Vacation Report! If You Are Interested

I am having a very busy and exhausting day doing things that do not involve staring at a computer screen. I will take a little break and tell you about it, and then go back to it.

My parents and Albie Dog and I arrived at the family lake house on Monday. It’s our first time up here this year which means lots and lots of fun projects! And also lots of “oh my gosh, it is so nice to look out a window and see farther than ten feet”.

This is my view from the room I’ve been using as an “office” during the work week. Versus my usual “office” view, ten feet across the alley behind my parents’ to the building right across.

We’ve been even more project oriented than usually because our lake house is in an area that, a week or so ago, decided they would choose not to believe in things like “science” or “germs” or “doctors”, and so there are absolutely no restrictions on anything. Infection rate is now 1 in 100 people. We brought all our food and supplies with us, planned not to leave our house area at all. But then we talked to some neighbors (yelling from a great distance across the yard of course), and it really didn’t sound that bad. They were all taking common sense precautions, they said the grocery store was as well, and following their advice we even went shopping a couple days ago. This morning as a special weekend treat, I decided to order coffee for curbside pick-up from the shop in town. Drove over and OH MY GOSH!!!! The little downtown block of stores was mobbed, cars parked, folks strolling up and down the street, just a regular Saturday. Weirdly terrifying. I got my coffee and reported back and we all agreed that clearly the problem was “weekenders”. The regular folks were sensible and cautious, it’s these outsiders that mess things up.

Of course, I usually also only come up on weekends. But I’m not a “weekender”!!!! Those are terrible people. The kind of people who don’t do their own boatwork. Which brings me to the rest of the day. Post-coffee, Dad decided today was the day we would put in our own boat lift. If you aren’t a boat person, a boat lift is a large metal frame with two cross bars that you can raise and lower. You sail the boat right into the frame, then raise the crossbars to lift it out of the water. Last fall, we used my uncle’s truck and a series of pulleys to bring it up out of the water and into the yard. Now it is time to lower it from the yard into the water, only we don’t have my uncle’s truck. Instead we had brute force and a bunch of simple machines (like, Galileo’s simple machines. Nothing with a power element).

Here it is in the yard:

Here it is in the water after we lifted and shoved it down two wooden ramps:

Here it is positioned by the pier after Dad and I dragged it through the mud over there:

Mom announced we were done for the day after that, so we will have to wait until tomorrow to do the same sort of thing with the sailboat itself. And then we will be done with projects!

Ha-ha, of course not, this is the kind of house that always has a project to do. That’s the best part about it. Hemming the new curtains, trimming the trees, reorganizing the tool bench in the garage, always something. And then you come back and people ask “what did you do on your vacation?” and you say “CHORES! It was GREAT!”

Anyway, I’m not watching movies or reviewing movies, because instead I am playing board games and sitting in the sun reading my book and doing elaborate physically demanding projects. Thereby proving that, although I may mostly come to the house on the weekends, I am not and never have been a “weekender”.

6 thoughts on “Vacation Report! If You Are Interested

  1. I am loving your lake house posts! We were supposed to be at a lake house this month a couple hours away from Chicago (I think in Wisconsin) and since we can’t, I am living vicariously through you. Although, you seems like chores far more than I do! I usually just read and go for long runs/walks and be as lazy as I can be.


    • If it’s a couple hours from Chicago in Wisconsin, I totally know whatever lake you were going to be on. And in that alternate universe, you would have been there at the same time as me and I would have invited you over to our place for the day. oh well.

      On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 10:02 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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        • Yes! And in a week, we have to go home and let the otherside of the family have the house back, and i will go back to living vicariously through you. Having a yard! So the dog doesn’t have to be walked every time they need to pee! It’s The Dream!!!!


  2. That looks lovely. I love you board games are still pleasurable to people. As a parent during this pandemic I now look at them… differently than I used to. We were going to go up to see my in laws for six days and my husband was really looking forward to it as a vacation, to go fishing and hiking in different places than we usually go fishing and hiking. Usually when we go up he has to help his dad with big building projects. But then on the phone his dad talked about the new project they could work on when he got up there…


    • When my sister had chicken pox, my Mom played Clue with her over and over and over again for days. Scarring experience!!!! The Clue I mean, not the pox, no scars from that.

      On Sun, Jun 14, 2020 at 12:41 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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