but everyone thinks she is just the boss’s spoiled daughter.

Over the course of the film, Sonam’s friends help her see that this “proper” marriage just isn’t for her. Kareena and her husband finally stand up to the in-laws and say she can eat what she wants and do what she wants while pregnant, she is the baby’s mother after all, not them. Shiksha ends up coming around to the idea of temporarily returning to India by seeing how much her son blossoms when around people who look like him. Swara lets loose in one big angry blast at the underlings which proves to them that she is to be taken seriously after all.

Swara Bhasker On Veere Di Wedding's Controversial Scene: 'I ...
I want to see her as awesome scary boss lady!

Idea 2

Kareena is in the final months of pregnancy and her friends all came to help her with pregnancy and birth. Shiksa just had a miscarriage and is really struggling to get pregnant again, it’s putting strain on her marriage and she is a little bit depressed but not acknowledging it. Sonam is still dating the less educated embarrassing guy she met at Kareena’s wedding, but refuses to consider marrying him or making the relationship into anything real, no matter how much he asks. Swara is reluctantly meeting arranged marriage grooms because her parents are pressuring her into it.

Shiksa hits a really dark point, after acting erratic and troubled the whole time, and her friends call her on it, she finally tells them about the miscarriage and they encourage her to go see a doctor and admit she needs help. Sonam bumps into some fancy folks from college with her boyfriend, he pretends to be just an acquaintance to make her feel comfortable, but she gets angry when her old friends insult him and acknowledges the relationship. But tells him she still doesn’t want to get married, not yet, but she is ready to consider moving in with him. Swara, after a series of funny terrible first meetings, meets a guy who she ends up dragging along on some friend adventure with the rest of them, and he is great about it. Really patient and sweet and helpful all night, she agrees to go out with him again, and then surprises everyone by agreeing to marry him when he proposes on the second date. All of this comes together when Kareena goes into labor early and they rush to be with her at the hospital. Kareena throws her pushy mother-in-law out of the room and insists she wants her friends there instead. It helps Shiksa have a breakthrough with her depression, Sonam discover she really does love her boyfriend, and Swara decide she is ready to be married, sometimes life changes can happen fast.

No, I will not cheer for Veere Di Wedding. It's regressive
Somewhere in there, they go on another roadtrip. But this time it can be to some reasonably priced guesthouse instead of a fabulous getaway.

Idea 3:

Swara is getting married, to an unattractive rich guy her parents picked out. It all happened very suddenly and her friends agree they have to break up the wedding, Swara even made them swear to her years ago that if she ever agreed to an arranged marriage, they would break it up. Shiksa is considering going back to work full time and this adventure is a good distracting from her dealing with mother-guilt about it. Sonam just moved in with her boyfriend, but is too worried about rocking the boat to talk to him honestly about the things that bother her (like, when he leaves dirty dishes out), so is looking for an escape. Kareena is dealing with her in-laws who are always there and she can’t seem to get rid of them.

Over the course of the film, the others learn that Swara really truly loves her arranged marriage fiance and vice-versa. Their surprising “just give in and try the thing you always said you wouldn’t” love story inspires the other three. Shiksa admits to her husband that she doesn’t want to work, she wants another baby, and she wants to stay home and take care of the babies, she feels more passion for that than any career. Sonam gives up and has the kind of messy low class fight with her boyfriend she always swore she would never have, and then they have amazing make-up sex and are happier than ever. And Kareena talks to her in-laws with love, like a daughter, and explains that she needs alone time with her husband and if they love her, they will let her have it.

Swara Bhasker On Veere Di Wedding's Controversial Scene: 'I ...
Swara deserves a good dude!

Unlikely wishfullfillment alternative:

At Kareena’s wedding reception, Sonam and Swara get so drunk, they end up sleeping together. Next day, they are both super embarrassed and swear not to talk about it. But they keep thinking about it. Swara rushes into another relationship with a man just to convince herself she is straight, Sonam is weirdly jealous about it and hates the guy, there is an angry make-out session in a bathroom stall at some point, the tension explodes the friend group, until finally Sonam confesses to Kareena and Swara to Shiksa what happened. And that it rocked their world and was the best sex they had ever had and changed everything, even though they want to pretend it didn’t. This rocks Shiksa and Kareena’s worlds as well, their first reaction is to try to laugh it off and pretend Sonam/Swara aren’t serious. But that makes Sonam/Swara realize just how serious this all is for them. Kareena and Shiksa then meet up and carefully without admitting they know manage to figure out the other person knows. And then get confirmation that Sonam/Swara feel the same way about each other. Kareena and Shiksa put their heads together and manage to trick Sonam/Swara into coming to the same hotel room, where they lock them in. There’s some ignoring of each other, then fighting, and finally angry admitting of “it’s not my fault I love you!” and “it’s not my fault I love you too!” And then they have sex again. They come out the next day holding hands and rosey cheeked and Shiksa/Kareena are all happy for them and hug them. And then over the end credits we see Sonam/Swara talking to their respective families about how it is time to move out, but don’t worry, they won’t be living alone, they are getting an apartment with a “friend”. And then moving in together, setting up the space, and finally hanging their joint name plate on the door and Swara sweeping Sonam up to carry her over the thresh hold.

Sonam is planning to cast Swara in her directorial debut

6 thoughts on “Veere Di Wedding Sequel Wishes: How Have I Not Written This Post Before?

    • I’m especially happy with Sonam in that one, learning how to fight and say when she is unhappy in a relationship is soooooooooo important for her.

      On Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 8:39 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I think no matter which one we do, we at least need to nod towards Swara having a job and being awesome. Seems easiest to have her take over whatever her father was doing, but it could be anything really, so long as we see her at work being tough and confident and in charge without changing herself. And then it could be her whole plot, or it could be one scene and then never mentioned again.

      On Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 10:16 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I figured you would like the wishfullfillment one best.

      The first one is kind of nice, with the mixture of newlywed issues, marriage issues, job issues, and Sonam continuing her journey to rejecting the “proper” life.

      On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 2:25 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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