Book Day/Pride Question: What Famous Book Romance Should Be Made into a Same-Sex Indian Movie? (also known as “Margaret crafts the perfect Jane Eyre adaptation”)

Not same-sex in the book! That’s the point. Usual boy-girl thing in the book, and then you flip the genders and make an awesome movie.

Jane Eyre

Picture it! Shahrukh is Rochester, Rajkummar is Jane, Hrithik is the Mad-spouse in the attic, Sid M. is Boring Saint-John. We all have smelling salts ready so we don’t faint from the sexiness halfway through the film.

Rajkummar Rao recalls his fanboy moment with Shah Rukh Khan ...

Sense and Sensibility

Two impoverished sisters, the oldest gently falls in love with a kind and intelligent and sensitive young woman and distant relation. Only to learn later that she has a secret engagement to her high school girlfriend and have her heart broken. The youngest passionately and wildly falls in love with a stunning rich dashing woman, who then leaves her behind without a word. In the end, the youngest instead learns to love the calm quiet kind older woman next door and happily marries her, while the oldest is reunited with her intellectual friend. Deepika and Alia as the two sisters, Kalki as Deepika’s true love, Sara Ali Khan as Alia’s faithless love, and Juhi Chawla as Alia’s Good Love.

Snapshot: Are Deepika Padukone and Kalki Koechlin the new best ...

Little Woman

Professor Bhear is a Woman.

Little Women: Jo March [ENFP] – Funky MBTI
Honestly, the story makes way WAY more sense this way

Comments on mine? Famous romances you would add?

16 thoughts on “Book Day/Pride Question: What Famous Book Romance Should Be Made into a Same-Sex Indian Movie? (also known as “Margaret crafts the perfect Jane Eyre adaptation”)

  1. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this until now, and I probably should have added it to the original post, but Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell would make for an excellent Bollywood movie. It’s about an introverted college student who struggles to adjust to college under the shadow of her extroverted twin sister. She also writes fanfiction about a Harry Potter style book series, and the twin used to be into it but grew out of it. It could be super interesting to explore Bollywood fan culture, and it would probably be easy to make it gay, since there is romance between the introvert and a college senior.

    The easy answer, is, of course, Simon vs. The Homosapiens Agenda, even if it’s already gay. Would be a great launching pad for new faces.


  2. North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell! You’ve got identity and culture clashes, longing looks, random deaths and gotcha-drama moments, best friends, mean/fussy families…the works!


    • Oh oh! I wrote this fanfic! Only it wasn’t same-sex, and you are right, that makes it much better. Think of the casting! Sweet southern Maddy opposite hard bitter Shahrukh, I would DIE


      • I am HERE for the hard bitter Shahrukh! Imagine him with the “look back at me,” line from the 2006 mini series???


  3. You kind of blew my mind a little with this Professor Bhaer is a woman thing. I don’t know if it would fix everything about him because she’d still be a condescending douche but it does fix A LOT, much like him being Gabriel Byrne fixed a lot about him in that one adaptation.

    I want a same sex Scarlet Pimpernel or Captain Blood.


      • I’ll do you one better, Marian was Laura’s best friend At School, and when her parents died and she was left almost destitute, Laura invited her to come live with her as her companion. The two women are very happy and all is bliss only Laura’s family wants to get her married off and be “proper”.

        It weaves in very nicely, their “unnatural” relationship can be part of a threat held over them so they don’t rebel against the patriarchy too much, and part of the evidence for Laura’s insanity. And then in the end Marian can rescue Laura and get them a little set of rooms together and they can be happy again. Maybe immigrate to America to work at Jo March’s new school?

        On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 1:17 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Suddenly the whole thing makes more sense, they were already suspected to be “unnatural” women, thus he knew she would be easy to control and then send away after marriage. But turns out their “unnatural” bond was their strength!

            On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 2:50 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Picture an older woman who has had to fight for everything she’s gotten in life, every little scrap of professional success and respect. She sees this talented younger woman and feels an obligation to mentor her, toughen her up, prepare her for the harsh world. But it’s hard, because she is also in love with her. She over-corrects, is even harsher than she is with her other mentees because she doesn’t want to be blinded by her feelings. Jo struggles too, she sees the Professor as the bravest best person in the world and adores her, but is hurt and angry when she sees other young woman being treated more kindly by her. Jo’s feelings get all tangled up without her even realizing how or why they are tangled, she and the Professor end up having quick angry fights all the time, shouting matches like equals because they are both so frustrated by their emotions. Jo gets to the Professor’s rooms early one day and stands behind the door and just watches her brush her hair for a long time. The Professor after one of their shouting matches suddenly runs of the room and goes up to her bedroom to loosen her stays and fan herself because she is so aroused. Finally, the Professor comes to her family home, everyone is odd, and then she leaves and Jo runs after her and begs her to stay, she is so lonely without her, nothing seems worthwhile, nothing brings her joy. The Professor understands that Jo might actually feel for her what she feels for Jo and hesitantly leans down to kiss her (passers by just see two close female friends, no biggie). Jo is thrilled, they embrace. Then they open a school together and share rooms for the rest of their lives like the many many MANY other unlabeled female couples of the past.

      On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 1:15 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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