25 Years SRK Director’s Book Excerpts! Courtesy of Gwen in the Comments

This is essentially a joint post.  I am not lucky enough to have a copy of this book, but Gwen from the comments is and put up excerpts for us from each section. YAAAAAY!  I want to post them here to make sure you all see them, and also add on what I can, that is, a little more background information about each film/director.

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My Chennai Haul!

Remember those series of posts I did over a month ago about my sister going to Chennai and what I should ask her to bring me?  Well, she finally got home about two weeks ago, and then came to visit me this weekend and hand deliver everything.  So I am reporting back to you all!

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Chennai Shopping List! Now With Additions!

Chennai Update!  I have put in some of your suggestions, plus added a few books.  If something you suggested isn’t included, it’s not because I hate you, it’s because I explored and I can find a copy without needing to go all the way to Chennai for it.  And I want to save luggage space for the really really hard stuff!

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